Jane the Virgin S2E13 Review

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From the time that Jane the Virgin began, Jane has been back and forth between Michael and Rafael. Last week ended with a good moment for those on Team Michael, as it looked like he and Jane may be getting back together. However, there is always difficulties with things like that, especially on Jane the Virgin.

S2E13 "Chapter Thirty-Five"

Unlike most episodes, which start with a flashback, this episode began on the night that the last episode ended, which results in a quick little funny line from the narrator. Jane and Michael catch up the whole night, but then face the reality that they have to think about Rafael. It is really funny when they see Xo and Alba watching them through the window. Xo and Rogelio show Alba and Jane that they are remaining friends after their break-up. Jane picks up a few shifts at the Marbella, where there is a really funny line about Lina's Good Wife binge. Jane talks to Rafael about Michael, and he reluctantly agrees for them all to have lunch.

Jane and Lina discover that Luisa is the one stealing the alcohol from the bar, so they confront her in an interesting scene for Luisa. Rogelio worries that he may have a stalker, because of a similar situation that occurred before with J Lo, and because it has been ten years since the scientology video. Jane, Michael, and Rafael have lunch. Michael apologizes, and his apology is written by Jane, and Rafael says that he doesn't want Michael around Mateo.

Jane tells Rogelio about her and Michael, and the demonstration of his inner reaction is hilarious. It is then revealed that Rogelio is still completely in love with Xo. It is also then revealed that Paola, Rogelio's personal assistant, is actually his stalker. Jane and Rafael go to Mateo's swim class, and they have a passive aggressive argument there. Xo helps Rogelio rehearse a scene where the two characters are in love, and they end up kissing, despite the funny insisting of the narrator that they are not following the script.

Rogelio and Xo are in bed together when Jane gets home, and despite their efforts, Jane discovers Rogelio leaving the house. Jane talks to Xo, and it is a great emotional scene. Jane and Lina discover that Luisa didn't talk to Rafael, so Jane calls Luisa, and this becomes a hilarious scene, as Luisa is very drunk. Jane texts Michael about her day, and he says that he'll quit his job for her. Maybe he isn't as bad of a person as I think he is, but I still don't trust him. Maybe he's changed from his I-know-Jane-better-than-Jane-knows-herself ways?

Xo plans to spend a night catching up on shows on her DVR, but she becomes emotional because this is something that she and Rogelio used to do together. This is a great scene. Paola gets into Rogelio's head, and he believes that Jane is choosing Xo over him. It is a really sad scene, because we know that Rogelio is a wonderfully kind person at heart, but he is acting in a not very nice way.

Jane goes to Rafael and tells him that Michael is willing to quit his job. While I don't like Michael very much, I do like the way that Jane is handling this. Rafael admits that he just wants to make sure that he doesn't get replaced. Rafael goes after Petra, but she doesn't want to be a second choice. Jane and Michael have a romantic moment, although I did feel like the beginning of it was kind of stalker-y. Rogelio gets trapped in his house by Paola, who is actually Lola, he now realizes. What an interesting ending! I'm glad that Rogelio is getting more story than just romance and comedic relief.

This was a really good episode. I liked the recurring theme of being a "second-class citizen".

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