Mom S3E12 Review

If you've seen any promos for this week's episode of Mom, then you are probably very worried. What is going to happen this week that is such a huge deal?

S3E12 "Diabetic Lesbians and a Blushing Bride"

At the start of the episode, Jodi is meeting with Bonnie and Christy. Jodi is dating a guy who is also newly sober. Bonnie and Christy are concerned about Jodi dating so soon, especially dating someone who is also an addict who hasn't been sober for long. They tell her that they should be just friends for now, but when Christy writes this on her hand, it looks like "just fliends", which leads to some good jokes. This seems to be heavily hinting that the bad thing is going to happen to Jodi.

Christy goes to Marjorie's for help with Jodi. Marjorie reveals that she and Victor are engaged, and they are getting married in a week. Christy decides to throw a bachelorette party. Marjorie brings Victor's sister to the party. Christy leads a game of "who knows Marjorie best". Jodi has some hilarious answers, and Victor's sister is surprised about some events in Marjorie's past. The girls realize that Victor's sister is old-fashioned. Jodi heads out, and they talk about her dating. There are some really funny moments in this scene. Marjorie calls Christy, and she tells her that Victor's sister doesn't approve, and Victor is upset about this. Christy decides they should play good cop/bad cop, and her reasoning about why she is the good cop is funny.

Christy and Bonnie go to Victor's sister's place. Jodi calls, but Christy says that she can't talk at the moment. It is hilarious when Bonnie grabs the sister's nose. Christy talks to her, and asks her to think about how she will feel in twenty or ten years, but she says that she plans to be dead then, which is hilarious. Bonnie gets her drunk, and she goes to the wedding. Marjorie and Victor get married. After the wedding, Christy gets a call from Jodi's phone, but it isn't Jodi on the phone. Christy reveals that Jodi overdosed. Christy tells the others that they shouldn't tell Marjorie about Jodi until after her honeymoon, because Marjorie deserves to be happy. The ending was very well done, though extremely sad.

This was a great episode. The teaser, first act, and the first half of the second act were all very funny, and the ending was very sad.

What did you think of "Diabetic Lesbians and a Blushing Bride"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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