Superstore Season 1 Finale Review

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Cheyenne goes into labor in the season finale of Superstore.

S1E11 "Labor"

At the start of the episode, Cheyenne starts to go into labor. This results in some really funny moments, including when Garrett asks if there is a doctor somewhere in the store, and Mateo's inability to choose a towel. Cheyenne eventually realizes that it is false labor, which makes Jonah start bragging, which is really funny. The next day, there are some really funny moments with Cheyenne. She also tells everyone that she doesn't want to take days off because Cloud 9 doesn't offer maternity leave. Jonah believes that she deserves maternity leave, so he and Amy call corporate. When he mentions the word "union", the phone line goes crazy as they get passed from person to person, and it is really funny.

The person from corporate comes in the next day. He has Glenn do an exercise with him, but he can't come up with an original name, and it is hilarious. He has Dina try next, which is also hilarious. At the end of the meeting, Jonah brings up maternity leave, and the guy from corporate doesn't actually say anything of substance in response to questions. Jonah wants to form a union. He has an argument with Amy about this, while Cheyenne goes into labor. They eventually realize this, and rush out to her.

Cheyenne tells everyone that she plans on coming in to work the next day, so Glenn gives her a paid suspension for six weeks. As a result, Glenn ends up getting fired. Amy and Jonah stage a walkout, and it is really awesome. It is pretty funny as the guy from corporate tries to stop them all from leaving. It is an amazing ending as all of the employees exit the store, and it is the perfect ending to the season. Dina turns against them, and becomes the new store manager.

The season ended on a great big cliffhanger, and that is great. Overall, the episode was good.

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