Planet Z Season 3 Episode 10: The Night Sky (SERIES FINALE)

Season 3 Episode 10
"The Night Sky"
Written by
William Fry & Michael Ledesma

Morning Joe - Summer 2020 Ratings

Below are the ratings for the June 2020 airings of NBC's staple morning news program, Morning Joe, airing from 6am to 9am daily. Hosted my Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski and Willie Geist, the show debuted on MSNBC in 2007 and has been a strong viewership performer since. Ratings for July and August will be added in those months.

Tuesday Cable Ratings 6/2/20: Dirty John: Betty Opens Strong but Heavily Down on New Network, CNN Down but Still on Top, Tirdy Works and Sydney To the Max Hit Low

Below are the top 25 programs on cable on Tuesday, 6/2/20. Items of note include the season premiere of Dirty John: Betty on USA, Tirdy Works on TruTV, and Syndey to the Max on Disney.
(Note: Click any show with its name in green or blue to be taken to its page in the TV Ratings Guide Cable Ratings Database.)

Tuesday TV Ratings 6/2/20: Legends of Tomorrow Finale Steady Behind Down Stargirl, Blackish Repeats Top Finale Rating, AGT Slips (UPDATED)

Though the networks as a whole were on the rise week-to-week, it was a week of declines and steadiness for the original programs on broadcast.

The CW said farewell to Legends of Tomorrow for the season. Though its lead-in, Stargirl, was down, Legends held steady at 0.2 for its finale. It goes from 67% retention to 100% retention in one week, showing just how precious those tenths are for the CW.

Unlike all other networks, NBC experienced declines across the board. America's Got Talent, on its way to becoming the #1 show of the summer, took a two-tenth hit last night, down to 1.3 after the 1.5 premiere last week. World of Dance was down a notch to 0.9 at 10, a bit more impressive considering it was a rounded 1.0 last week. It's a rounded 0.9 this week, so it could be a candidate for a downward adjustment.

ABC had a special night, with an old police brutality-centered Blackish repeat airing at 8 in response to George Floyd's murder. It drew a 0.6, higher than repeats of The Conners last week and in-line with Blackish's season average for original episodes. Another Blackish at 8:30 drew a lower 0.5. An ABC News special related to the recent protests, "America In Pain", drew a 0.6 at 9. At 10, The Genetic Detective was steady from last week despite a far stronger lead-in.

Fox had Ramsay repeats at 0.6 and 0.5, well ahead of last week's repeats.

CBS had repeats of their midseason Tuesday lineup at 0.6/0.5/0.4. The first two shows were up from last week while FBI: Most Wanted was down.

Preemptions may cause downward adjustments in the finals.

Finals Update: World of Dance (-0.1), both repeats of Blackish (-0.1 each) and the repeat of FBI (-0.1) adjusted down.

Planet Z Season 3 Episode 9: Dead of Night

Season 3 Episode 9
"Dead of Night"
Written by
William Fry & Michael Ledesma


Monday Cable Ratings 6/1/20: CNN Rises Again and Tops Everything On Broadcast, American Dad! Steady, Bakeaway Camp Finale Rises

Below are the top 25 programs on cable on Monday, 6/1/20. Items of note include CNN coverage of the protests in response to George Floyd's murder, American Dad! on TBS, and the finales of Bakeaway Camp and Amy Schumer Learns to Cook on Food network.
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Sunday Cable Ratings 5/31/20: Rick & Morty and Killing Eve Slightly Up for Finales, CNN Trounces All but Before the 90 Days, Quiz Bombs

Below are the top 25 programs on cable on Sunday, 5/31/20. Items of note include the season finale of Rick and Morty on Adult Swim, the season finale of Killing Eve on AMC, and Snowpiercer on AMC.
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Monday TV Ratings 6/1/20: The Baker and the Beauty Rises on Finale Night, The Wall Rises on New Night (UPDATED)

It was another night with protests over the murder of George Floyd, and another night of local news preemptions. Those preemptions will likely cause shows to unilaterally adjust down.

At least in the prelims, The Baker and the Beauty saw a nice rise from its last episode, up two tenths for its episode at 9 and one at 10 for 0.6/0.5 hours. That 0.6 would be a series high if it somehow was able to hold. It was bolstered by a Celebrity Family Feud repeat at 0.8.

NBC saw notable gains as well, with The Titan Games up a tenth at 8 to 0.8. The Wall moved from a disastrous Sunday run to Monday, and it held onto 100% of Titan Games in the prelims with 0.8, up a staggering five-tenths from the last Sunday episode and up six tenths from its Sunday low. Songland saw a bump to 0.6 at 10.

The CW had a special on TLC at a too-good-to-be-true 0.3, followed by a 0.2 from Roswell, New Mexico. If they can avoid both adjusting down to 0.1, the network will be up a bit from last week.

CBS had repeats at 0.6/0.5/0.4/0.4, up at least a tenth in every slot.

Fox had 9-1-1 franchise encores at 0.6/0.5, up two tenths apiece.

Finals Update: Iconic: TLC (-0.2) and Roswell, New Mexico (-0.1) adjusted down.

Prime Time Cable News Ratings 5/26 - 5/28: CNN Slightly Interrupts FOX News’ Dominance, MSNBC and CNN See Big Gains on Thursday

Here are the prime time ratings for cable news shows from Tuesday, May 26 through Thursday, May 28. Keep in mind we are not counting Monday in this week’s tally, as Memorial Day caused all shows to be marked as specials.

Summer Renew/Cancel Week 3: Sunday Night Game Shows Enter with Nothing to Worry About

It's time for another new Summer Renew/Cancel! The networks are continuing to roll out their summer programming, and ABC is the most recent network to launch an all-new night. Keep reading for initial placements of Match Game, Press Your Luck and Celebrity Family Feud, plus CBS's Game On!

Friday Cable Ratings 5/29/20: Drag Race Jumps for Finale, CNN Dominates for Protest Coverage, Real Time Ties Low

Below are the top 25 programs on cable on Friday, 5/29/20. Items of note include the season finale of RuPaul's Drag Race on VH1, Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO,
(Note: Click the name of any show with its title in purple or blue to be taken to its page in the TV Ratings Guide Cable Ratings Database.)
18-49 Viewers
Viewers (mil.)
CNN TonightCNN0.883.66
Cuomo Prime TimeCNN0.813.88
CNN TonightCNN0.662.60
Cuomo Prime TimeCNN0.612.26
Anderson Cooper 360CNN0.593.04
Fox News At NightFox News0.53.38
Cuomo Prime TimeCNN0.51.92
Fox News At NightFox News0.493.11
CNN NewsroomCNN0.462.39
CNN NewsroomCNN0.432.25
The Ingraham AngleFox News0.423.89
HannityFox News0.414.34
Erin Burnett OutFrontCNN0.412.20
The Situation RoomCNN0.382.12
The Situation RoomCNN0.381.94
CNN NewsroomCNN0.371.97
The Lead with Jake TapperCNN0.362.07
RuPaul's Drag RaceVH10.340.66
George Floyd ProtestFox News0.331.94
CNN NewsroomCNN0.311.90
CNN Newsroom LiveCNN0.311.26
Tucker Carlson TonightFox News0.314.13
CNN NewsroomCNN0.31.82
CNN NewsroomCNN0.31.65
CNN NewsroomCNN0.281.54

Highlights Below the Chart:

The Rachel Maddow ShowMSNBC0.262.73
Real Time with Bill MaherHBO0.141.08
Morning JoeMSNBC0.111.41

How’d They Do? Evaluating The Ratings of The Final Seasons of The Good Place and Will & Grace

Welcome to this edition of ‘How’d They Do?’. The final season ratings of NBC shows which ended in the 2019-20 season are evaluated here. Note that this does not include cancelations, but rather shows that were announce to be ending ahead of time.

Credit for the ratings go to Programming Insider. Any missing numbers is a result of them not being reported. Some shows will have a column reflected their viewership in Canada, but numbers are only available for weeks where the show made the top 30. Averages in the Canada column are only visible when the vast majority of episodes have ratings reported.

The Good Place (2016-2020)
The Good Place first burst onto the scene in 2016. The serialized comedy, which is set in an afterlife, proved to be a solid ratings performer for NBC, doing better than most of their other post-Office offerings when taking into account the declines in viewership across the board every season. It also has seemed to find a following on Netflix and Hulu. For its fourth and final season, it was tasked with anchoring NBC’s Thursday 9pm hour. The night has had its ups and downs for them for the past several years, oftentimes with some shows working and others failing. The Good Place started the season airing directly after Perfect Harmony, and directly before the short-lived Sunnyside. On its tenth episode, it made a time slot change back to its usual 8:30 time after Superstore.

For its final season, The Good Place saw sharp declines across the board. Even after moving back
to 8:30, that ugly 0.50 in A18-49 Live + Same Day for the eleventh episode demonstrated that the show was no longer what it once was. On the bright side, it stayed mainly pretty steady throughout the season. This is shown clearly by the subdemos table. The remarkable amount of white is a sign that most ratings hovered around the average, with the occasional fluctuation.

The ratings for the series finale grew from the previous episode in all demos except M18-34, where it matched the previous rating. It didn’t see the bump NBC was probably hoping for when they had a two hour time period blocked off for it, including a Paley Center Salutes before and a special Late Night episode with the cast directly after the finale. However, it could’ve easily gone worse.

It’s tough to look at these ratings and talk about them positively, but it did at least look solid compared to the comedies which surrounded it.

Grade: C

Will & Grace (1998-2006; 2017-2020)
Will & Grace is simply an iconic comedy. At its peak, when it aired behind Friends, it pulled in ratings higher than nearly every other show. It also had a strong social impact, something only some shows can say.

When it lost the Friends lead-in back in the day, its ratings took a huge dive. Still, it returned well for the revival, hitting a 3.0 A18-49 L+SD rating. It fell from there, back down to numbers one would expect when accounting for declines in viewership levels in general.

If there is one thing impressive about these ratings, it’s that the median age rose by 1.02 years. As, yes, a viewer gets one year older for every season, this could be an indicator that it had a stable audience. The year-to-year trends for the demos, though, are harsh. Take for example the 0.1s it received in all 18-34 subdemos for its tenth episode. With eight episodes left in the series at that point, anyone following its ratings would have to hold their breath and hope this iconic show never fell to a 0.0, even if in a demo outside of 18-49.

The dreaded, however, did happen for the series finale: it’s A18-49 L+SD and L+3 ratings both dropped from the previous week. This is a show that, for its 2006 finale, jumped from a 3.6 to an 8.4 in A18-49 L+SD. That was a TV event; this was not.

Canada seemed to be interested in it though, as it was the only episode of the season that cracked Canada’s weekly top 30 list in seven-day viewership. Given the population in Canada is drastically lower than that of the United States, one million viewers is a strong rating. Also, older viewers seemed to have shown some increased interest; with the Households rising to a season high, it’s very possible the A55+ demo saw a big spike. That data is not publicly available, so it is something that can only be speculated.

Overall, this season did provide the value of not being Sunnyside. It didn’t serve much of a purpose outside of that, unless it was huge on digital. While it was nice NBC gave it a pre-announced final season, there didn’t seem to be a whole lot of interest.

Grade: D

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Sunday TV Ratings 5/31/20: ABC Game Show Premieres Lead, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Decent (UPDATED)

Preliminary Analysis: Although this could dramatically change after finals, ABC enjoyed another particularly strong return for their 'Summer Fun & Games' brand. 'Celebrity Family Feud' (1.0) started the night steady with its year-ago debut while 'Press Your Luck' (1.0) began with a new series high. This went an astounding three-tenths above what the Elizabeth Banks-hosted game show did for its year-ago series premiere (0.7). 'Match Game' (0.9) capped the night up a tenth from its Summer 2019 premiere (0.8). Not to be overshadowed by the game show resurgence, an original episode of 'AFV' (0.9) at 7pm rose two-tenths from the last episode it aired.

NBC served up repeats of 'The Titan Games' (0.6) and 'America's Got Talent' (0.6), 'Titan' was only a tenth below its week-ago Memorial Day premiere (0.7). CBS offered up '60 Minutes' (0.7) and an 'Indiana Jones' film (0.7). The latter was significantly stronger than last week's showing of 'Titanic' (0.4). Fox had repeats of every single comedy on their roster (0.3/0.3/0.4/0.4/0.4/0.5). The 9:30pm 'Family Guy' repeat (0.5) actually matched its season finale while the 7:30pm 'Duncanville' (0.3) and 9pm 'Bob's' (0.4) matched what the two did for original episodes. And the CW had 'Stargirl' (0.2) and 'Supergirl' (0.1) encores.

Finals Update: America's Funniest Home Videos (-0.3), Celebrity Family Feud (-0.2), Press Your Luck (-0.3), Match Game (-0.3), 60 Minutes (-0.1), Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (-0.2) and repeats of The Titan Games (-0.2), America's Got Talent (-0.2), Last Man Standing (-0.1), Duncanville (-0.1), The Simpsons (-0.2), Bless the Harts (-0.2), Bob's Burgers (-0.2), Family Guy (-0.2) and DC's Stargirl (-0.1) adjusted down.

18-49 Rating/Share
Viewers (mil)
7 PMAmerica's Funniest Home Videos0.6/44.26ABC

60 Minutes0.6/47.68CBS

The Titan Games (R)0.3/21.63NBC

Last Man Standing (R)0.2/21.08Fox
7:30 PMDuncanville (R)0.2/10.66Fox
8 PMCelebrity Family Feud (P)0.8/54.63ABC

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade0.5/34.21CBS

NBC News Special Report0.5/32.63NBC

The Simpsons (R)0.2/20.72Fox

DC's Stargirl (R)0.1/10.46The CW
8:30 PMBless The Harts (R)0.2/10.58Fox
9 PMPress Your Luck (P)0.7/43.42ABC

America's Got Talent (R)0.4/32.40NBC

Bob's Burgers (R)0.2/10.62Fox

Supergirl (R)0.1/00.35CBS
9:30 PMFamily Guy (R)0.3/20.88Fox
10 PMMatch Game (P)0.6/42.94ABC

The Book of Terri - Episode 2.03 - Realization

The Book of Terri

2x03 - “Realization”

Written By:

Jessica Boggs


We see Natasha walking around furiously. 

The girls exit the school and head into the parking lot.


What the f*** do you want with me?


Natasha, stop this. You’re getting yourself into trouble. 

Katie then grabs Natasha. 

Natasha huffs and puffs. 

Cassidy and Abigail run closer.

Abigail stops Katie and Natasha. 


Look, Natasha. This is unacceptable. These drugs are clouding your judgment. 


Not to mention, you’re losing a lot of friends. 

Natasha then collapses.



Katie immediately attempts CPR. 

Cassidy then runs to the building. 

Terri then calls 9-1-1. 


Come on, Natasha. Live!



At the hospital, Terri, Abigail, and Katie gather in the hallway. 

Sighs give out, frustration is on a high note.

Abigail paces back and forth.

Terri is on her phone. 

She then looks up at Abigail.


First of all, how did this happen? Why did this happen? 


You tell me. 


Natasha wakes up from her slumber. 



What just happened? 

She suddenly notices Katie at the door. 


Natasha, you’re awake. 


I don’t remember what happened anymore.

She attempts to get up. 

Katie then rushes to Natasha’s side.


Hey now, that’s a little too fast.


Ugh. My head hurts.


I know that. 


I never realized what one ecstasy pill can do. 


If you’re willing to talk about this, I’m here to listen. 



THE BOOK OF TERRI is one of The TV Ratings Guide's ORIGINAL SERIES, an exclusive feature of  The TV Ratings Guide.

THE BOOK OF TERRI is written and executive produced by Jessica Boggs and production is overseen by TVRGO as well as Boggs Productions. 


How’d They Do? Evaluating The Ratings of Criminal Minds and Madam Secretary’s Final Seasons

Welcome to this edition of ‘How’d They Do?’. The final season ratings of two CBS shows which ended in the 2019-20 season are evaluated here. Note that this does not include cancelations, but rather shows that were announce to be ending ahead of time.

Credit for the ratings go to Programming Insider. Any missing numbers is a result of them not being reported. Some shows will have a column reflected their viewership in Canada, but numbers are only available for weeks where the show made the top 30. Averages in the Canada column are only visible when the vast majority of episodes have ratings reported.

Criminal Minds (2005-2020)
Criminal Minds proved itself to be a key player on CBS’s schedule over time. It was never a huge hit to the level of NCIS and CSI, but its stability at the turn of the 2010s decade was remarkable. This is not to mention how often it’s in syndication rotation, making backend money for CBS and Disney. It also had international appeal, with South Korea even creating their own version. CBS tried twice to replicate its success through spinoffs: Suspect Behavior in 2011 and Beyond Borders in 2016. Neither spinoffs were successes, and got canceled after no more than two short seasons.

For the most part, Criminal Minds’ short final season, which aired in the winter, had impressive year-to-year trends. Airing at 9pm for all but one of the first six episodes certainly couldn’t have hurt, but it’s not like the Undercover Boss lead-in was especially coveted.

It is fully possible, though, that Undercover Boss was stronger in Live ratings than the typical show, which may see a sizable Same Day viewing jump. This theory can be validated by looking at the year-to-year trends in the first chart: the Live + Same Day ratings for Criminal Minds had a better trend than the delayed viewing numbers. Also, while the median age of viewers grew, it was by less than a year, implying it gained a few younger viewers this season. Perhaps these people for the most part were in their 50s, given the stellar trends in not just A25-54, but also the gender breakdown of that age bracket.

The final two episodes, which aired alongside each other on one night, rose from the previous episode in all 16 demographics shown above, including hitting a high amongst seven-day viewership in Canada. The Live+7 bump in the A18-49 demo was rather modest, yet still a higher rating than most other episodes in this final season.

Criminal Minds’ final season added episodes for syndication and international viewing, had solid trends in every demographic, and likely did better than what any other shows that could’ve realistically aired in place of it. It also appeared to not be overly depending on lead-ins, looking much better in retention out of Undercover Boss than Survivor.

Grade: A

Madam Secretary (2014-2019)
Madam Secretary began its six-season run in the coveted Sunday at 8pm time slot, taking over for The Amazing Race. The A18-49 Live + Same Day results weren’t great, and simply got worse over time. Ratings were always well below average, and yet it kept making the cut for another season. Over time, it was given time slot downgrades, first moving to 9pm for Season 3, and then 10pm for Seasons 4 through 6.

Madam Secretary was down 25% in the A18-49 demographic for its final season, and the delayed viewing ratings trends were no better. All subdemos also had rough year-to-year trends as well. This is not out of the ordinary for most seasons of Madam Secretary.

The series finale’s ratings rose in every demographic, although modestly. Still, with no subdemos significantly below average, the finale shouldn’t be judged too harshly. It was well past the point where it would be able to post ratings much better than it. 

The ratings had a few scares throughout the season, mostly with the M18-34 demo. Hitting a 0.1 for its third episode could give the feeling that it would at some point hit the dreaded 0.0. Luckily, it didn’t go lower than that 0.1, although it did match it in two subsequent episodes and had a 36% year-to-year drop. Also, the ratings for episodes 3 through 6 signaled the results in the final four episodes could’ve been much worse. 

Grade: D

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