Jane the Virgin S2E10 Review

Jane gets back into dating this week. That could be really funny. Read on for my thoughts on the episode!

S2E10 "Chapter Thirty-Two"

The episode starts with Jane getting inspiration and writing. Xo is excited in the morning, because Rogelio finally sees his mother as the master manipulator she is. Jane discovers that Mateo is crawling, but Mateo ends up pulling Jane's computer off the table and it breaks, and orange juice spills on it. Jane says that this is the worst thing ever, which I can confirm. Losing a bunch of writing is really a terrible thing, and I can't imagine how bad this must be for Jane. Anyway, in other terrible things, Rafael wakes up and Michael is there. They discover that Nadine did not give the chip to Rose. The tech guy that Jane brings the computer to may be in to her, and she remembers that she threw away the latest hard copy of her work. Gina Rodriguez's acting here is perfect.

Rafael brings a laptop to Jane, and he tells her about what happened to him. Jane ends up getting ambushed with a blind date by her friend Lena. Rogelio decides to make his mother his manager again, and he tells Xo this. Jane and Rafael gave a text conversation after she tells him about the sort of date. This is a great scene, as Rafael's emotions are portrayed really well. Rafael discovers that Petra is in the hospital. She is fine, but will need to stay in bed for the next week. Jane is writing at night when Lena emails her the dating profile information. Jane is about to delete the profile when she discovers a great guy on there.

Jane ends up really connecting with the guy she is on a date with. Michael's partner wants to know everything from Michael about him and Nadine. Jane asks her teacher for an extension, and he encourages her to move on from what she was writing, and to not write for 24 hours. Petra is picky about nurses and this is pretty funny. Jane discovers that she came off as too clingy on her date. Rogelio discovers that making his mother his manager was a terrible choice, and this is pretty funny.

Xo tries to get Rogelio to tell her what the problems are with work. Jane and Lena go to a bar, and they discover that the computer guy is there. She goes to a skate park with him, and it is pretty funny. Petra and Rafael have a lot of tension between them, and this is because four years ago Petra had a late-term miscarriage. This bit of information made the fairly comedic scene very intense.

Jane and the computer guy are having a great moment, but then she discovers that he has a girlfriend. Jane talks to Xo and Alba, and they talk about relationships. Xo goes to Rogelio and he decides to fire his mother. His mother acts like she is fine, but when she leaves the room, she appears to be sad, which Xo sees. It was a great moment. Jane and Alba talk about dating. Alba tells Jane she should make time for dating, and Jane tells Alba she should sign up for an online dating website. Xo and Rogelio's mother talk, and it is a great scene. Jane ends up getting no matches when she puts everything in on a dating site. She gets a text that her computer is ready, but on the bus she gets inspiration and starts writing, until she reaches the end of the line. Michael realizes that when his leg got cut by the glass on the day that Nadine died, she put the chip on him, and that's what she meant when she said "it's on you".

The entire family goes to the filming of a scene, and Rogelio's mother and father talk. Rogelio's mother later gives her ring to Rogelio, and tells him she thinks he should marry Xo. Petra and Rafael share a moment picking out names, and it is great. Alba looks up the name of a man, who is this man? Jane has a dream where she discovers that her teacher shares her exact interests, and she wakes up realizing that she has a crush on him.

This was a great episode. It had great funny and serious moments.

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