iZombie S2E11 Review

This week's episode has been advertised as a more comedic one. Will it be this way?

S2E11 "Fifty Shades of Grey Matter"

The beginning of the episode follows two librarians and a boy who was angry at one librarian. The other librarian, however, ends up collapsing at work. Ravi discovers that the woman was poisoned, so she was murdered. And, when there's a murder, there's brains to be eaten! A zombie that works for Blaine ends up beating up three guys. He talks to Blaine, and Blaine is so wonderful. Liv and Clive talk to the husband of the dead librarian, who is in a wheelchair. He tells them that she didn't get along with the other librarian. Liv can't concentrate, however, as she imagines making out with the man who works for the couple. Liv and Clive talk to the other librarian. It turns out both are writers, and the younger, now dead, one is more successful. Liv and Clive listen to the audiobook, which is narrated by Kristen Bell, who Liv says she has always felt a connection with, which is pretty funny. It turns out the librarian wrote erotic fiction.

At the morgue, the brain is taking a lot of control over Liv. The zombie working for Blaine enters, and she immediately is attracted to him. Clive's girlfriend discovered that the dog of one of the people who went missing has a tracker in it, and that should lead them to the killer. This dog, obviously, is Minor.

Liv reads Peyton the book the librarian wrote, and she has a vision. It turns out that the husband is very possessive and the jealous type. Liv and Clive talk to the husband, and then to the neighbor, who turns out to be exactly like the character in the novel. After Clive briefly enters the morgue later when Major is there, he realizes that he will be discovered because of the tracker. He picks up Minor, and gives the woman working at the dog place a story so that she will lie for him. Then, Major and Minor part, and I swear this is the saddest moment in the show so far.

Liv and Clive talk to the neighbor, who knows that the book is about her. Clive calls the editor, and discovers that a friend of the librarian's wrote a murder mystery that included hemlock poisoning by putting hemlock in salad, and the friend is the other librarian. Liv has her date with the zombie, and they are getting close to having sex when Liv says they should wait until the brain wears off. Meanwhile, Peyton and Blaine go further than the two zombies.

Liv and Clive talk to the other librarian, and they discover that she isn't the murderer, the husband is. They talk to him, and his confession is great. Clive's FBI girlfriend tells him that Blaine is connected with the murders, as they discover his real name, and that his father was one of the victims. Also, they can arrest him for something.

Blaine has been arrested, and he avoids talking in some great ways. Peyton enters to save the day for Blaine, so Clive and FBI lady take her outside the room. Peyton doesn't listen to Clive's arguments. He tells her that whatever happens next is on her. Peyton goes to Liv and asks her if she knows who Blaine is. Liv tells Peyton about Blaine, and Peyton's emotions here are great. Meanwhile, Ravi comes home and Major tells him that he found Minor's real owner. Ravi might be connecting the dots, however. And this wouldn't be surprising, considering that he was the one who figured out that Liv was a zombie quickly.

This wasn't a very funny episode. It was mostly a serious one, and it did a good job at that. This was a really good episode.

What did you think of "Fifty Shades of Grey Matter"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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