Brooklyn Nine-Nine S3E17 Review

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It's hard to believe that we are already at episode 17 of this season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and while it hasn't been the best season, it has still been entertaining.

S3E17 "Adrian Pimento"

At the start of the episode, a former undercover cop from the precinct has returned. He tells stories, but they aren't funny, so the others don't like them. There is a hilarious conversation between Jake and Holt where he talks about his previous undercover experience, and how he was late that morning. Charles makes a mess, so he has to talk with the janitor, which is a very funny conversation. Holt recruits Gina in making a film of the precinct, and there are some funny Gina moments. Rosa suspects that the returned officer can't be trusted. Jake comes home to the guy in his apartment.

The guy tells Jake that he isn't sure if he can go back to his regular life. That night, the guy stays at Jake's and it is pretty funny. The janitor doesn't clean the mess up, and when they ask Holt to make her do it, they realize that he is scared of her just like Charles. Jake and the guy work on the case, and there are some funny moments. Holt and Rosa star in Gina's video, and it is hilarious.

Charles, Amy, and Terry come up with a plan, and the janitor tells them secrets of theirs that she knows. Amy's secret is hilarious, she once used their instead of there. Gina has recasted her video, and it is really funny. Jake breaks into the trunk of the guy, and he comes out with a gun. He discovers that the duffel bag has personal photos in it. There is also a hilarious joke about a "pancake butt".

Holt asks Jake why the former undercover cop didn't show up for work. He is now working as a bagger, which is funny. Jake talks to him, and says that things will get back to normal. Gina shows Holt the video she submitted, and it is pretty funny. Charles, Terry, and Amy dedicate the break room to the janitor. The former undercover cop returns to work, but kind of freaks out.

This was a really good episode. I especially loved the janitor and Gina's work on the video.

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