Telenovela S1E8 Review

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This week, Mimi brings her sons to work. Read on for my thoughts on the episode!

S1E8 "Sexual Awakening"

Mimi has brought her kids to work for the day, and this is a little bit funny, as they go crazy on set. Mimi tells Ana that she is having trouble connecting to her oldest son, and Ana tells Mimi about a time she babysat him, and she doesn't realize how irresponsible she was, it is really funny. One of Mimi's sons helps Isaac write, and it is really funny. The men of the cast are worried about a photo shoot when they discover they can't wear makeup and there will be no photoshop. Ana and Mimi go through the oldest son's room, and it is really funny. They discover porn, including a picture of Ana.

Gael discovers that he has a zit, and the men discuss their flaws, which is a little bit funny. Mimi's son is still helping Isaac, and it is pretty funny. Mimi has the men of the cast and Ana give the talk to her son, and it is really funny, especially the nun costume that Ana wears.

Ana talks to Mimi, and Ana realizes that Mimi is not wanting her son to get the talk because she is scared about it. The men realize that their insecurities are no big deal, except for Gael's zit, and it is a pretty funny scene. Mimi and Ana discover that Mimi's oldest son is spying on Roxie, and then he says that he hates Mimi and Ana.

Ana is obsessed that the oldest son said that he hated her, and it is pretty funny. Ana leads the rest of the cast in improvising a scene giving the oldest son the talk. This is especially funny when Roxie tells Ana she has more questions. The episode ends with Isabella looking for someone watching her in the closet, but there is no one there. This is really funny.

This was a really good episode. Ana was really funny because of Mimi's reactions to her self-centered behavior.

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