The Middle S7E16 Review

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This week, Brick wants to become a man, and Sue learns to flirt.

S7E16 "The Man Hunt"

The episode starts with Brick getting home from a Bar Mitzvah, and there is a hilarious conversation about becoming a man in their culture. Axl announces that he has gotten a new home, which turns out to be a motor home, and it is hilarious. Sue talks to her roommate, and they decide to put themselves out there, which is really funny.

Brick wants to know how he will know when he is a man, so Mike tells him that you're a man when you take out the trash and replace the bag, which is hilarious. Axl and Hutch discover that Kenny has moved in with them, and they don't know how to get rid of him, which is pretty funny. Sue discovers that she is terrible at flirting, so Frankie gives her advice, which is hilarious. Brick decides to ask the men that work for Mike how they knew when they became a man, which is really funny. Mike lets Brick pull the lever in the truck, and he ends up dumping rocks in front of the trailer.

Sue goes to another party, and it is hilarious. Axl and Hutch realize that they have lost Kenny, which is really funny. They also realize that they don't know each other's full names, which is funny. Sue leaves the party, and regains her confidence talking to the person from security giving her a ride. Axl and Hutch go back to the Hecks' house, and they find Kenny there. There is also a hilarious part where Kenny says that Axl and Hutch know something about him that they don't. Mike gives Brick a ride home, and he gives him a gift of a plaid shirt, which is hilarious.

This was a hilarious episode. All of the storylines were very entertaining.

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