The 100 S3E4 Review

Last week, we were introduced to Queen Nia. How will she play into this week's storyline?

S3E4 "Watch the Thrones"

The episode begins with a meeting of the grounder clans, where Queen Nia, the Ice Nation Queen, is brought in before Lexa. It is a very intense scene, and it is great. Lexa accepts a challenge from Nia. Roan will fight for Nia, and Lexa will fight for herself. Pike argues with Abby and Kane. He insists that the grounders are coming for them. Bellamy gives up his position, and Bob Morely's acting here is fantastic. Jasper is not going to the memorial, remarking that it is a little late for a Mount Weather memorial. Jasper sneaks out of the camp as it goes into lockdown, and Monty follows him. Lexa introduces Clarke to a boy who will take her position if she were to die. Clarke and Lexa have an argument, and it is really well done.

Nia tells Roan that everything she does, she does for him. She tells him to fight for his clan. Nia's character is off to a really interesting start. Clarke shows up, and says that she wants Roan to be king. People give speeches for each of the individuals that died at Mount Weather. Bellamy's speech is fantastic. Pike comes in and creates trouble. This scene becomes very reminiscent of the best of The 100 season one, when Bellamy and Clarke disagreed about how to do things. Lincoln gets attacked because he is a grounder.

Jasper leads Monty to the location of the original drop ship, where season 1 took place. Monty goes through Jasper's things while he is distracted. This is a great scene for probably the best friendship on The 100. Lincoln and Octavia talk, and he says that the only way for him to be accepted by the Sky People is for him to stay. Clarke meets with Nia, and it is revealed that she is trying to poison Nia. It seems like every scene in this episode is great.

Clarke and Lexa talk, and Clarke says that she won't just sit there and watch her die. Bellamy and Pike talk, and Pike tries to get in to Bellamy's head, saying that it wasn't his fault, but the grounders' fault. Please! No! Don't get into Bellamy's head! He has made such progress since the series began. Pike asks Bellamy to get guns, and that would be committing treason.

Lexa and Roan's fight begins, and Clarke arrives. This fighting scene is really intense, as it keeps going back and forth between Lexa and Roan. They are both very skilled. It appears that Roan is going to kill Lexa, when she rolls out of the way at the last moment. She ends up getting Roan in the same position that he had her in. He says to "get it over with", but Lexa instead throws the spear at Nia. That was an unexpected twist, and it was great. Bellamy, Pike, and their group takes their guns, and are about to head out. A group of three, lead by Lincoln, gets in their way. The other two step aside, but Lincoln will not.  Eventually, Octavia, Kane, and Abby show up. Octavia is very angry at Bellamy, this relationship is going to take a while to mend. Pike tells Kane to show everyone the branding from the previous day. Bellamy leads the group in chanting Pike's name, they want him to be on the ballot the next day. This could really hurt things. First of all, one of Kane or Abby will need to step down to give the other one a chance if Pike is allowed to run.

Jasper is going to spread Finn's ashes, as he considers Clarke to be a mass murderer. Monty and Jasper get into an argument, and it is fantastic. Monty leaves Jasper, and Jasper shouts "see you on the other side". He trips, and Finn's ashes spill out. Jasper breaks down, and it is a wonderful tragic moment. Clarke and Lexa talk, and it is a scene with great acting performances by both actresses. Kane congratulates Pike, the new chancellor. The vote was close, which means the people are very divided. Pike announces his first three acts as chancellor, which include rejecting the brand that made them the thirteenth clan. Kane tells Bellamy that it's not too late to choose the right side, but he claims that he already has. While this change in Bellamy may seem to some as a rejection of the previous character development, it really makes sense considering his current psychological state.

This was, no doubt, the best episode so far of The 100. Every single scene was fantastic. Season three is off to a great start.

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