Telenovela Season 1 Finale Review

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This is likely to be the series finale, so I am hoping for no cliffhangers, unlike (the thankfully certain to be renewed) Superstore.

S1E11 "The Stalker"

At the start of the episode, Ana wakes up late, and from there everything just goes bad in her day, until she discovers that she has a stalker, which she is hilariously really excited about. Ana and Xavier talk about having a relationship, and decide to have coffee the next morning. Roxie, Rodrigo, and Isabella try to get good parts in the new show that Isaac is writing, which is pretty funny. Ana waits for Xavier the next morning, but he never shows up.

Xavier also doesn't show up for work, so Ana concludes that her stalker must have kidnapped him, which is a hilarious conclusion. Ana decides to figure out who her stalker is, and makes a hilarious announcement to everyone. Mimi and Gael realize that Kelly is Ana's stalker, when they realize that she has copied everything that Ana did on telenovelas.

Ana gets tied up by Kelly as well, and it is a funny scene. Kelly demands to be Ana's best friend. This is followed by a hilarious montage of them doing best friend things and Kelly holding up the knife. Ana calls Mimi to inform her that they are not best friends anymore, so the rest decide to save her. Meanwhile, Kelly decides to kill Xavier, so Ana tries to stop her, and she ends up falling into the pool, down by the others, who were really funny.

Xavier tells Ana that he was planning on going to coffee that morning. He then sings a song for her on his guitar. They kiss, and this cuts to their kiss on the telenovela, as they are getting married. James shows up, and this is really funny, as it is intentionally really dramatic. And it is a big cliffhanger ending.

This was a really good episode, one of Telenovela's best episodes. I really wish it hadn't ended on a cliffhanger though,

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