You, Me and the Apocalypse S1E4 Review

I have not been impressed with You, Me and the Apocalypse so far, and not just because of the lack of a comma after the word "Me" in the title. This week, it really needs to impress me, or I will be dropping it.

S1E4 "What Happens to Idiots"

Twenty-six days before the apocalypse, Rhonda and Leanne are in Arkansas, hiding on a boat, as a policewoman looks for them. It is pretty funny. Rhonda's son helps Ariel, and then he knocks him out. Leanne wants to kill the man they forced to help them, but Rhonda insists that they don't. Jamie and his friend reach the place where his mother is supposed to be, but no visitors are allowed. He steals the ID of a person who works there at a pub. Celine and the priest see a jumper, and the people that we saw at the end of the last episode are there, but they decide that this is not the place because there are too many people.

Rhonda and Leanne break into a hotel. The jumper wants to talk to the priest, and he agrees. The person working with Ariel tells him that the comet is real. The priest talks to the jumper, who hates the church and wants people to listen. He throws flyers down. I had a little laugh when the priest said that he had no idea what he was doing. The people from the church are very angry about the flyers, and, unlike Celine, don't care about the jumper. Rhonda and Leanne discover a boy who is watching them, and Rhonda handles the situation. The priest tells the jumper not to jump because he has children, and tells a personal story from his life. This scene actually got really deep. The clock struck five o'clock, and the man decided not to jump. Celine overhears a conversation the other priest has on the phone about spinning this in their favor.

Jamie and his friend get into the mental hospital. It has been a long time since we saw them in this episode. They find his mother, and he eventually says his name. Ariel concludes that there must be some plan to survive the comet, and he wants to get in on it. Jamie and his friend find a bill, and they find Ariel's address. Jamie doesn't want to leave, though. Someone who works there shows up. The friend pretends to be a patient, and Jamie pretends to be someone from the agency. He ends up having to give his friend a sedative, and they have to give it to him...not through his mouth. Rhonda finds out that the boy called the police, so she is forced to come out of the house pointing her gun at him.

Jamie and his friend try to get his mother out of the hospital, but the medicine ends up kicking in. Rhonda demands that Leanne is uncuffed. After she is, she steals a gun. This scene ends up getting really funny. Leanne tells them all to get into their trunks, and then they escape. It is definitely the best scene of this show. Jamie gets out of the mental hospital. Back in the Vatican, where we haven't been for a little while in this episode, Celine talks to the priest. Ariel discovers what Rhonda's brother is up to, and his brother wonders if God exists and they are the chosen ones. Rhonda and Leanne leave the main cop tied up, and then they drive off. Ariel kills the person he is working with, and tells Spike that's what happens to idiots.

This episode is better than the last ones. And despite the great moments such as "Leanne says", I am done with this show. It was a pretty good episode, but not quite good enough.

What did you think of "What Happens to Idiots"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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