Jane the Virgin S2E11 Review

This week, things get awkward for Jane as she wonders if her advisor would be interested in having a relationship with her.

S2E11 "Chapter Thirty-Three"

At the start of the episode, the narrator talks about the lack of boundaries in the Villanueva home, and Jane tells Xo about her dream about her professor. Rogelio and Xo are preparing for a photo shoot, and Rogelio has a bunch of names wrong and it is hilarious. Jane can't stay focused when talking to her advisor, which is really funny. The female detective gets a call from Louisa at work, and the conversation is pretty funny. At Jane's reading, she accidentally says the advisor's name instead of her character's name.

Jane and her advisor talk, and she isn't sure how he is reacting to the whole name slip-up. Xo discovers the ring that Rogelio's mother gave to him, and he ends up giving it to Jane. Luisa talks about the discovery that Michael and the other detective made, and it is really funny. Jane realizes that her advisor doesn't feel the same way about her, and Petra discovers that the woman of a couple moving their wedding from the Marbella made an art piece about her.

Jane is reluctant to give Mateo to Rogelio, and it is really funny. Jane discovers, however, that Rogelio has been tweeting what he is doing, and that is not watching Mateo. Jane calls Rogelio and discovers that these were pre-arranged tweets, which is really funny. Rogelio shows Mateo the diamond he plans on giving to Xo to propose, but while on the phone Mateo takes it. Jane gets mad at Rogelio as a result of all this.

Xo tells Jane of signs to look for when the advisor and his mother meet with Rogelio. One happens when he says to call him Jonathan, and then more happen, such as increases familiarity and physical contact. Petra is trying to prove that she isn't a useless trophy wife, and it is a really good story for Petra. Luisa meets with the driver, and she wants to get in contact with Rose. The detectives listen, and Luisa's performance is very believable. Jane and Jonathan talk, and she thinks that he is leaning in to kiss when he is actually opening the car door.

Jane talks to Xo, and she talks about the previous night, which is pretty funny. Petra makes a deal with the woman to help the Marbella in the long-run, and it truly proves that she is not the trophy wife of the art piece. Jane's writing ends up suffering because she is afraid of how her advisor will take it. Xo gets a job offer on the night that Rogelio had planned to propose, and they have an argument.

Xo sings, and Rogelio comes to see her. Meanwhile, the detective meets with Luisa, and she says that Luisa's talking about Rose sounded real, so she says that this isn't the time for them. Rafael and Petra kiss, and then she says that they can't be in a relationship, because he isn't over Jane. Jane gives Rogelio the diamond. Rogelio goes to Xo, and she reveals that she will be singing on Monday nights. Rogelio then proposes to Xo, and it is a great moment, because it isn't in the way that you would expect Rogelio to. Xo tells Rogelio that she doesn't want any more kids, because she wants time to focus on her career. Jane and Xo talk, and Jane considers losing her virginity before she gets married. The next day, Jane tells Jonathan that she is going to get a different advisor, and he asks her out.

This was a good episode. There were some great parts, but there were also some weaker parts. I am getting a bit tired of the whole Rose, Mutter, etc. storyline. And I feel like Rafael and Petra have become very disconnected from the rest.

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