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"Conference Call" - (8:00-8:30 p.m. ET) - Witness an actual network conference meeting --

SEE EXACTLY HOW CRAZY NETWORK CONFERENCE CALLS ARE-  when hijinks ensue quickly, and some shows are canceled, while some get early renewals. And when Jesse admits his responsibility in losing test groups, will his job be on the line? - find out on The TV Ratings Guide website, Monday, January 22nd.

WRITTEN BY: Jessica Boggs
CREATED BY: Jessica Boggs

NETWORK is one of The TV Ratings Guide's first ORIGINAL SERIES, airing right here, on The TV Ratings Guide.


Marietta - Episode 1.02 - Goodbye to Love

MARIETTA is one of The TV Ratings Guide's first ORIGINAL SERIES, an original feature ONLY on The TV Ratings Guide.


Marietta is at her Washington, DC apartment, where she is saying goodbye to her husband, who is leaving for Sierra Leone.

Marietta: Danny, do you really have to go?

Danny: We’ve been through this, Marietta. The people of Sierra Leone need us more than you do. You’ll be fine on your own for 6 months.

Marietta: But I DO need you.

Danny: Why? You have Patty Lynn, and Martin, and Milton. 

Marietta: They’re all crazy. Don’t leave me with these crazy people!

Danny: I know you’re joking, but your family is really lovely. You should treat them better. I think they’ll provide more than enough company for the next six months

Marietta: But I need you. I haven’t told you yet, but I’m running for mayor of New Orleans. I need you to appear on the campaign trail. I was already criticized in my Senate reelection because you didn’t appear on the campaign trail with me enough. And I treat them just fine. I’m so nice to my family. Believe me.

Danny: So that’s why you “Need me.” Not because you’ll miss you.

Marietta: Don’t you start with me. You’re the one abandoning me. It’s not right.

Danny: Well, that’s true I guess. It’s not fair to always -

Marietta: Hold on. Milton’s calling!

Danny: Ignore it.

Marietta: It has to do with the campaign. It’s important.

Danny: Whatever Marietta.

Marietta: Hey Milton? What’s crackalackin’ down in N’Awlins?

Milton: Never say “crackalackin’” again. Seriously. Anyways, when are you going to tell Mom and Dad about the campaign?

Marietta: I’m not.

Milton: What?

Marietta: At least, not until I announce it to the world. Because Mom will try to convince me not to run, and Dad will agree because he has no spine when it comes to Mom.

Milton: I’m not going to let you do that to Mom and Dad. They deserve to know.

Marietta: Well, then you tell them for me. Gotta go, Mom’s calling. Thanks, bye.

Patty Lynn: Marietta! I made you a cheesecake! I sent it to your apartment, and it should be delivered soon.

Marietta: Why did you bake me a cheesecake?

Patty Lynn: Because I love you and I love that we’re going to get to see you more now that you’re moving back to New Orleans.

Marietta: Why do you think I’m moving back to New Orleans?

Patty Lynn: Because why wouldn’t you? What do you have in DC? 

Marietta: I have my friends, and my apartment, and I’ve been offered a job as a lobbyist. I haven’t decided what I’m doing yet.

Patty Lynn: Send back the cheesecake.

Marietta: What?
Patty Lynn: Cheesecake is only for children that care enough about their moms to move back to New Orleans.

Marietta: Fine, I’ll move back to New Orleans! Can I have to cheesecake now?

Patty Lynn: Do you mean it?

Marietta: Yes??

Patty Lynn: No. You can’t have the cheesecake. I’m not convinced.

Maria, the fiancée of Marietta’s son Kyle, is calling.

Marietta: I gotta go, Mom. Maria’s calling.

Patty Lynn: Ugh!

Marietta: I know, right? I dread this.

Patty Lynn: Just for the struggle, you can eat the cheesecake.

Marietta: Thanks Mom. Bye!
Patty Lynn: Bye.

Marietta: Hey, Maria!

Danny (in the background): Oh, come on!

Maria: Hey, Marietta.-

Marietta: Call me Senator Landfield.

Maria: Alright, Senator Landfield. 

Marietta: Come on! I’m obviously messing with you.

Maria: Oh. I just wanted to call to ask if we could meet up a bit over the next six months. We’ll both be without our partners, and I thought we could use the company.

Marietta presses the mute button on the phone. 

Marietta: Oh, sweet baby Jesus.

She turns the mute button off.

Marietta: You’re a Democrat, right?

Maria: That’s an odd question, but of course I am. I voted for Hillary and volunteered for her campaign. What does this have to do with hanging out?

Marietta: That’s great. Anyways, I’m running for mayor of New Orleans.

Maria: Aww, that’s great.

Marietta: I wasn’t finished. I want you to work for my campaign. You can be whatever you want, as long as it isn’t the campaign manager. That’s Milton’s job.

Maria: Really? Oh my goodness, that you! I’d love to work for you.

Marietta: It’s nothing, really. You’re family. Family helps family. Anyways, I gotta go. Danny’s waiting for me.

Maria: Alright. Bye, Marietta.

Marietta: Bye bye, now.

Danny: F***ing finally!

Marietta: Oh, you get off your high horse! Those were very important calls.

Danny: You talked with your mother about cheesecake!

Marietta: That was the most important call!

Danny: I really have to go now. So, bye Marietta. I’m leaving.

Danny slams the door and walks out.

Marietta: Well, I guess I’ll go to the Senate. I gotta clear out my office so Betty Benoit doesn’t have a hissy fit. 

Marietta is sitting alone in her office, talking to herself and eating the cheesecake baked my Patty Lynn.

Marietta: I’m just so lonely here. I wish I was in New Orleans. Or Florida.

NY Senator Tammy Yarborough: Oh dear, nobody wishes that they’re in Florida.

Marietta: Tammy! I’ve missed you so much. 

Tammy: Missed me? I’ve been here day and night for like three months. I gotta get stuff done before I leave for good.

Marietta: I’ve been so busy with the reelection campaign and-

Tammy: I’m so sorry about how that turned out, Marietta. You deserved better than that. You deserved a proper sendoff after all of the work you’ve done in the Senate. At least New York let me have a proper sendoff. Louisiana could take a few notes.

Marietta: It’s fine, really. And don’t go after Louisiana! I do have a question for you, though. Why are you leaving? You’re the Senate majority leader, Tammy. That’s so much power to just give up.

Tammy: With great power comes great responsibility. It was too much for me. I held the position for 12 years. That’s a long time. I needed a break. Also, did you see the results this year? To say it was a s***show would be an understatement.

Marietta: We didn’t do that badly.

Tammy: We lost 11 seats. If that isn’t bad I don’t know what is.

Marietta: Well at least we won New Hampshire.

Tammy: You’re right, Marietta. The losses in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, Florida, Arizona, Ohio, Louisiana, and Georgia don’t matter because we won New Hampshire.

Marietta: Wow, that is a lot.

Tammy: Ya think? We went for a 60 seat supermajority to a 49 seat minority. That’s beyond ugly. But remember. At least Marjorie Hausen remains in the Senate serving New Hampshire.

Marietta: I can’t believe we lost our majority. Nobody thought that would happen.

Tammy: Well nobody expected freakin’ Rosenburg to get indicted on fraud charges two weeks before the election. Nor did we think McCarthy was going to resign because “Boo hoo. My wife left me to be with another woman.” Deal with it like a man, Ron.

Marietta: Do you know how awful that sounds?

Tammy: Nope, and I don’t care.

Marietta: Anyways, you gave up because of the bad crop of candidates? Why couldn’t you fight?

Tammy: Marietta, I’m not exactly a spring chicken. I need to relax. I’ve got like six seasons of Scandal to watch. I gotta chill.

Marietta: Did you just say chill?

Tammy: Maybe.

Marietta: You did, but whatever. Want a slice of cheesecake?

Tammy: Marietta, I’m the senior senator from New York. The only cheesecake that exists to me is New York Cheesecake.

Marietta: But it’s so good.

Tammy: Not as good as New York Cheesecake. Sorry.

Marietta: I’ll have to tell my mother you don’t like her baking.

Tammy: Now don't you start with me.

Marietta: I’m just messing with you, Tammy.

Tammy: I’m going to miss this so much.

Marietta: I will too. That’s why I wanted to ask you something really important.

Tammy: What is it?

Marietta: Would you work for my mayoral campaign?

Tammy: Mayoral campaign? What mayoral campaign?

Marietta: I’m running for mayor of New Orleans. And I want you the be my chief of staff.

Tammy: Oh, really? That’s so great, Marietta! I’m so glad you didn’t just give up on politics. It’s truly your calling in life. And sure, I’ll join your campaign. Scandal can wait.

Marietta: I’m so pleased that you want to be a part of the campaign.

Just then, Betty Benoit enters, wanting to set up her office. 

Marieta: Hide me, Tammy!

Tammy pushes Marietta to the floor.

Marietta: Ouch!

Tammy: Crawl out of here. I’ll deal with the Wicked Witch of Eastern Louisiana.

Marietta: Alright.

Marietta crawls out, but Betty sees her.

Betty: What the heck are you doing? This is just embarrassing.

Marietta: Well, I am on all fours because I am obviously trying to get out of here without you noticing. And I’ve failed.

Betty: Just like you failed to get reelected.

Marietta: Screw you.

Betty: Wow, what a warm, loving woman.

Marietta: My mother always said if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything nice at all. I’ll never have to see you again after today. Good.

Betty: You wish you could be so lucky. See you later Landfield. Oh, and make sure my office is cleared out my 10 AM tomorrow. I want to be able to move into it then.

Tammy: F*** you, Betty Benoit! 

Betty: Wow, you're mighty feisty for a Senate Majority Leader. That’s pretty unprofessional.

Tammy: Get out of Marietta’s office.

Betty: It’s my office.

Tammy: Oh, I didn’t know it was January 3 yet. My bad.

Betty: I’ll be on my way. But I’ll be back tomorrow.

Tammy: I’ll make sure I’m not here.

Betty leaves the building.

Marietta: Let’s freaking trash this office.

Tammy: I’ll go get some toilet paper and silly string.

Marietta: Why do you have that stuff in your office?

Tammy: Uh, to be prepared for this. Duh.

Marietta: Go get it, and let’s trash this place and go.

Tammy quickly runs to her office for the toilet paper and silly string.

Tammy: I got the stuff.

Marietta: Alright. You use the silly string. I’l throw the toilet paper. Let’s make this office a mess.

Just then, Kate Hagelin, the Senate Majority Whip, outgoing senator from North Carolina and one of Marietta’s friends, walks up to the office.

Kate: What’s going on here?

Marietta: We’re trashing my office to annoy Betty Benoit.

Kate: Let me help.

Back in New Orleans, Milton is trying to break the big news to Patty Lynn and Martin.

Milton: Umm, I have some big news for you guys.

Martin: Are you finally getting married? Sarah really needs a mom.

Milton: No, dad. I’m not getting married. I’m not even dating someone. 

Martin: Well what is it then? Have you realized you’re gay now like your cousin Eliza?

Milton: No, I’m not gay. And neither is Eliza. She’s bisexual.

Martin: What’s the difference?

Milton: I’m not going to explain the difference between being gay and being bisexual to my 75 year old father!

Martin: I’m 77!

Milton: How is that better? You’re two steps closer to being dead.

Martin: Well that was just uncalled for.

Milton: Well, I’m sorry dad.

Patty Lynn: Gee whiz! What’s your news then?

Milton: Well now I don’t want to tell you ‘cause you’re both mad.

Patty Lynn: Milton Maurice Landfield, I brought you into this world and I can take you out of it! Tell us your news!

Milton: Marietta’s running for mayor!

Martin: Well now you’re just making things up. Because she isn’t.

Milton: Um, yes she is running.

Martin: She would have told me first, I’m her beloved dad.

Milton: Well she didn’t. She told me first. And she asked me to tell you guys because she was afraid you’d try to talk her out of it. Mom, what the heck are you doing?

Patty Lynn: I’m calling Marietta.

Milton: Why?

Patty Lynn: To tell her not to run.

Milton: Why? She wants this so much!

Patty Lynn: Because Amy Applewhite reportedly wants it, too. And she’s a stone cold bi-

Milton: Language!

Patty Lynn: Sorry. My point is that she’ll chew you up. She’s a maneater.

Milton: First, did you just quote Hall & Oates? Second, that doesn’t even make sense. She’s not that bad. Sure she’s farther r-

Patty Lynn: I don’t care about her policies, she’s a Democrat and that’s all that matters. But in 1996, she ran for city council. Against her grandmother. And ran some nasty attack ads.

Milton: Well, she sounds lovely.

Patty Lynn: And she’ll be even worse to Marietta. I can’t watch my baby girl get slandered again. Not after that vicious Senate election.

Milton: I know it’s hard. But let her have it. Especially with Danny leaving her-

Patty Lynn: What???

Milton: Oh, not in the divorce kind of way. In the left the country way.

Patty Lynn: Honestly, I don’t know which is worse.

Just then, Marietta storms in.

Marietta: What are you guys talking about?

Milton: I told them your news.

Marietta: Oh, what do you guys think? Are you ready to join team Marietta?

Milton looks at Patty Lynn, to make sure she keeps her thoughts to herself.

Patty Lynn: I sure am, Marietta! Let’s make this official.

Marietta: That’s great. But before I do that can we just sit down as a family and do our favorite thing. I’m in such a sad state with Danny and Kyle gone.

Patty Lynn: You want to play Monopoly?

Marietta: Yes. Because I know that I can beat you all.

Martin: I highly doubt you’ll be able to beat me.

Milton: Excuse me, but I think I can beat you all.

Patty Lyn: Well I’m a sh***y Monopoly player so I know you’ll all beat me. But let’s go play. I think we’ve got the time.


Patty Lynn: Oh my gosh, this is the longest game of Monopoly I have ever played.

Marietta: It’s not Monopoly. It’s US Senate-Opoly. It’s very special.

Martin: You only think it’s special because it’s got your face on it .

Marietta: I’m not that superficial. It’s special because it’s one of only a hundred copies in existence.

Patty Lynn: For good reason. It’s awful. Why is this our favorite game?

Marietta: Because it’s so long, we get to make lots of family memories.

Patty Lynn: Family memories my a**! Your brother’s been asleep for five hours!

Milton: I just landed on Marietta’s space! And it has hotels on it-

Marietta: They’re not hotels. They’re Senate buildings. 

Milton: Oh, who gives a crap? The point is, I’m finally out. Night night.

Patty Lynn: It’s just me and you now-

Patty Lynn looks over at Marietta, who has fallen asleep, just like Martin and Milton.

Patty Lynn: Goodnight, my loves. 

WRITTEN BY: Rebecca Bunch
CREATED BY: Rebecca Bunch

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Marietta Episode 1.03 "Cruel Intentions" Press Release



"Cruel Intentions" - (8:30-9:00 p.m. ET) - Marietta has a big announcement, but not everyone is happy about that.

ANNOUNCEMENTS ARE A HARD THING - Marietta decides to make her mayoral campaign official, announcing to the public her decision to run. Things don't go off without a hitch, with her son Kyle and his girlfriend Maria also having a major announcement, one so shocking Marietta ends up having a health crisis because of it. Once her announcement is finally made, the media isn't too pleased with it, with former one-term Senator Kristine Allen of New Hampshire calling Marietta out on TV's #1 cable news show. Meanwhile, Tammy officially starts work as Marietta's campaign manager only on The TV Ratings Guide.

MARIETTA is one of The TV Ratings Guide's first ORIGINAL SERIES, airing right here on The TV Ratings Guide.


Network - Episode 1.02 - Flashback to Where We Used to Be

NETWORK is one of The TV Ratings Guide's first ORIGINAL SERIES, an original feature ONLY on The TV Ratings Guide.

Network – 1x02

“Flashback to Where We Used to Be”

By: Jessica Boggs

LEAH, paces back and forth, and is apparently stressed out about a deadline. KASEY enters with what appear to be a stack of papers.


(sighs, then smiles)
Kasey! There you are! I see you got the reports with you.

From what I can report, we have two weeks until up-fronts. Pilot season has not been going well for us so far. From what I can tell, Psych-Med is one of two pilots we have.
Yes, I am aware. Jesse is getting test groups together. Then we'll decide which show gets to series.

LEAH remembers that she assigned JESSE to the task of getting test groups together for all the pilots. But little did she know, there were only two pilots that she had at hand according to the reports, even though there were ten to start out with. What happened to the other pilots? Let’s find out.


LEAH and JESSE meet, to discuss matters at hand. The pilots needed to be decided on right away, before the upfront presentation.
Now, Jesse.


Do me a favor.

What is it?

Well, there are pilots we need to decide from. Your job is to find some test groups from these pilots.

I’m on it! But…wait!

What is it?

You know...I have been wanting to tell you what has been going on since we were last together like this. I hope we can talk about what happened between us.

(visibly stunned)
Jesse, what happened between us is the past. We cannot work like this knowing that we were close at some point. We broke up and we should move on.

But it’s just not that simple.

JESSE then trembles and grabs LEAH’s hand. The tension in the room is apparent. A while back, LEAH and JESSE were a couple. Since they are working together in the same workplace, the two characters are trying their best to prevent the old romantic feelings from surfacing. If JESSE was still in love with her, it would be apparent.

I loved you once and I still love you, Jesse. But…

I love you too, but this has been hard for the both of us. I can’t move on, knowing that we are supposed to have a working relationship.

You’re right. It’s not that simple.

Why don’t we just forget about the pilots for now...let’s just talk about us.

But there is no us right now.

I know, but if only we could give this one last chance.

Stop asking me to give you another chance when I’ve given you chance after chance for you to make things right.

Shhhh…stop talking.

JESSE pushes LEAH against the wall and kisses her on the lips, with intense passion. LEAH pushes back.

(with a surprising look)
This is a mistake. We shouldn’t even do this.

Alright. So, what are the pilots do I need to schedule test groups for?

LEAH hands JESSE huge packets of reports.

Psych Med, Lucy, What’s Your Problem, the untitled President’s Daughter sequel, Plastic, Sorority Sisters, the untitled science fiction project, and Marietta.

Sounds like a good crop. I’ll schedule for test groups for these.

Sounds good.

LEAH exits. JESSE then sits at his desk and takes the stack of pilot reports. He then reads them carefully, page by page. He is puzzled, when he comes to the report for Psych Med. He is intrigued.


Why not we just chill during lunch?

Kasey, I don’t think we have any time.

Why not?

There is an executives’ meeting in about fifteen minutes.

Fifteen minutes?!?

Yeah, fifteen minutes. We might as well get our stuff together before…

LEAH looks at her watch.

...we need to hurry up and head to the office right at this very moment.


Ash wants to see us in his office before we have this meeting.

Well, let’s go.

KASEY and LEAH rush out of the office.


JESSE walks out of his office, and notices the two women (KASEY and LEAH) in a hurry. Drips of perspiration streams down his face. The three characters meet in a sense of urgency.

What is going on, ladies?

(stressed out to the max)
We are going to be late for this meeting. It’s important.

Oh no! I need to go grab my pilot reports.

We don’t have time!

Of course we do. We have fifteen minutes!

JESSE rushes back into his office.

JESSE rushes towards his desk for the reports. Suddenly, papers are flying everywhere, and some flew out of the open window.
(screams out)
Oh crap! Where are the reports?

LEAH rushes into the room. She gasps in horror.

What is going on here?

LEAH notices the piles of papers on the floor. She is noticeably mortified.
(in anger)
What is this?

The test group reports. They fell out of my desk as I was getting them together.

LEAH then sighs.

(picks up the papers)
I’m picking the papers up right now.

After picking up the papers, JESSE starts crying hysterically.

They are gone! Most of the pilots’ test group results were gone. All we have left is Psych Med and Marietta…

(in distress)
This would have never happened if you weren’t such in a freaking hurry.

What are we going to do?
Well, I guess you will have to lie about having a bad development season.

Why would I lie about something like that?

Just like you lied throughout our whole relationship.

As if it was the worst thing I ever did. Leah, you had a part in this break up, too, you know.

That’s not even the worst part. You cheated on me with some chick you met at a bar. You made the choice to throw away everything we have and were. After five years!

Look, calm down. Five years is a long time to ever be in a relationship. But please do not drag my girlfriend into this.

Oh really? The one who is a product of passion and lust? You had to trade years of love and respect over that? I can’t believe you!

Let’s just get back to work. What do I need to tell him again?

That there was a bad development season.

That is what I may have to do, but don’t blame me when this network goes down in the ratings.

LEAH and JESSE exit. Would ASH be disappointed? Would his job be on the line? Would his job be placed in the dumpster fire? The reports flew out the window due to his rushed planning. He was not very organized. What results are the papers flying out the window like the witches from Hocus Pocus on broomsticks. Imagine that!



WRITTEN BY: Jessica Boggs
CREATED BY: Jessica Boggs

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