Fresh Off the Boat S2E13 Review

Albert Tsai returns to Fresh Off the Boat this week.

S2E13 "Phil's Phaves"

At the start of the episode, Louis has bought a new computer. Evan quickly looks up Cattleman's Ranch, which is pretty funny. He discovers that Cattleman's Ranch received a review that gave it a B minus. The family's reaction to this is hilarious. Evan hilariously understands the internet a lot more than his parents. Eddie calls his girlfriend, but the call goes wrong, and he decides that he should express himself to her through a mixtape. Louis and Jessica make the restaurant more fun, and then the reviewer shows up, who turns out to be the other Asian kid.

Louis and Jessica try to convince the boy to change his review because they are both Asian, but he wants to receive good service. Eddie has to switch partners in his science class, and gets stuck with the girl with a crush on him. Jessica and Louis talk with the boy's mom, and Louis steals the mouse, thinking that will keep him from updating the website, which is hilarious. Eddie's mixtape falls into the wrong hands. Jessica and Louis discover the updated website, so they recruit Evan to make a website.

Jessica and Evan create a website, where Jessica gives Phillip F's in multiple categories, which is really funny. Eddie creates another mixtape, an intentionally bad one, and it ends up getting played for his class. Jessica and Louis learn about "cyber-teasing", and Phillip dramatically tells everyone about what happened to him. Jessica eventually admits that she is behind the website. Also, there is a funny joke about the cyber-crime division. Eddie apologizes to his girlfriend, and he plays music for her.

Jessica and Louis's storyline was hilarious. Eddie's was mediocre. Overall, it was a really good episode.

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