The Goldbergs S3E14 Review

I remember the first time I saw an adult movie in the cinema. I went for 22 Jump Street just a few months before my 18th birthday. I am such a badass.

S3E14 "Lainey Loves Lionel"
Adam wants to go watch Porky, an infamous 1981 sex comedy, but Beverly tells him he cannot go because it's an adult movie. After hearing how Adam's friends went to go watch Porky, Murray tells Adam to stop being a wuss and help Adam sneak into the theatre to watch the movie. Unfortunately, being the super smother she is, Beverly catches Adam and grounds him despite Murray telling him to break the rules, meaning he can't talk to Dana on Valentine's day. In an act of defiance, Adam sneaks out of the house and goes to the airport so he can go to Seattle and Be with Dana. But Adam wusses out and comes back home, receiving scoldings from Beverly and Murray, who thought it was a foolish move.
However, despite being grounded, Adam sneaks into his treehouse to talk to Dana on Valentine's night, not knowing that Beverly was letting him have fun for a while before she catches him

Meanwhile, Barry tries to get Lainey the perfect gift while Erica tries to constantly dismiss Jeff's acts of love. Inspired by the Lionel Ritchie song "Hello" Barry tries to make a bust of Lainey's head but all the heads he makes turn out to be horrifying. Erica tries to make him stop but Lainey finds them and tells Barry she was happy with the effort he put in to show his love to her.

 I felt this episode had focused on Adam more than the other siblings. It felt like The Goldbergs was having a 'Smallville' type situation where Adam's character was altered for this episode. He's always been rebellious but in this episode he was afraid of his mother which felt weird. My favourite thing about this episode was the constant use of the song 'Hello', whenever Barry showed off his busts. Apart from that, this was an alright episode.

Quote of the week: "Okay that was a fantastic example, but this thing is beyond disturbing"

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