Teachers S1E7 Review

Freedom of speech has always been a controversial topic. Even in small social circles, this freedom can be limited. This episode is an example of blocking free speech.

S1E7 "Bad Tweeter"

This episode begins with Chelsea posting a raunchy tweet on Twitter which leads to her getting suspended by the principal. Cecilia tries to stand up for her but she gets suspended as well for being too annoying. After this Mary-Louise tries to bring back Chelsea, even though she had already run off to a wine tasting retreat. She goes to talk to the principal but then ends up revealing all the other weird things the teachers do in their free time. This causes the others to panic and get Cecilia to help them. Cecilia tries to organise a protest but the principal finds out and suspends all of them.In retaliation, Cecilia finds some dirt on the principal and uses it as leverage to lift everyone's suspensions. Upon finding about this, Chelsea sends out another raunchy tweet just so she doesn't have to go back to work.

In Storyline B, Caroline enlists AJ's help in dealing with a shy student. AJ helps the girl open up but she soon starts insulting everyone, including Caroline. AJ then steps up and puts the little girl in her place by scaring her with a weird story about otters. If that little girl spoke the way she did in my country, she would get 2 beatings and a slap to the face by any random person. 

This episode was pretty good. It was interesting to learn some new things about the teachers like, how Deb is a Wicca. I could relate to this episode since censorship is a part of daily life in my country.
Cecilia was once again annoying but she saved the others so she was okay in this episode.
Once again, AJ was the highlight of this episode.

Quote of the week: " I don't wanna be a prison otter's b**ch. I'm sorry.

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