CBS Renew/Cancel 9/21/20-2/26/21: Mom and NCIS: New Orleans Bid Adieu as Bobishola and The Neighborhood Hang Out


The late start of the season means the renewals and axings are a bit delayed for the 2020-21 season.  CBS started the game a solid 5-9 weeks later than usual for several shows.  But CBS has always been fairly prompt handing out passes and pink slips in early 2021.  Without hesitation (and overdue anticipation), The Neighborhood and Bob Hearts Abishola were handed deserved renewals.  This is promising as sitcoms are disintegrating off the schedule this season as ratings sink and sports and football are raking in the higher ratings.  The Neighborhood successfully became CBS' first show to earn a solid 1.0 rating without Football Inflation as well as a strong following.  

And delightfully following is an updated rom-com with Bobishola (that damn heart makes for difficult titling!).  Both are ultra-compatible and also potentially hold the key to restoring CBS' Monday sitcom lineup which was destroyed twice in the late 2010's.  From 1986-2014, CBS always boasted strong sitcoms and had 4 on display.  That changed as heavy players either migrated to Thursdays or faded out.  From 2015-16, there were zero sitcoms on display for Monday evenings, the first time since 1951 a laugher wasn't on the schedule that evening.  Both were predicted as Certain Renewals.

Sadly, CBS also announced longstanding series Mom and NCIS: New Orleans were checking out.  The writing was on the wall after Anna Faris left before Season 8 of Mom began, and NCIS: New Orleans moved to the 10pm timeslot on Sundays (often a sign a series was in its last lap).  Prior seasons displayed solid for NCIS: NO moving the opinion of the R/C to lean a Likely Renewal, and last season's configuration had NCIS: Los Angeles in the hot seat at 10:00, creating concern as it holds 5 more seasons.  Last fall, CBS announced development of NCIS: Hawaii, indicating perhaps space was needed.  After Equalizer displayed strong results, NCIS: New Orleans had to go.

As for Mom, it is a pity it is ending as it is on a creative upswing due to the talents of Allison Janney and the fiery energy Kristen Johnston added to the cast.  However, Janney stated in an interview with Ellen Degeneres the feel was never the same after Anna Faris left.  Whether people liked Faris' Christy or not, she is missed by the cast and crew.  It is saddening to see go out in good shape, but far better than exiting well past their expiration dates (think of Family Guy and The Simpsons).  And hope Johnston is handed an opportunity for a spinoff or another series.

The Equalizer made an underwhelming debut post-Superbowl.  However, it roared back to solid in-season ratings in episode 2, making it a Certain Renewal despite losing a tenth the following week.  Kudos to CBS for locating a show to carry them into the next era despite it is another reboot of an 80's show.  Elsewhere, Clarice is holding slow and steady on Thursdays.  The ratings are in the lower reaches of the dramas on CBS but also housed in a difficult timeslot at 10:00 behind a failing sitcom.  For now, Clarice is a Likely Renewal.

The remaining 3 series not in the Likely Renewal or Certain Renewal are in opportune spaces for next season's pilots.  The Unicorn failed to retain a softened Mom's ratings, and too many other sitcoms are succeeding in updating CBS' brand.  Mom's exit also beckons the question if CBS will hock the 9:00 hour on Thursdays as it no longer possesses megahits to populate the minimum 2 successful sitcoms in a block of 4.  Which leads to All Rise's mediocre delivery.  It is not the lowest-rated drama on the radar.  However, there is a steep drop after the ultra-successful Neighborhood/Bobishola lead-in.  As in they hemorrhage tenths off of soft or high-rated evenings.  

Bull has the political star favor of Michael Wetherly, so next to go may be All Rise.  Bob Hearts Abishola has become a visible entry in the lineup, and CBS may consider sliding back 30 minutes and opening the floor for more sitcoms  to return.  Elsewhere, SWAT performs best when paired with SEAL Team.  It rates on the lower end of the lineup, and Wednesday has become a weakened evening against FOX and NBC.  Stay turned as the undetermined areas of the table grow narrower and shows are renewed or cancelled.

Bar Exam Season 3 Episode 8: New Computers Act


Amazon Prime Video Renew/Cancel: A Prediction On Tell Me Your Secrets On A Streaming Service Dominated by The Expanse


Friday TV Ratings 2/26/21: Shark Tank Holds Steady in First, The Blacklist Slips

Final numbers and analysis to come.

Put Me In Season 3 Episode 2: Throwing Practice


Thursday Cable Ratings 2/25/21: NBA Leads, Go-Big Show Slips, Tucker Carlson Tops Cable News

Below are the top 25 programs on cable on Thursday, 2/25/21. Items of note include Impractical Jokers on TruTV, Grown-ish on Freeform and Go-Big Show on TBS.

(Note: Click the names of the shows written in purple or blue to be taken to their pages in the TV Ratings Guide Cable Database.)

Off Topic - March 2021

It's nearly a new month, which means it's time for a new Off-Topic! It's March, so this thread will be enhanced by the luck o' the Irish! Good luck everyone, and let's get talking!

Thursday TV Ratings 2/25/21: Mr. Mayor and The Hustler Slip for Finales, SVU and Hell’s Kitchen Also Slip, Young Sheldon and B Positive Rise (UPDATED)

Preliminary Analysis: NBC's 'Mr. Mayor' (0.4) lost a tenth for its season finale, dropping to a new series low at the worst moment imaginable. Barring an upward adjustment in finals, this is a particularly sour note for the Ted Danson sitcom to go out on. Later in the night, 'Superstore' (0.4) held steady in its return while 'Law & Order: SVU' (0.6) inched down. The 10pm edition of 'Dateline' (0.4) was a tenth shy of week-ago occupant 'The Widower' (0.49). The news was much more positive on CBS as 'Young Sheldon' (0.9) gained a tenth and tied its season high. Comedies 'B Positive' (0.7), 'Mom' (0.6), and 'The Unicorn' (0.5) were all at high-end levels as well. 'Clarice' remained frozen at last week's 0.4 rating at 10. On ABC, 'Celebrity Wheel of Fortune' (0.8) and 'The Hustler' finale (0.4) were both down by a tenth while 'The Chase' (0.6) was stable in the middle. After six-straight weeks of garnering a 0.7 rating, 'Hell's Kitchen' (0.6) fell to a new season low on Fox. Despite the slippage, 'Call Me Kat' (0.5) and 'Last Man Standing' (0.4) were unchanged on a week-to-week basis. The CW housed reruns of 'Walker' (0.1) and 'Legacies' (0.1). 

Finals Update: Young Sheldon (+0.1), Mom (+0.1), Mr. Mayor (+0.1), Superstore (+0.1), Law & Order: SVU (+0.1), Hell's Kitchen (+0.1), Last Man Standing (+0.1) and the repaet of Walker (+0.1) adjusted up.

Our House Season 3 Episode 12 - Our Bensonhurst (Part 2)

Our House Season 3, Episode 12
Our Bensonhurst (Part 2)

NBC Renew/Cancel Week 12: Week Two Slippage Leaves Kenan on Thin Ice

NBC's Tuesday sitcom lineup enters its second week, and changes in their ratings makes for a prediction change. Which show is moving? Keep reading to see!

The CW Renew/Cancel Part 3: Superman & Lois Looks Super

The CW has been busy since our last renew/cancel update! Aside from a mass renewal, they also debuted a new series very recently. Read on for my thoughts on Superman & Lois.

Wednesday Cable Ratings 2/24/21: Snowfall Returns Near Series Low, Resident Alien Hits Series High, Maddow Leads Cable News as Tucker Goes Low

Below are the top 25 programs on cable on Wednesday, 2/24/21. Items of note include the season premiere of Snowfall on FX, Good Trouble on Freeform, Resident Alien on Syfy.

(Click the names of the shows written in teal or blue to be taken to their pages in the TV Ratings Guide Cable Database.)

Wednesday TV Ratings 2/24/21: American Housewife Rises for 100th Episode, Name That Tune Stable for 8 PM airing, For Life Ends Steady (UPDATED)

Preliminary Analysis: The ABC Wednesday lineup was entirely in originals for the first time in a few weeks, with bottom-of-the-hour sitcoms 'American Housewife' (0.6) and 'Call Your Mother' (0.5) showing the most promise. 'Housewife' was up a tenth from its last episode while 'Call Your Mother' rose by two-tenths to its highest rating since the premiere (0.53). 'The Goldbergs' (0.6) and 'The Conners' (0.6) remained flat, as did the season finale of 'For Life' (0.3) at 10. With 'The Masked Dancer' out of the picture, Fox went with a double-pump of 'Name That Tune' (0.5/0.6). The musical game-show had its strongest performance since January for the 9pm episode. On CBS, 'Tough As Nails' (0.5) matched its previous installment and led into low-rated encores of 'SEAL Team' (0.3) and 'SWAT' (0.2). NBC's 'One Chicago' trio (0.5/0.5/0.4) was in repeat-mode as well. The CW got a little weaker as 'Riverdale' (0.1) lost a tenth at 8, 'Nancy Drew' was frozen at 0.1 once more. 

Finals Update: The Goldbergs (+0.1), the repeat of SWAT (+0.1) and Riverdale (+0.1) adjusted up.

American Housewife - Season 5, Episode 10 Review - Getting Frank with the Ottos

AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE hits a milestone 100 episodes with "Getting Frank with the Ottos," one of the zestiest episodes in a long while.  Beleaguered by cast changes, behind-the-scene scandals, time slot changes and indifferent ratings, the show needed to hit one out of the park, and they did with a cleverly structured story that brought the best and funniest out of the family.  

Franklin (Evan O'Toole) wants to do something special for his 100th podcast, aptly called "Getting Frank with Franklin" so he decides to interview each member of the Otto household. But before you can say "George Stephanopoulos" the Ottos uncomfortably discover that Franklin's friendly podcast interview turns into an ambush gotcha segment.

Greg is lambasted for not having any backbone, especially as his election battle heats up. Oliver and Cooper - interviewed together, by the way - are criticized for being too dependent on each other.  Taylor, agonizing between boyfriend Trip (Peyton Meyer) and TA Andre (Chibuikem Uche) is called a 'ho.' And Katie is cut down for being a bad, discouraging mother. Katie, of course, blames this in turn on her own mother, Kathyrn (Wendie Malick).

What works in this episode? Pretty much everything. It's great to see family members interact with each other at long last.  The past episodes had the new Anna-Kat actress silo'd, but here she and Franklin team up as the podcast inquisitors. There are some fun surprise cameos and a flashback scene that will demand Malick get her own series. 

This is also one of few episodes where the show is coyly self-aware: Oliver calls his friendship with Cooper "Cooliver" (using a much used Internet fan term for the could-be couple) and describes himself to Coop as "your boy." Taylor's relationship with Trip gets some blunt advice from grandma Kathryn, "The best time to go job-hunting is when you already have a job." And in a poke at the fourth wall right into some ABC exec's eyes, Katie tells Franklin, "It doesn't matter what time slot you're in, your fans will always follow."

Yeah, that's the stuff!

Next week will be the last episode of a shortened season.

Harrison Cheung is the author of the award-winning biography of Christian Bale (BenBella Books) and a contributor to Brave New Hollywood and The TV Ratings Guide.

Tuesday Cable Ratings 2/23/21: Queen Sugar and The Oval Collapse in Week 2, The Misery Index Soars to Season High, Maddow Remains First in Cable News, BTS Unplugged Does OK

Below are the top 25 programs on cable on Tuesday, 2/23/21. Items of note include Queen Sugar on OWN, The Misery Index on TBS, and The Oval on BET.

(Note: Click any show with its name in green or blue to be taken to its page in the TV Ratings Guide Cable Ratings Database.)

Tuesday TV Ratings 2/23/21: Superman & Lois Starts Below Walker, Young Sheldon and Kenan Have Large Drops, Nurses Ends Steady Behind Fractional This Is Us (UPDATED)

Preliminary Analysis: The series premiere of 'Superman & Lois' (0.3) began on solid footing by CW standards but fell a bit short of what 'Walker' (0.37) garnered in January. Nonetheless, seeing a number above a 0.1 rating on this netlet is a rather impressive feat. A 'Legacy of Hope' special (0.3) followed the 'Superman' debut at 9:30. Over on NBC, it was an absolute bloodbath as new sitcoms 'Young Rock' (0.7) and 'Kenan' (0.5) each lost three-tenths after their strong starts from last week. Although 'Rock' still remains in respectable territory, 'Kenan' will have to stop the slippage fast to strengthen its renewal chances. 'This Is Us' (0.9) took a two-tenth dip and dropped to a new low at 9 while 'Nurses' (0.3) held even for its 10pm finale. ABC's 'Black-ish' (0.5) inched down as 'Mixed-ish' (0.4) tied its week-ago episode in the 9pm hour. The two sitcoms were sandwiched by an 8pm and 10pm edition of 'To Tell the Truth' (0.5/0.4). The latter was down markedly from its previous outing (0.65). CBS had repeats of 'NCIS' (0.4), 'FBI' (0.3), and FBI: Most Wanted' (0.3) that trounced Fox's 'Resident' (0.2) and 'Prodigal Son' (0.2) encores. 

Finals Update: 'Young Rock' (0.8, +0.1), the 8pm 'To Tell the Truth' (0.6, +0.1), 'Superman & Lois' (0.4, +0.1), 'Kenan' (0.6, +0.1), 'This Is Us' (1.0, +0.1), and repeats of 'The Resident' (0.3, +0.1), 'NCIS' (0.5, +0.1) and 'FBI' (0.5, +0.1) all adjusted up. The 'Legacy of Hope' special (0.2, -0.1) adjusted down.

Monday Cable Ratings 2/22/21: Spring Baking Championship Rises from 2020 Premiere, Snowpiercer Ticks Up, Rachel Maddow Leads Cable News

Below are the top 25 programs on cable on Monday, 2/22/21. Items of note include the premiere of Spring Baking Championship on Food, Snowpiercer on TNT, and Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News.

(Note: Click any show with its name in yellow or blue to be taken to its page in the TV Ratings Guide Cable Ratings Database.)

Sunday Cable Ratings 2/21/21: Allen v. Farrow Starts Weak, When Calls the Heart Returns Down, Last Week Tonight and American Gods Rise, 90 Day Fiancé Leads

Below are the top 25 programs on cable on Sunday, 2/21/21. Items of note include the series premiere of Allen v. Farrow on HBO, Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy on CNN, and the premiere of When Calls the Heart on Hallmark.

(Note: Click any show with its name in orange to be taken to its page in the TV Ratings Guide Cable Ratings Database.)

Saturday Cable Ratings 2/20/21: Mix Up in the Mediterranean Modest on Hallmark, College Basketball Leads, Bridesmaids Solid for A&E

Below are the top 25 programs on cable on Saturday, 2/20/2021. Items of note include College Basketball on ESPN, Mix Up in the Mediterranean on Hallmark, and Bridesmaids on A&E.

(Note: Click the name of any show with its title in red to be taken to its page in the TV Ratings Guide Cable Ratings Database.)

Monday TV Ratings 2/22/21: Ellen’s Game of Games Slips for Double Episode, The Neighborhood, Bob Hearts Abishola and All Rise Slide After Week Off, The Bachelor Also Down (UPDATED)


Preliminary Analysis: ABC's lineup took a sizable hit as 'The Bachelor' (1.2) lost two-tenths and 'The Good Doctor' (0.5) ticked down to brand-new series low. 'The Bachelor' was essentially on-par with its season low from January 11th (1.17). Fresh off their renewals, 'The Neighborhood' (0.8) and 'Bob Hearts Abishola' (0.6) shed two-tenths apiece on CBS. Dramas 'All Rise' (0.4) and 'Bull' (0.4) were only a tenth below their previous episodes at 9pm and 10pm. On NBC, a double dose of 'Ellen's Game of Games' (0.5/0.6) was a good bit behind last week's episode (0.65). 'The Wall' (0.5) managed to hold steady at 10. Fox's '9-1-1' (1.0) tied its previous installment while '9-1-1: Lone Star' (0.8) inched down. 'All American' (0.2) fell by a tenth but 'Black Lightning' (0.1) matched its week-ago outing on the CW.

Finals Update: The Bachelor (+0.1), The Good Doctor (+0.1), Bob Hearts Abishola (+0.1), Ellen's Game of Games (+0.1) and 9-1-1 (+0.1) adjusted up.

ABC Renew/Cancel Week 14: Big Sky is a Big Hit

Big Sky entered hiatus last week after a string of highly-rated episodes. This week on the ABC Renew/Cancel, I dig a bit deeper into one of the strongest new shows of the season.

Friday Cable Ratings 2/19/21: RuPaul’s Drag Race and Secrets of Sulphur Springs Tick Up, Gold Rush Tops NBA for the Win, Tucker Carlson Leads Weaker Cable News

Below are the top 25 programs on cable on Friday, 2/19/21. Items of note include Secrets of Sulphur Springs on Disney, and RuPaul's Drag Race on VH1.

(Note: Click the name of any show with its title in purple or blue to be taken to its page in the TV Ratings Guide Cable Ratings Database.)

Thursday Cable Ratings 2/18/21: NBA Dominates, Cuomo Prime Time Takes Cable Lead, Go-Big Show Rises, Impractical Jokers and Grown-Ish Steady

Below are the top 25 programs on cable on Thursday, 2/18/21. Items of note include Impractical Jokers on TruTV, Grown-ish on Freeform and Go-Big Show on TBS.

(Note: Click the names of the shows written in purple or blue to be taken to their pages in the TV Ratings Guide Cable Database.)

Sunday TV Ratings 2/21/21: The Simpsons and The Great North Return Down, Cherries Wild and Bless the Harts Bomb, American Idol and The Equalizer Slip (UPDATED)

Preliminary Analysis: Fox's traditional Sunday lineup was back for the first time in over two months but there was simply nothing to write home about. The series premiere of game show 'Cherries Wild' (0.2) bombed out the gate in the 7pm hour while a reshuffled 'Bless the Harts' (0.2) crashed to a new series low for its 7:30 debut. Veteran sitcoms 'The Simpsons' (0.5), 'Bob's Burgers' (0.5), and 'Family Guy' (0.5) were either at or near their lows but remained relatively on-par with their non-NFL deliveries from the fall. In the midst, newcomer 'The Great North' (0.4) had a resoundingly mediocre  timeslot premiere, losing a tenth from its 'Simpsons' lead-in and dropping well below its first (0.7) and second (2.1) preview.

On ABC, 'American Idol' (1.0) lost two-tenths from its week-ago return (1.17) while 10pm drama 'The Rookie' (0.5) shed a tenth. 'AFV' (0.8) seemed immune to the slippage in the 7pm hour, matching its previous episode and tying its season high. CBS's 'The Equalizer' (0.7) fell by two-tenths after a promising start. Surrounding programs '60 Minutes' (0.7), 'NCIS: Los Angeles' (0.6), and 'NCIS: New Orleans' (0.5) all lost a tenth. NBC had encores of 'Weakest Link' (0.3), 'The Wall' (0.3), and the final installment of 'Dateline' drama 'The Widower' (0.4). The CW held steady with 'Batwoman' (0.1) and 'Charmed' (0.1)

Finals Update: The Rookie (+0.1), The Equalizer (+0.1), NCIS: New Orleans (+0.1), Cherries Wild (+0.1) and Bless the Harts (+0.1) adjusted up.

Saturday TV Ratings 2/20/21: Saturday Night Live Holds Steady, Weakest Link Repeat Tops NBA (UPDATED)

Ratings Analysis: With host Regé-Jean Page and musical guest Bad Bunny, 'Saturday Night Live' posted a 1.20 A18-49 rating at 11:30, matching last week's installment in the process. Repeats of 'Ellen's Game of Games' (0.29), 'Weakest Link' (0.34), and 'SNL Vintage' (0.35) led into the main attraction. ABC's 'Heat v. Lakers' NBA game (0.59) was about a tenth lower than the week-ago 'Nets v. Warriors' one (0.70) but was still the highest-rated broadcast in primetime. The game led out of an 8pm 'NBA Countdown special (0.28). CBS went with reruns of 'NCIS: Los Angeles' (0.26) and '48 Hours' (0.27) that led into an original '48 Hours' (0.36) at 10. Fox was once more uncompetitive with encores of '9-1-1' (0.13) and 'Name That Tune' (0.20). 

Finals Update: SNL Vintage (+0.1), 48 Hours (+0.1), NBA: Heat v. Lakers (+0.2) and repeats of NCIS: Los Angeles (+0.1) and 48 Hours (+0.1) adjusted up. Repeats of Ellen's Game of Games (+0.1) and Weakest Link (-0.2) adjusted down.

Bar Exam Season 3 Episode 7: Bumpy Road Act


Friday TV Ratings 2/19/21: MacGyver and Magnum PI Hold Steady, Shark Tank and 20/20 Slip (UPDATED)

Preliminary Analysis: ABC was down a tenth with 'Shark Tank' (0.6) and '20/20' (0.5) but 'Tank' continued to be the top-rated program. 'WWE Smackdown' (0.5) also shed a tenth on Fox while 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' (0.2) and 'Penn & Teller' (0.1) held even on The CW. 'MacGyver' (0.5) and 'Magnum PI' (0.5) were flat on CBS as 'Blue Bloods' (0.4) went into repeat-mode at 10. Night two of 'Dateline' crime show 'The Widower' (0.4) was a tenth shy of Thursday's debut on NBC. Its 'Blacklist' lead-in (0.3) inched down at 8.

Finals Update: Shark Tank (+0.1), WWE SmackDown (+0.1), MacGyver (+0.1), Magnum PI (+0.1) and The Blacklist (+0.1) adjusted up.