The Bullpen Season 2 Episode 20: Playoff Game #2

Kurt: long-term reliever-turned starting pitcher
Lorenzo: middle-relief pitcher
Jason: bullpen coach
Robert: 8th inning/setup pitcher
Bryan: closer
Eli: left-handed specialist

Lorenzo: I’m pitching today.
Kurt: No you’re not. Or is this one of those things where you think that if you picture something happening, it comes true?
Lorenzo: It works. And no. I’m pitching today.
Bryan: I’m confused. Are you delusional or just joking? It’s hard to tell with you sometimes.
Eli: Sounds like both to me. Lorenzo likes to have a good time but he also thinks he has potential to be a good pitcher.
Lorenzo: Eli, I know I’m not a good pitcher, I just like to ask every game to make sure I’m not pitching. And today, they told me I am.
Robert: I don’t think you understand, our team needs to win this game if they want to keep playing. Why would they put you in, even if the game is a blowout? Don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re the team’s 6th-best pitcher at best.
Bryan: They must be trying to lose. I bet some of our teammates have money on our team losing!
Kurt: Guys, why are we coming up with conspiracy theories when common sense says he’s not pitching?
Robert: Here comes Jason, he can shut down this rumor right away.
Eli: Hey Jason!
Jason: What? Why are you saying hi to me, when have we ever greeted one another when we arrived?
Kurt: Let me try. Jason, Lorenzo has these guys thinking he’s actually going to pitch today.
Jason: He is. He’s starting.
Kurt: What?
Jason: He is.
Kurt: I heard you, I meant why?
Jason: They didn’t want to have an actual starter pitch today if they didn’t have to.
Eli: But Lorenzo sucks. We all suck.
Jason: That’s not true, Kurt is mediocre-to-decent now.
Kurt: Hold on. He’s starting??!!
Lorenzo: No way, I’m starting?! Even I know that makes no sense.
Jason: Just get out there and do your best.
Lorenzo: Can I bring a snack with me?
Jason: I don’t think there’s a clear rule against it...
Lorenzo: So yes. Anyone have a frozen hot dog?
Eli: Why would any of us have frozen hot dogs?
Lorenzo: I’m flag down the hot dog guy myself. They come frozen now. Budget cuts.
(Lorenzo walks up to the mound with a frozen hot dog in his hand. He gets ready to throw the first pitch and hears the crowd chanting “Fatty”.)
Jason: Wow, this is a tough crowd.
Eli: Guess that’s what happens when we’re not playing at home.
Bryan: Should we do something?
Kurt: What’s there to do? Lorenzo just can’t let this get to his head.
Robert: Oh, he’s letting it get to his head. The batter’s head, that is.
Jason: He’s wild out there, he’s almost hit the guy twice now!
Kurt: Is he eating the hot dog now?
Jason: Uh oh. That’s not going to help with the chants.
Eli: He can’t throw a strike as it is. Poor Lorenzo, he doesn’t deserve this.
Robert: That ball looked hard hit.
Bryan: Did I just see that happen?
Jason: What?
Bryan: A triple play! Lorenzo got out of the inning!
Kurt: How did that happen?!
(Lorenzo comes running back to the bullpen.)
Jason: I’m so sorry Lorenzo.
Lorenzo: What?
Eli: Did you not hear the crowd chanting Fatty at you?
Lorenzo: Oh yeah! How cool was that?! The crowd acknowledged me!
Kurt: Seriously, is it not registering with you that they’re trying to fat-shame you?
Lorenzo: Why, do they think I don’t know I’m heavier than the average baseball player? Now if they broke some bad news to me, that would be a whole different thing.
Jason: How would they break bad news to you before you knew it? Don’t your family and friends keep you in the loop?
Lorenzo: There was that one time they canceled my favorite show. Me and Patty would watch it together every week.
Kurt: Who’s Patty?
Lorenzo: Oh, Patty’s what I call the hamburger I eat every time I watched it. Good stuff.
Bryan: Of course it is.
Jason: So Lorenzo, what’s been your strategy so far?
Lorenzo: Easy. I throw a slowball, they hit it. Then I take a bite of my frozen hot dog and repeat the process.
Robert: What’s a slowball?
Lorenzo: It’s basically a fastball, except slow.
Robert: How is that thrown?
Lorenzo: Slowly. Really, the fastest I can pitch since I have no velocity.
Kurt: And then you hope they just hit it at someone?
Lorenzo: Not necessarily. I just hope the fielders catch enough of them to not score any runs.
Jason: Hold on, I’m getting a call...(On the phone) Hello? Yes. OK. Thanks. Bye. (Hangs up)
Jason: That was the team manager. Change of plans, they’re going with the actual starters for the rest of the game.
Lorenzo: Really?
Jason: I’m afraid so.
Lorenzo: I THREW A NO HITTER!!!!
Jason: Technically yes. You walked a couple guys, hit someone, and your pitches were all over the place, but yeah.
(Lorenzo walks onto the field, tipping his cap. The crowd boos. Not because of Lorenzo, but because of a called ball four against the home team.)
Kurt: Wow. A no hitter, and the crowd is booing for something unrelated to us.
Eli: Think we win the game?
Robert: Maybe. Maybe not.
Bryan: I’m sure the score will be online. Let’s get out of here.
Jason: OK, I guess it’s settled, we’re leaving the game.
Lorenzo: Is this our last game?
Jason: Who knows. If our team wins, we play again. If they lose, I’ll see you all when I see you.
Lorenzo: My restaurant, same place same time?
Jason: Sure. But again, that’s only if our team loses. If they win, we have to go to the game. Alright everyone?
Lorenzo: Alright.
Jason: You’re the only one still here, aren’t you?
Lorenzo: Yep.
Jason: Let’s leave.

Friday TV Ratings 10/18/19: Fresh Off the Boat and American Housewife Rise, Magnum PI and WWE Smackdown Drop

Final numbers to come.
18-49 Rating/Share
Viewers (mil)
8 PMFriday Night Smackdown0.7/42.44Fox

American Housewife0.6/33.32ABC

Hawaii Five-00.6/46.21CBS

The Blacklist0.4/33.51NBC

Charmed0.2/10.76The CW
8:30 PMFresh Off the Boat0.5/32.47ABC
9 PMDateline NBC0.5/33.17NBC

Magnum PI0.5/35.78CBS


Dynasty0.1/10.48The CW
10 PMBlue Bloods0.6/47.33CBS

Finally Apart Season 1 Episode 2: The New Guy


CATHERINE [thinking to herself]
Crap, I gotta get out of here. This CD player I bought it awful, I need another one. Do they make CD players that look different? Whatever, I need to just see.

CATHERINE leaves her apartment building and gets into her ride-sharing car. She walks into the store and goes over to the section of the store where she bought the other CD player. She's looking down at her phone.

Hey watch it!

A man, 30s, DANIEL, gives her a dirty look for almost walking into him.

You almost walked into me and I'm the one who's supposed to watch it?

Uh, yeah. No one gets in my way.

Excuse me for trying to buy some Britney CDs.

What's that now? 

You wouldn't care...but OK, between me and you, Britney's my favorite singer.

Mine too! Wait we're talking about the same Britney right?

The one who does all those Vegas shows?

Yeah, that one! This is so crazy! 

What are the odds that I find a fellow Britney fan who just nearly walks into me?

Actually fairly high, there are a lot of us.

[Laughs] So are you from around here?

Nah I live in...actually yeah, I am from around here now, just moved in. I could use some company too.

OK, but don't tell my wife!

Oh. Yeah, can't do that. Wow did I just say that?

I was joking! I'm separated. 

So no wife?

Nah. Funnily enough, I actually had two of my kids because of Britney songs.

Hey me too! Mine certainly were not planned.

Mine neither! Wow we have a lot in common already! Let's get out of here.

I just need to buy a new CD player, and ask you a question: did you ever love your wife?

Nah, we were just together for the kids. Eventually my nephew accidentally talked me out of the marriage.

Yeah I'm sorry, I can't do this.

What'd I say wrong? I'll make it up to you!

I didn't leave a guy to fall for one who's exactly the same as him.

Well if you change your mind here's my number.

I won't.

[CATHERINE exits the store, forgetting she had set out to buy a new CD player. She arrives back to her apartment unit.]

CATHERINE [thinking to herself]
Did I just dump a guy before we even went on the first date? What's the matter with me? Or am I maturing? Ew I don't want to mature. [She opens her wallet to put in a stray dollar bill she found in the elevator.] Wow do I not have any money. I need a job. 

Bless the Harts Renewed for a Second Season by FOX

Credit: FOX
In a bold but rather stunning move, FOX renewed Bless the Harts for a second season in a push for more animation on the network. Currently, Bless the Harts averages a 0.83 in the key adults 18-49 demographic, but without football, it averages a 0.64. Click here to view its full ratings page.

The renewal marks an incorrect prediction for the FOX Renew/Cancel column, because as of Wednesday, I predicted the show as leaning towards cancelation. I was not even confident on the show based on the ratings itself, but a miss is a miss and I may have to reevaluate on how to predict the fates of animated comedies from now on.

What do you think about the renewal news? Let us know in the comments below!

CW Renew/Cancel: Nancy Drew is Still Likely to be Renewed, Thank the Potential Profits

Welcome to the CW Renew/Cancel column, week 2! The CW is having a bad week, but no changes to the prediction table are coming. Here are this week's predictions.
All American
Certain Renewal
Black Lightning
Certain Renewal
Certain Renewal
Certain Renewal
Certain Renewal
The Flash
Certain Renewal
Likely Renewal
Likely Renewal
Likely Renewal
Nancy Drew
Likely Renewal
Final Season
Final Season
The 100
Final Season
Nancy Drew is in the headline this week, because it hit a 0.2 in the A18-49 demographic. Guess what, so did All American, Black Lightning, Riverdale, and Legacies. Outside of Supernatural, Arrow, Batwoman, Supergirl, and The Flash, no other CW show went above 0.2 in the key demographic Sunday-Thursday this week. Riverdale, Nancy Drew's lead in, as I mentioned before, hit a 0.2 this week. You can't blame Nancy Drew for not going any higher than that. Plus it's a CBS show. It's more likely to be the next candidate for a move to Friday night than get canceled and it is possible that Friday is lower than Nancy Drew would be this week. CW has bigger fish to fry than Nancy Drew at this point. Also, think of what a stacked season on the CW website can do for its bottom line, plus a summer streaming run on CBS All Access. The potential profits will likely maximize whatever low ratings the show gets. Nancy Drew is still likely to be renewed.

As for the rest of the shows that hit a 0.2, we may reevaluate come November sweeps, but right now, we don't have a clear picture on renewal or cancelation right now, unlike with the rest of the networks. I expect the CW to renew everything on this list that does not have an announced final season, but that could change when midseason comes.

What do you think about this week's predictions? Let us know in the comments below!

Off Topic -- Week 5 (2019-20 Season)

New week, new thread.

This week, we are highlighting two major decisions NBC pulled this week. Sunnyside was pulled from the schedule air the remaining episodes on NBC's website. It is going to be replaced by Will & Grace starting on October 24, just in time for November sweeps. The second decision, Bluff City Law is ending production and will be capped at 10 episodes, its initial order.

Without further ado, more news may be coming today or this week. Let's discuss away!

Thursday TV Ratings 10/17/19: Superstore 0.1 Away from Young Sheldon, Evil Hits New High

Final numbers to come.
18-49 Rating/Share
Viewers (mil)
8 PMThursday Night Football2.9/14

Grey's Anatomy1.2/65.73ABC

Young Sheldon0.9/57.75CBS


Supernatural0.3/21.16The CW
8:30 PMThe Unicorn0.7/45.38CBS

Perfect Harmony0.4/22.09NBC
9 PMMom0.8/45.76CBS

Million Little Things0.7/44.04ABC

The Good Place0.6/32.02NBC

Legacies0.2/10.85The CW
9:30 PMCarol's Second Act0.7/44.97CBS

10 PMEvil0.7/43.78CBS

Law & Order: SVU0.6/33.37NBC

How To Get Away with Murder0.5/22.20ABC

Writer’s Block - Episode 2.02 - Home Base

Writer’s Block
2x02 - “Home Base”

Written By:
Jessica Boggs



An old mansion sits in the heart of Malibu, right on the beach. 

The sun shines bright. It happens to be noon. 


Inside, Jack and Noah are sitting next to but far from each other on the sofa. 

Jack is on the computer while Noah sits by. 

The television is on. 

Noah stares at it as it appears that he is watching a sitcom. 

Uncle Peter, comes into the room, with his hair a ratted mess and a beer in his hand. 

Boys, do you have a minute? I need a hand in the kitchen. 

Noah and Jack look at each other and head into the kitchen. 


Jack and Noah then leave the kitchen to return to the living room. 

Annoyed, Noah then sits on the sofa and takes out his laptop.  

Peter returns to the living room. 

Jack, could you give me a beer out of the kitchen?

Okay, Uncle Peter. 

Jack then gets up and returns to the kitchen. 

Noah looks over. With an annoyed look, he returns to his work on the computer. 


Jack and Noah are back on the sofa. 

Jack turns to Noah.

Do we have any ideas for our next script?

I got nothing. But hear me out. 

And, you guessed it. Peter returns to the living room, even more disheveled and distressed than before. 

I need help over here!

Jack and Noah turn to each other. They then follow Peter over downstairs. 


Jack and Noah are back on the living room sofa. 

Noah then turns to Jack. 

We need to get away for a bit. How the hell are we supposed to get work done when your uncle needs this, and that?

Let’s go, but first we need to let him know first. 

They each get up and leave the living room. 


Fifth avenue is buzzing with pedestrians and traffic. 


A hip coffee shop sits on the outskirts of Beverly Hills. 

A car parks parallel to the coffee shop. 

Jack and Noah get out of the car. 


Once Jack and Noah enter, they run into Jill. 

Jill is cleaning tables. 

All of a sudden, she notices Jack and Noah. 

Jack and Noah stop in their tracks. 

Jack, Noah! I was wondering where you guys were up to. Missed you in the shabby apartment building. 

Rent was getting expensive. Noah and I are living with my uncle now. 

I’m glad your uncle is helping you out for the time being. Hope you got some new ideas. 

As of right now, we got none. 

Jill, shocked, motions Jack and Noah to a table. 

Coffee is on me. 

Thanks Jill! 

Peter is making us run ragged at the house since we moved there. 


Jill heads behind the counter to make the drinks. 

The machines start buzzing. 

Jack takes a pack of playing cards. 

Look, he’s having a rough time at the moment. Give him a chance. 

To do what? Grabbing beer? Cook? Fix the television? All while he sits and watch?

Jill returns to the table where Jack and Noah sit to bring them their drinks. 

Jack and Noah turn their attention to Jill. 

Look, I know it’s not much, but I’m willing to help you guys out in any way I can. 

Thanks Jill. 

Jack and Noah then proceed to drink the beverages. 

On next week’s episode, Will returns! 


WRITER’S BLOCK is one of The TV Ratings Guide's ORIGINAL SERIES, an exclusive feature of  The TV Ratings Guide.

WRITERS BLOCK is written and executive produced by Jessica Boggs and production is overseen by TVRGO as well as Boggs Productions. 


Wednesday TV Ratings 10/16/19: One Chicago Jumps for Crossover, Survivor and The Masked Singer Also Rise

Final numbers to come.
18-49 Rating/Share
Viewers (mil)
8 PMThe Masked Singer2.1/107.22Fox


Chicago Fire1.3/68.07NBC

The Goldbergs1.0/54.15ABC

Riverdale0.2/20.83The CW
8:30 PMSchooled0.8/43.43ABC
9 PMChicago Med1.4/78.83NBC

Modern Family1.0/54.19ABC

Almost Family0.7/42.48Fox

SEAL Team0.7/34.49CBS

Nancy Drew0.2/10.81The CW
9:30 PMSingle Parents0.7/42.81ABC
10 PMChicago PD1.4/78.63NBC