Monday Cable Ratings 1/25/21: Snowpiercer Returns Solidly but Near Series Low, WWE Raw Leads, CNN Sees Declines but Stays Dominant in Cable News

Below are the top 25 programs on cable on Monday, 1/25/21. Items of note include the season premiere of Snowpiercer on TNT, Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN, and The Salisbury Poisonings on AMC.

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The Blacklist Renewed for Season 9

It still is not time for The Blacklist to fade to black. The long-running NBC drama, now in its eighth season, will be back for a ninth next year. The series is a tepid performer in the Live+Same-Day 18-49 ratings, but it's a strong perfromer in delayed and digital viewing, which has allowed the show to continue for so many years. It first debuted in 2013 and has aired over 150 episodes. James Spader and Megan Boone star in the series, which has become a staple of NBC's Friday lineup. The Blacklist is produced by Sony and NBCUniversal and has aired three episodes of a TBA order this season.

Click here to find the ratings for Season 8 of The Blacklist.

CBS Renew/Cancel -- CBS Needs NCIS: LA To Keep Sundays Alive


Nielsen delays prevented data from being reported timely, resulting in CBS R/C having a lag for one week.  In that time, B-Positive outrated Mom and is upgraded to Likely Renewal.  The sitcom has been holding its own with fewer dips and even took on the rugged December schedule with sturdy results.  The same windfall cannot be granted to The Unicorn, CBS's 2nd-lowest-rated scripted program (as well as the 2nd-lowest sitcom of the 21 entries).  Elsewhere, NCIS: Los Angeles continues strong on a less-desired Sunday evening as its highest-rated drama.  The results of The Equalizer's post-Superbowl showing have yet to determine if the freshman drama will succeed as it takes NCIS: LA's timeslot after Superbowl.  It narrowly ranks above the network average, a win for the network as it is scheduled on a less desirable evening.  But NCIS: LA has proven an asset in its 12th season as it has retained leads LL Cool J and Erik Christian Olsen, the key to making the show click and succeed.  Unless one defects and leaves the series, NCIS: LA is a Likely Renewal.  These two stars bring the magic and interest of the coveted demographics and raise renewal odds.

If NCIS: Los Angeles perks your interest, take a moment and read the acclaimed article profiling the series' Season 12 Episode 9 REVIEW  courtesy of our beloved author A Virtual Scrawl.  The breakdown can bring viewers up to speed and the author has profiled the series extensively with their solid reviews.

Predictions are easy to spot on CBS as they seldom shake up their schedules like ABC and FOX.  Their Sundays are successfully stacked with comfort food procedurals, and Monday comedies are winning.  Tuesdays again stack the hours with formulated procedural franchises, and Thursdays remain committed to comedies despite noticeable drops.  And would anyone dare tinker with Friday's copping the network's sturdy procedurals?  Yes, Magnum PI and MacGyver shamelessly ripped off the 80's wonders, but have given their own narrative and succeed.  Where CBS needs to watch out is Monday and Wednesday procedurals.  Bull is low but steady, holding the marquee star Michael Wetherly as their draw.  And David Boreanaz does the same with SEAL Team.  

Where CBS is having trouble is SWAT again holds "a star" in its basket with Shemar Moore, but SWAT stinks the night up without SEAL Team bolstering it.  Over on Mondays, All Rise cannot blame its lead-in, as Bob Hearts Abishola is crushing in their delivery above the CBS average, as well as stacked against their competing sitcoms.  Both mentioned procedurals remain On the Bubble as they hold some marketability, but could be the first to go if CBS needs space.  The Equalizer, Clarice and Evil have yet to air and could change the game.  Over on the sitcom front, it is evident The Unicorn is circling the drain.  The other potential scheduling space lies in Mom, an 8th season veteran who lost one of its leads in 2020.  While performing strong, it could end if Allison Janney opts to walk away.

Sitcom Scorecard: January 17-21, 2021

 It is another week in paradise for the network's sitcoms.  Playing into Football Inflation wisely, FOX placed newbie The Great North (2.13) and struggling Family Guy (1.13) directly into the stadium and gave them healthy boosts on Sunday, January 17.  The Great North also holds the dubious honor of being not only the highest-rated sitcom episode of the season, but also the most successful of scripted series utilizing NF inflation for exposure.  CBS' 3rd season drama FBI came close this week with a 1.98 rating boost.  CBS delivered solid as usual on Monday, January 18 with The Neighborhood (0.80) and Bobishola (0.66), which tied its season high.  ABC took a bold stroke on Inauguration Day by scheduling The Conners (0.61) and freshman Call Your Mother (0.42) on Wednesday, January 20, resulting in new series lows for both.  

Thursday, January 21 delivered the most action on the sitcom front with CBS dominating the laughers as usual with their sitcoms returning from icy December ratings and series lows.  Young Sheldon (0.81) grew 0.13, freshman B-Positive (0.66) grew 0.14, Mom (0.58) recovered 0.009 points, and The Unicorn (0.41) recovered 0.004.  The same blessings were not delivered to NBC or FOX sitcoms with most striking series lows.  On NBC, Mr. Mayor (0.51) clipped 0.002 off of the prior week, and outgoing Superstore (0.41) lost 0.007 of its ailing numbers.  On FOX, Call Me Cat (0.56) recovered 0.001 as it continues to sink from its Football Windfall debut, and ending Last Man Standing (0.44) lowered the bar 0.005 to its series low.

More sitcoms filing into the lineup brought changes to the chart with The Great North soaring to the front with a healthy boost.  It is likely going to be this chart's 1st place MVP well into March or potentially April.  FOX seems invested in the animated sitcom, leaving it predicted as a Certain Renewal.  The same cannot be stated for sophomore Bless The Harts, which has been displaced to develop The Great North and has remained absent for 2021 even on repeat Sundays and downgraded to Likely Cancellation.  The nail in the coffin is FOX has moved it to the dreaded 7:30 timeslot, notorious for pummeling new episodes.  The last series to take a battering here in the 2017-18 season was Bob's Burgers which rated as one of the lowest sitcoms that year.  

Over at ABC, Call Your Mother has failed to establish an audience and lowered the standards beyond Blackish's failed Wednesday scheduling in 2020.  Unless one of its aging series checks out by May, Call Your Mother is likely to be axed to make room for new life.  And CBS' The Unicorn continues to drown in its poor 9:30 timeslot on Thursdays.  New episodes being scheduled against a flood of sitcom repeats indicates CBS is likely burning off episodes to make way for other shows and The Unicorn is now a Certain Cancellation.

Another alarming reality is not a single sitcom will finish the season above the 1.0.  In the last season, The Conners, Modern Family, Young Sheldon and The Simpsons managed to break this boundary.  Young Sheldon took a battering with onset declines across the board, The Simpsons is on its way down without football bumps and The Conners shed a massive following in a move to Wednesday.  The trends from this chart show sitcoms are less in favor in this season and just exist.  The days of megahits like Young Sheldon, Modern Family and the Roseanne revival are long over.  FOX continues high and could retain the lead in its sitcom average, and CBS reclaimed 2nd place after jockeying with ABC for weeks.  Given Mixedish return tonight along with a weakened Blackish, the writing is on the wall ABC's tired laughers are in for some rough, low-rated waters.

Hulu Renew/Cancel: Renewal Predicted for PEN15

Drama Scorecard: January 10-22, 2021


Nielsen experienced delays from MLK Day weekend which trickled into the entire week, and thus why this anthology article series was delayed one week.  And what a pity, as FOX and CW added 10 dramas into the roster over a 2-week period.  Given fast-national ratings always use rounded tenth digits, they can be misleading and why TVRG is waiting until final digits add an extra hundredth space.  Good examples are CW's All American and Walker, who's fast-national rating was 0.4.  After the dust settled and final ratings came in, both registered respectable 0.39 and 0.37 entries.

Among the 10 new entries, FOX' 4th season of 9-1-1 entered high into the arena within 0.005 of NBC's collapsing This Is Us.  Next week should make the game interesting as 9-1-1's fast nationals demonstrated stability for it's 9-1-1 franchises.  Once shows deliver two episodes, their renewal offs are declared (and may change due to performance deeper into the season).  The 9-1-1 procedurals are surefire to renew, but the game will change with their two remaining procedurals.  4th season The Resident has been declared On the Bubble.  Debuting strong with a 0.65, it shed an entire tenth to a mediocre 0.55 entry in episode 2.  FOX has no reservations clipping a series short before reaching syndication thresholds, so the series had better watch out.  

As for Prodigal Son, the acclaim is there.  The cast is appealing, the writing crisp.  But its ratings are mediocre despite Tuesdays softening across the board.  It has registered as "Leans Cancellation" as schedule space is a premium on FOX due to NFL and foregoing the 10:00 timeslots.  FOX feasibly could open a fifth hour for dramas if they do away with Thursday night sitcoms, but they could also opt for new life with stronger performers.  As predicted, FOX blasted into the middle of the chart for Drama averages past a tired CBS into 3rd, reaching closer to ABC's 2nd place average.  Other changes for renewal predictions include NBC's Blacklist being downgraded to "Leans Cancellation."  The critically-lauded series is in its 8th season, and a troubling sign was NBC airing back-to-back repeats of freshman sitcom The Mayor in Blacklist's timeslot resulting in near-identical ratings.

For the remainder of the season, CW will dominate the Anemic range in the chart.  The 5th network seeks other avenues for profitability including online streaming and ignores conventional rules of renewing and cancelling series.  All American and Walker delivered stellar and impressive ratings.  Unlike CBS who's "stars" deliver forgettable procedural ratings, the power of Jared Padalecki is CW's go-to for solid entries.  Padalecki graced the lineup on Supernatural for 15 seasons on Supernatural, leaving a saddening hole in it's leaving the schedule.  Walker appears to have filled the void and will be declared next week.  Down below, the remains of CW delivered standard issue ratings.  Once-mighty Riverdale returned to disappointing ratings for its 5th season along with a lowered Nancy Drew.

Legacies delivered mediocre yet solid ratings, and Batwoman turned batshit to sugar in the difficult Sunday night timeslot.  Predicting renewal and cancellation on CW is difficult as the network opts for year-round programming and welcomes varieties of drama, and apparently low ratings.  The question remains as to how Pandora picked up its green renewal tag.  There are literally hundreds of cities who have more residents than Pandora has fans, but the network presses on.  Next week will feature the entry of Charmed, and February will populate the chart with more dramas debuting on CBS and CW.

Sunday Cable Ratings 1/24/21: Euphoria Special Bombs on HBO, 90 Day Fiancé and Real Housewives of Atlanta Rise

Below are the top 25 programs on cable on Sunday, 1/24/21. Items of note include the Euphoria special on HBO, 90 Day Fiancé on TLC, and American Gods on Starz.

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Saturday Cable Ratings 1/23/21: Salt-N-Pepa Strong for Lifetime, UFC Leads, A Winter Getaway Solid on Hallmark, Big City Greens Slips

Below are the top 25 programs on cable on Saturday, 1/23/2021. Items of note include Salt-N-Pepa on Lifetime, A Winter Getaway on Hallmark, and College Basketball on ESPN.

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Monday TV Ratings 1/25/21: The Neighborhood Hits New Season High, 9-1-1 and The Bachelor Hold Steady (UPDATED)

Preliminary Analysis: Fox had a phenomenal second week back as both '9-1-1' (1.2) and '9-1-1: Lone Star' (1.0) matched their January 18 debuts. ABC's 'The Bachelor' (1.4) remained a few ticks above that lineup, holding steady on a week-to-week basis. The reality juggernaut was followed by 'The Good Doctor' (0.7), the latter gained a tenth and tied its highest rating of the season. On CBS, 'The Neighborhood' (0.9) inched up to a new season high while 'Bob Hearts Abishola' (0.7), 'All Rise' (0.5), and 'Bull' (0.5) were all flat. 'Ellen's Game of Games' (0.6) shed a tenth on NBC but 'The Wall' (0.5) was frozen at last week's number. The peacock network closed their night with a repeat of recently-renewed 'Weakest Link' (0.5). 'All American' (0.3) lost a tenth from last week's stellar start and led into a 'Batwoman' rerun (0.1).

Finals Update: 'The Bachelor' (1.5, +0.1), 'The Neighborhood' (1.0, +0.1), 'Bob Hearts Abishola' (0.8, +0.1), 'Ellen's Game of Games' (0.7, +0.1), and 'The Wall' (0.6, +0.1) all adjusted up.

Marietta Season 3 Episode 13 - Papa Don’t Preach

Marietta Season 3 Episode 13
Papa Don't Preach

ABC Renew/Cancel Week 10: Is American Housewife in Trouble?

ABC had a busy day today, announcing numerous upcoming changes to their lineup. Keep reading to see if any of that news impacts my predictions!

Friday Cable Ratings 1/22/21: RuPaul’s Drag Race and Secrets of Sulphur Springs Slip, Gold Rush Tops NBA, CNN Keeps Cable News Lead

Below are the top 25 programs on cable on Friday, 1/22/21. Items of note include Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO, Secrets of Sulphur Springs on Disney, and RuPaul's Drag Race on VH1.

(Note: Click the name of any show with its title in purple or blue to be taken to its page in the TV Ratings Guide Cable Ratings Database.)  

Weakest Link Renewed by NBC

One of the highest-rated new shows of the season will be back for a second season. The Jane Lynch-hosted game show Weakest Link has been renewed today by NBC, a week before its first season is set to wrap. The show premiered in September to a strong 1.2 and remained a solid performer in its move to 10 PM, currently averaging 0.68. The series has aired twelve episdoes thus far of a thirteen-episode order. This is a correct prediction for The TV Ratings Guide.
Ratings for Season 1 of The Weakest Link can be found here.

ABC Announces Midseason/Spring Premiere Dates

ABC has announced a slew of premiere dates for its upcoming spring series, including the return of its all-drama night and premieres of a new comedy, drama and reality show.

Sunday TV Ratings 1/24/21: FBI Has OK Airing Behind AFC Championship Game, The Rookie Slips but Still Doubles Card Sharks, Charmed Returns Low (UPDATED)

Preliminary Analysis: CBS posted a monstrous 9.9 rating with their broadcast of the AFC Championship game and used that mammoth number to boost an original episode of 'FBI' (2.1). The latter performed about as well as expected and easily cemented a new series high. ABC's lineup crumbled opposite the game as 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' (0.3), 'Card Sharks' (0.2), and 'The Rookie' (0.4) each lost a tenth. A repeat of 'AFV' (0.4) garnered a decent number in the 7pm hour. Fox was entirely in repeat-mode with a 7pm 'Great North' encore (0.7) likely having some football overrun baked into it. 'Bob's Burgers' (0.4), 'The Simpsons' (0.4), a second 'Great North' (0.3), a second 'Bob's' (0.3), and 'Family Guy' (0.3) followed suit. Once again, 'Bless the Harts' was completely missing from the lineup. Those toon repeats were a tier above NBC's low-rated rerun carousel of 'Weakest Link' (0.2), 'The Wall' (0.2), 'Chicago Med' (0.2), and 'Dateline' (0.3). The CW's 'Batwoman' (0.2) held steady in week 2 and led into the season premiere of 'Charmed' (0.1). The latter was tenth below its fall 2019 premiere. 

Finals Update: NFL: Bills v. Chiefs (+1.9), Card Sharks (+0.1), and the repeat of America's Funniest Home Videos (+0.1) adjusted up. FBI (-0.1) adjusted down.

Peacock Renew/Cancel: Mixed News for Curious George and Where’s Waldo


Thursday Cable Ratings 1/21/21: Grown-ish Returns Higher, Go-Big Show Slides, NBA Leads, Erin Burnett OutFront Wins in Cable News

Below are the top 25 programs on cable on Thursday, 1/21/21. Items of note include the midseason premiere of Grown-ish on Freeform, Go-Big Show on TBS, and Erin Burnett OutFront on CNN.

(Note: Click the names of the shows written in purple or blue to be taken to their pages in the TV Ratings Guide Cable Database.)

CBS All Access Renew/Cancel: The Twilight Zone Looking Good For Renewal + More Predictions


Saturday TV Ratings 1/23/21: 48 Hours Leads, SNL Vintage and Game Show Repeats Take Second (UPDATED)

Preliminary Analysis: With 'SNL' out of the picture for another week, CBS's '48 Hours' (0.4) took the lead on a noiseless Saturday evening. Repeats of 'NCIS: Los Angeles' (0.2) and 'SWAT' (0.3) preceded the newsmagazine staple. ABC went with repeats of 'Celebrity Wheel of Fortune' (0.3), 'The Chase' (0.2), and drama 'Big Sky' (0.2). NBC had encores of 'Ellen's Game of Games' (0.3), 'SVU' (0.2), and 'SNL Vintage' (0.3). Fox trailed the other three networks with reruns of '9-1-1' (0.1) and '9-1-1: Lone Star' (0.1).

Finals Update: Repeats of NCIS: Los Angeles (+0.1), The Chase (+0.1), 9-1-1 (+0.1) and 9-1-1: Lone Star (+0.1) adjusted up.

Bar Exam Season 3 Episode 3: Equal Bench Time Act


NCIS: Los Angeles S12E09 Review


Jimmy Fang and his gang.  A ‘previously on NCISA’ provides a reminder that Jimmy Fang was the one who got away back in Overdue (S12E07) when he was trying to buy US high end developmental technology.  This allows for a significant shift away from last week and instead focuses finding Fang and his latest attempt to obtain military technology. 

Jimmy Fang is not fleshed out and remains a fringe character. The only threat he poses is when he’s involved in a gunfight with the team - which has happened in each of his episodes.  This effects the intensity and excitement, as well as the overall narrative. Finding Fang takes the team down various routes that involve a Nigerian working on a new defence system designed to intercept hypersonic missiles, who has an (innocent link) to Boko Haram, and a criminal gang, one of whom works for Fang. The characters involved are different from the ones featured last week, which makes it tricky to keep track of who’s who, particularly when there is a high number of characters.  It’s a shame there is little continuity in this respect.  Sabatino is still present though, chasing down the counterfeit bills which are now very much a secondary concern.  And Nell, who was conspicuous by her absence last week, is again missing in action - although none of the team seem to realise! Eric is once again up in ops.

Plugging the gaps with absent and semi-absent characters is the surprise return of Retired Admiral Kilbride, who’s checking in on the team and partners up with Sam, as Callen has taken time off for personal reasons.  Kilbride brings his own dry, no nonsense attitude, and there was a great call back to his last appearance, when he was extremely grumpy and impatient, and Callen and Sam had to act as his bodyguards. Once again there are references to different generations, pre empting conversations between Kilbride and Sam about their children.  There is no doubt a career with a federal agency and can affect personal relationships and family life.

Deeks is still at FLETC and in a reversal of last week’s trials where he was failing, he is now preparing for the graduation ceremony, with Kensi ready to fly out post-case.  They have a great bantering session, with Kensi advising Deeks he needs to be silent for ten minutes of every 100 miles during their road trip home.  Clearly Deeks had a lot to say about that!  Kensi and Sabatino remain partners and again they have fun in the field, as do Rountree and Fatima.  In more throwbacks to recent episodes, Rountree has found the TV show that starred Fatima Namazi, in her pre-NCIS days. The two work well together, evident in their early action scene where Rountree runs towards the racing getaway van and tackles a tramp out of the way as Fatima fires at the van. The scene is filmed in slow-motion and captures Rountree’s excellent facial expression, mid-tackle.  The same filming technique is adopted for the final shootout with Fang, Kensi and Sabatino. Worryingly (and not mentioned), Kensi shoots and kills the human shield Fang uses, to try and get to him. He may have been a fellow villain but he was unarmed.  Consider the ramifications Anna Kolcheck endured a few seasons ago...Sabatino also reveals his artistic side as a musician and there is a wonderful scene as he leaves to inflict himself on his next target, walking off singing ‘Cum on Feel the Noise’, instigated by Kensi.

Deeks’ impending graduation is short lived when he calls Kensi to say he’s actually washed out, and is jumping on the next flight back to LA. There is no reason given although it quickly becomes clear when he returns to the bullpen and Hetty appears on screen, that she has pulled the most messed up, inhumane trick on him (in his words), making Deeks think he’s failed FLETC when Hetty wanted to be the one to ‘virtually’ hand him his NCIS Investigator badge. A fait accompli.  

Possibly the most controversial issue of the episode lies with Callen. He’s taken time off whilst the team are in the middle of a case which is out of character (most likely due to actor availability), to surprise Anna with a marriage proposal.  He is a little frustrated when he can’t speak to anyone at Rebuild USA where Anna is volunteering, immediately followed with a flashback to Callen as a young man.  Flashbacks are seldom used in the show and character-wise have only been used with Callen to further his development.  They should have a defined purpose, for example in season 2 when he suddenly recalls witnessing his mother’s murder when he was about four. A pivotal moment was revealed in Rage (S6E20), with a teenage Callen spiralling into a life of crime until Hetty saved him. Three episodes ago, the return of a foster brother prompted the third insight into a young Callen who was not yet standing up to bullies. 

The first of two flashbacks, filmed in flashes of sunshine, partially obscuring the characters, shows Callen happy and in love.  There is no hint of the emotionally closed-off loner, and yet there is no reason to think that Callen shouldn’t have made a few friends and fallen in love whilst at college.  There is certainly evidence that he is applying skills learnt from Hetty, when his girlfriend gently accuses Callen of playing ‘Jedi mind tricks’ on her father. The sharp intake of breath and the “no” is on point for Callen, who then replies that he can tell what people want to talk about and make them feel comfortable, and so they keep talking.  The mannerisms and inflictions in his reply demonstrate a great casting choice, and deliverance of the lines. It is her comment that he’s going to be the best consultant (in Chicago), which raises questions. Has Hetty only partially trained him? Did college open his eyes to other avenues he never thought possible and he’s rebelled against his destiny?  This certainly goes against the grain of what is known about G Callen to date.

In the second flashback he’s breaking off the relationship, literally turning his back and walking away from his girlfriend while she asks him why. He fails to answer. In the back of a chauffeur driven car Hetty tells him he’s walked away from his one chance of a nice peaceful life, and it will be a lonely existence. Callen’s view is polarised, he can’t reconcile a nice peaceful life with finding his father, or discovering his name. The two options are mutually exclusive in his mind, perhaps as a result of Jedi mind tricks applied by Hetty? The inference is here is that Callen chose to be a spy rather than being groomed for such a life in the ‘Hetty Lange school of mischief’, with his ‘great potential’.  Whereas these can be explained away, what cannot is the rather awful CGI of a young Hetty.  Eric Christian Olsen had the right idea with last season’s Mother, where Hetty was only seen from behind with a young Akhos. It is a shame the same methodology was not adopted in A Fait Accompli.

Outside the flashbacks, Callen has driven to Anna’s motel only to find Rebuild USA has never booked the motel or been heard of by the owner.  Anna has been lying to him for months and the pain and confusion is evident. He had overcome his trust issues with Anna and now she’s let him down again. She did not trust him with her CIA operation with Joelle, Katya and his father (S10 Searching & No More Lies), although he would have insisted in involving himself and potentially jeopardising the mission if he had known... After the DOJ advised Anna her record was wiped (S11E18 Missing Time), they were seen setting up surveillance on Anna, to see if Katya made an appearance. It was rumoured this was the intended season 11 finale, if the pandemic hadn’t broken.

If this was not enough of a shocker, the final scene tops this when Sam’s daughter calls him for a quick hello when she’s walking to her car. As they hang up, she is attacked from behind by a masked man.  There is no hint of a current villain out for Sam, and surely he deserves not more heartache and stress of yet another family member in peril. He’s experienced this with his son, lost his wife and now his daughter has been kidnapped.

A Fait Accompli is a key episode with Deeks passing FLETC, Anna’s lies and disappearance and Kamran’s kidnapping but unfortunately the execution, muddled in with the case of the week, was rather lacking, as were the questionable flashbacks for Callen.  They weren’t really needed and it’s part of the cannon of his character, that he struggles with relationships and commitments, especially after Joelle’s betrayal.   In addition to this, earlier Kilbride advised that Hetty’s op has hit a snag but no need to worry yet, and so another seed is planted.  Generally, there was a great feeling of team cohesion, particular with the bullpen back in play, the early scene between Kensi and Deeks, and the teams in the field, with banter and an increase in the action. 

The next episode is on 14th February and titled The Frogman’s Daughter, suggesting Kam’s kidnapping will be tackled immediately. 

A Virtual Scrawl

Friday TV Ratings 1/22/21: The Blacklist Returns Steady, Shark Tank Remains On Top, Magnum PI Rises as MacGyver and Blue Bloods Slip (UPDATED)

Preliminary Analysis: Friday night staple 'Shark Tank' (0.7) matched last week's performance and reigned victorious, leading ABC to another easy win. '20/20' (0.5) was in repeat-mode at 9 but still outperformed an original episode of NBC's 'Dateline' (0.4) head-on. The peacock network also offered up the winter return of 'The Blacklist' (0.4), steady with its previous installment. 'MacGyver' (0.5) and 'Blue Bloods' (0.5) both lost a tenth on CBS while 'Magnum PI' (0.6) inched up at 9. 'WWE Smackdown' (0.6) shed a tenth on Fox after tying 'Shark Tank' seven days prior. The CW had 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' (0.2/0.1) and 'Penn & Teller' (0.1).

Finals Update: Shark Tank (+0.1), MacGyver (+0.1) and Blue Bloods (+0.1) adjusted up.

Prime Time Cable News Ratings: CNN Crushes The Competition As Fox News Struggles Despite Start of New Show


Thursday TV Ratings 1/21/21: Walker Has a Strong Premiere, Young Sheldon and Mom Rise for Returns, ABC Game Shows Slide (UPDATED)

Preliminary Analysis: Back in action after a month-long hiatus, CBS returned with comedies 'Young Sheldon' (0.8), 'B Positive' (0.6), and 'Mom' (0.6) all rising a tenth from where they last left off in December. 'The Unicorn' (0.4) and 'Star: Trek Discovery' (0.2) remained the weakest links in this lineup, neither able to make significant gains. Whether as a result of CBS coming back or not, ABC's 'Celebrity Wheel of Fortune' (0.8) plunged to a new low, shedding an alarming four-tenths on a week-to-week basis. 'The Chase' (0.7) and 'The Hustler' (0.5) held on a bit better from there, down two-tenths and a tenth respectively. NBC had steady editions of 'Mr. Mayor' (0.5) and 'Law & Order: SVU' (0.6) but 'Superstore' (0.4) hit a new low in-between. A low-rated 'Dateline' (0.3) closed out the night for the peacock network. Fox's 'Hell's Kitchen' (0.7) matched last week's performance while 'Call Me Kat' (0.5) and 'Last Man Standing' (0.4) both inched down to series lows. The CW had a surprisingly competitive evening with the series debut of 'Walker' (0.4) rivaling original programming on the big 4 networks. The return of 'Legacies' (0.2) was a tenth below its fall 2019 opener at 9. 

Finals Update: Celebrity Wheel of Fortune (+0.1), B Positive (+0.1), Law & Order: SVU (+0.1) and Call Me Kat (+0.1) adjusted up.

Off Topic -- January 2021 (Seasons of L...O...V...E...)

Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes.  At which one of these do readers remember COVID-19 became a reality for them?  Broadway hit "Rent" broadway hit rings true as 2020 was a penultimate year which felt like a season/series finale for a series.  Life, death, birth, marriages, victories, setbacks and a reinvented life.  2020 tested all, but many were also given great opportunities to reinvent.  The networks took this sentiment and appear to be turning a corner from scripted to reality.

Wednesday Cable Ratings 1/20/21: President Biden’s Inauguration Rates Higher than President Trump’s in 2017, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee Slides

Below are the top 25 programs on cable on Wednesday, 1/20/21. Items of note include coverage of the inauguration of Joseph R. Biden on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News, the season premiere of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee on TBS, and Morning Joe on MSNBC.

(Click the names of the shows written in teal or blue to be taken to their pages in the TV Ratings Guide Cable Database.) 

Tuesday Cable Ratings 1/19/21: CNN and MSNBC Dominate Inauguration Eve, Curse of Oak Island Rises

Below are the top 25 programs on cable on Tuesday, 1/19/21. Items of note include Cuomo Prime Time on CNN, The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC, and Curse of Oak Island on History.

(Note: Click any show with its name in green or blue to be taken to its page in the TV Ratings Guide Cable Ratings Database.)