Bar Exam Season 1 Episode 13: Pass or Fail (FINALE)

Setting: All are in Lorenzo’s Kitchen, standing six feet apart from one another. They all raise their voices so they can hear one another.
Lorenzo: How’d you all do?
Adam: Good, how are you?
Lorenzo: I mean on the bar exam.
Adam: I don’t know how, but I passed.
Reagan: Me too!
Madison: Same! I really thought I didn’t do well at all.
Chase: I also passed.
Adam: You did?
Chase: Yeah.
Sam: Did you check twice?
Chase: How stupid do you think I am? I actually got close to a perfect score!
Sam: Wow! I barely passed myself.
Lincoln: I haven’t checked yet.
Lorenzo: What are you waiting for?
Lincoln: I don’t even want to see the results.
Lorenzo: Well let me comfort you a little bit. I know this guy who had a really stressful job. The big tasks were often given to people other than him, but every now and then he was faced with an unexpected challenge. Sure, he didn’t want to see the results of his work, but he usually had to.
Lincoln: Usually?
Lorenzo: Yeah. Sometimes he closed his eyes and hoped for the best. Those were usually the baseballs that went straight.
Madison: How did I know this was going to be about you?
Sam: And did you just admit you only throw good pitches if you keep your eyes closed?
Lorenzo: Yes I did.
Lincoln: You convinced me to check. And...I passed!
Lorenzo: Seriously?
Lincoln: Yes!
Lorenzo: Are you all playing a joke on me? I thought you were all supposed to fail!
Reagan: We did too! Guess we’re done with law school!
Lorenzo: Congratulations! Will you still come to Lorenzo’s Kitchen once you get jobs?
Madison: Is Lorenzo’s Kitchen even going to be open?
Lorenzo: We might have to improvise.
Chase: What’s that supposed to mean?
Lorenzo: If baseball comes back, so do we.
Chase: If Lorenzo’s Kitchen comes back, so do we.
Reagan: Did we decide on that?
Chase: We decided on opening up a law firm together around here, so why not?
Lorenzo: When did you decide that?
Chase: We have a group chat going.
Lorenzo: I’m happy to see you’ll all stay around!
Madison: We’re all staying around, but that doesn’t mean you are.
Lorenzo: I know, business is slow right now. But it’ll bounce back.
Adam: What if it doesn’t?
Lorenzo: Then maybe I’ll be able to go back to the bullpen.
Madison: Doubt it. And if not there, then what?
Lorenzo: Guess it’s time for plan C.
Lincoln: What’s plan C?
Lorenzo: I have no clue.
Reagan: That’s not promising.
Sam: We might need a receptionist.
Lorenzo: How the mighty have fallen.
Adam: I wouldn’t say mighty...
Lorenzo: Whatever. I’ll figure it out.

NCIS: Los Angeles S11E18 Review

Andrew Bartels is one of NCIS: Los Angeles' best writers. His stories are character driven, meaning they connect and resonate with the viewer, regardless of whether they revolve around the established team or a guest. Bartels seems to have a favourite character and most of his episodes feature Callen, pushing his story forward with his family and quite often causing him emotional conflict and pain. Sometimes, such focus on characters can mean the case of the week is sidelined and is almost a distraction. In this week's instalment by Bartels, he keeps the case at the forefront and entwines the personal side story of Anna and Callen, illustrating how the personal and professional can easily blend to form a coherent and engaging episode.

The case of the week focused on locating a Defence Intelligence Agency officer named Anderson, who was investigating UFO sightings. UFOs - or as they are apparently now known as UAPs  -(unidentified aerial phenomenon), can go one of two ways: either weird, whacky and over the top, or with a touch of humour and a degree of scepticism. Thankfully Bartels takes us down the second route and allows Eric Beale to get a little excited about UFOs but thankfully does not trip over in to the idiotic. The idea of unidentified flying objects being aliens is quickly shot down by DIA Agent Sarah Raines (last seen in NCIS 13 years ago as DiNozzo's girlfriend and daughter of an arms dealer). She is suitable shifty and clues about her character start early when she refuses Eric access her offices to investigate potential security breaches, before she’s cut down to size by Sam and Callen.  She does of course she turn out to be the villain, driven by avarice and selling new US technology to the Chinese. 

The unknown is 'out there' enough for Deeks to deliberately embrace the possibility of alien abduction, just to wind up Kensi. Their partnership banter is on fine form and has not taken a hit now they are married. Anderson's home is full of literature and notice boards of maps featuring UFO sightings, and the clocks are mysteriously thirty seven minutes out of sync with the actual time, an event which occurred in the early hours of the morning. Again the alien angle is a deliberate misdirect when Kensi discovers an outside clock with the correct time. In a lovely nod towards the believers (and Eric), other-worldliness returns at the end when Nell enhances a surveillance image containing a photo stolen from UFO fanatic Jason Ward. All that is missing is the X-Files music as the pair gaze in amazement at an image conveniently hidden by their bodies. 

There are some unfamiliar camera shots when Sam and Callen are interrogating Jason Ward, with a a number of close ups of his face and mouth, emphasising his state of mind and depth of his belief in UFOs.  Sam and Callen continue to be filmed as usual, meaning they remain framed as expected. The action scenes jump between frustrating and fun. Some rather close tailing by Kensi leads to a car chase when they’re spotted and is intercut with scenes of Sam and Callen’s one on one fights with more bad guys, the fast beat of the music spanning all shots and adding to the intensity.  In two separate fights, Sam takes down the bad guys by using a table. Once was fun and the second time was laugh out loud funny, particularly when Callen comment as such. As Sam says after each occurrence, he could have shot him...

Secondary to the case is the plight of Anna Kolcheck and it is a credit to Bartels that her plight did not detract from the team’s investigations. She discussed her fugitive status with Callen at the start, commenting that after a month confined to Callen’s lodging she was going stir crazy - quite uncanny timing given that today much of the world's population is on some kind of lockdown due to Coronavirus. They have a curious relationship and although it’s clear they care deeply for each other neither of them know how to actually have a romantic relationship. Kensi and Deeks' communication issues are a non-starter compared to Callen and Anna. They ghosted each other when Anna started at the ATF, Anna pushed Callen away after she shot and killed Sokolov, she told him to tell the truth and then blamed him for her sentence. Callen revealed to Arkady he ‘cares deeply’ for Anna, when she was hospitalised in prison. Anna risked her life to help lead Callen to his father, becoming a fugitive while assisting Joelle and the CIA. Callen shot repeatedly at the car she was travelling in, causing it to crash but shortly after allowed her to escape. Earlier this season Anna risked arrest by warning Callen about Darius Reznikov, and now Callen is risking his career and freedom by harbouring her.  They have a tumultuous relationship!

Now she can no longer wait a few weeks for the CIA to decide whether to expunge her criminal record and instead makes a farewell call to her father Arkady and gets herself arrested.  At breakfast she had hinted at her restlessness and was overtly negative and pessimistic, contrasting with an optimistic Callen. It really makes no sense for Anna to hand herself in, apart from revealing that she may well be a touch unstable. She is used to being on her own and not part of a team and much was made of this during her early appearances. On the flip side, Callen has moved away from his lone wolf tendencies over the seasons although he still reverts back to type when things get too personal. Once again Anna is pushing Callen away citing reasons of protecting him, despite him earlier stating he would stand by his decision (to hide her) and would stand by her, and they confront each other in the LAPD interrogation room. Callen also confronts Assistant US Attorney Alan Williams who interrupts them, before Williams states he’s releasing Anna as there is no warrant for her arrest or a record of her incarceration.

The closing scenes in the Squid and Dagger are a mixture of emotions. There is relief Anna is now a free woman and Kensi and Deeks reveal the clues that confirmed Callen was hiding Anna in his flat.  
Arkady makes his debut in the bar, offering to buy “Wodka” for everyone and the mood is light-hearted. It is a contrast to the earlier scenes between Anna and her father when she sat inside a bar, leaning against the same window that Arkady was sitting outside. Callen is puzzled about who removed all trace of Anna’s warrant and cut it so fine. Some of the mystery is revealed at the end.  AUSA Williams and a colleague are staking out the Squid & Dagger, placing Anna under surveillance to see if Katya (Anna's cellmate who was really a Russian spy working for Pavol Volkov). Another storyline which is setting up for a future episode. 

Friday TV Ratings 3/27/20: MacGyver, Hawaii Five-0 Rise, Dateline NBC Down

Final numbers to come.
18-49 Rating/Share
Viewers (mil)
8 PMShark Tank0.95.28ABC


WWE Friday Night SmackDown0.72.37Fox

The Blacklist0.64.77NBC

Charmed0.20.63The CW
9 PMHawaii Five-00.98.22CBS


Dateline NBC0.63.84NBC

Dynasty0.10.32The CW
10 PMBlue Bloods (R)0.56.12CBS

Finally Growing Up Season 1 Episode 2: The Next Step

CHRIS, JULIAN, and DREW are sitting in the living room, facing one another.

Get a job.

I can’t get a job, I’m 10.

He was talking to me. And who’s hiring teenagers right now?


You think I know how to make medication?


Then how would I be able to work in a pharmacy.

Entertain the people in line.

What now?

Uncle Josh and Uncle Andrew did it for a little while in a kids’ doctor’s office.


It’s more tame than you’re thinking.

I’ll have to trust you there. And no, I’m not getting a job as someone who entertains people in line. Plus, everyone just stays in their cars now and drives to the window like they’re getting a burger.

Or 20.

That’s not nice.

It’s true.

Not exactly. Speaking of which, maybe there are jobs out there where you can cook burgers?

I can’t even cook for ourselves! Also everyone’s looking to hire experienced chefs to cook the burgers.

You’re an experienced chef.

What makes you think that?

You made breakfast today.

I made cereal, and even then I accidentally put milk in it.

Um...what do you usually put in it?

Apple juice.

Sounds disgusting.

Tastes it too.

Sometimes you make no sense to me.

Eating it with milk is good. We have no money so to make sure I don’t overeat I make it as worse as I possibly can.

That’s actually smart. And also sad.

That’s what happens when we have no money and Chris has no job.

I’m also in school, remember.

Aren’t you on mute the whole time now that we’re all taking classes in our pajamas under the kitchen table?

I’m on mute. Not sure about the under the kitchen table part.

Does the teacher see you?

No, we all pick out profile images that actually show puppets.

That’s weird.


Get a job and bring your computer into work with you!

Then I’d get fired for going to school while at work.

You don’t even want to try it?

No way.

Then we’ll have no money.

I have an idea.

What is it?

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Probably not.

I’m not thinking anything. Say your idea.

Doesn’t Aunt Catherine have a ton of money?

She’s being sarcastic when she says that.

But she’s marrying rich, right?

I don’t think his name is Rich.

Whatever his name is, I think we need to try to make a little deal with him.

We have to try that.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 9 Review [’Dillman’]

 ***Spoilers Ahead***

Andy Samberg (left), Joe Lo Trugilo (right). Photo Credit: NBC

More often than not, the writers of Brooklyn Nine-Nine tend to scatter out the core characters of the series for each episode, placing a handful of them in the main story and others in smaller side plots. Because of this, screentime is divided disproportionately and some cast members get more time to shine than others. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this method of storytelling, outings that feature the entire squad in one overarching plotline always have a grander feel to them. Not only does the story have more time to develop with the absence of other plots, but there are more opportunities for characters that would not normally connect to interact with each other. In the same vein as season one's 48 Hours and season two's Lockdown, 'Dillman' forces the officers to remain in the precinct for a half-hour that advances the relationship between Peralta & Boyle while flawlessly using a guest appearance to drive the central conflict.

Laying out the foundation for the episode, the cold open scene involves Jake asking Holt to consider him for a task force that the captain is on a hiring committee for. Their exchanges are ultimately cut short as the explosion of a package full of red glitter sends the entire precinct into a frenzy. Desperate to figure out who was behind the prank, Holt sends in detective Dillman (Whiplash's J.K. Simmons) to find the culprit. After many episodes of Captain Holt acting out, engaging in childish insults, and partaking in meaningless competitions, Braugher's character makes a successful transition back to the rock-solid stoic demeanor he maintained during the early years of the series. Although his reckless side is always welcome, the reason his unprofessional behavior was so memorable was because the nuggets of comedy were administered in smaller doses. The more Holt acts out, the less amusing and jarring those sequences become. As a result, the fact that he acts more stern towards Peralta here (even going as far as suspending him) serves as a rather healthy return to his coveted role as an authority figure.

That being said, Holt's return to form is far from the only stimulating development to arrive with the episode. In fact, J.K. Simmons's Dillman steals the show with his apathetic attitude and intrusive investigation method. His tendency to play mind games with the squad makes him the clear antagonist figure and Simmons completely immerses himself in the role. The way he attempts to dismantle or strengthen the alibis of Terry and Rosa put the usually secure characters in an unfamiliar but exhilarating position. It's not often that the Nine-Nine officers face a serious mental threat from an outside force given they usually find themselves taking down criminals or engaging in office hijinks. Amidst that, the relationship between Peralta and Boyle return to the forefront after Holt reveals he wanted to give Boyle the task force instead of Peralta.

At first glance, Peralta's dismissive and demeaning reaction to finding out Holt chose Boyle over him comes off as rather upsetting. Considering how Boyle blindly supports him through thick and thin, the way Peralta initially acts like Boyle is not worthy of taking the task force portrays an alarming imbalance in their friendship. Thankfully, the storyline resolves in a satisfying manner with Boyle finding the policeman who actually placed the glitter package and ultimately saving Peralta from being suspended from the force. It's fairly rare to see Boyle not only save the day but showcase that he truly is a legitimately competent detective despite his quirks. To top it off, Peralta apologizes to Boyle and praises him for solving the case. It's a wholesome ending that vividly conveys Peralta does indeed care for Boyle, viewing him as his equal rather than a sidekick.

Above anything else, the members of the precinct are a tight-knit but dysfunctional family. 'Dillman' excels in the way that it pits some characters against each other while introducing a fresh new rival into the mix. Given season seven has mainly relied on old gimmicks and cast members (Pontiac Bandit, Pimento, Jimmy Jabs), it's a nice change of pace to introduce a new face and place Peralta, Boyle, and the others in uncommon scenarios. While it does have similarities to past installments featuring the core members in quarantine, 'Dillman' still manages to explore the dynamics between the squad in spectacular fashion.

Stray Thoughts
  • It was pretty brilliant that the one who committed the prank was the same guy Peralta initially accused in a somewhat joking manner. 
  • Scully never ended up cleaning the red glitter off his face. 
  • The best exchange of the episode came when Jake & Charles had a fake conversation to throw off Dillman. 
  • Boyle: Yes, Jake, you were young when you lost your virginity. 
  • Jake: Thank you, Charles!
  • The following episode features the return of Peralta's father. He hasn't appeared on the show since Fox canceled the series.

Grade: A

What did you think of 'Dillman'?

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What did you think of this episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

Thursday Cable Ratings 3/26/20: The Bold Type and The Sinner Steady for Finales, Tacoma FD Returns Strong

Below are the top 25 programs on cable on Thursday, 3/26/20. Items of note include the midseason finale of The Bold Type on Freeform, the season finale of The Sinner on USA, and the season premiere of Tacoma FD on TruTV.
(Note: Click the names of the shows written in purple or blue to be taken to their pages in the TV Ratings Guide Cable Database.)

18-49 Viewers
Viewers (mil.)
HannityFox News0.655.61
Tucker Carlson TonightFox News0.545.00
Special Report with Bret BaierFox News0.524.34
The FiveMTV0.510.96
CNN Global Town HallCNN0.512.87
Keeping Up with the KardashiansE!0.461.07
The StoryFox News0.463.63
The Ingraham AngleFox News0.454.18
Cuomo Prime TimeCNN0.442.11
60 Days InA&E0.431.18
The Situation RoomCNN0.422.49
The First 48A&E0.391.31
The Situation RoomCNN0.382.52
CNN NewsroomCNN0.382.00
CNN NewsroomCNN0.362.05
CNN NewsroomCNN0.362.03
The Lead with Jake TapperCNN0.361.93
CNN NewsroomCNN0.351.95
Erin Burnett OutFrontCNN0.352.02
Daily Briefing with Dana PerinoFox News0.342.83
Outnumbered OvertimeFox News0.342.78
Fox News At NightFox News0.332.44
The Rachel Maddow ShowMSNBC0.323.33
Your World With Neil CavutoFox News0.323.03

Highlights Below the Chart:

Cuomo Prime TimeCNN0.321.59
Top ChefBravo0.290.82
The Daily ShowComedy Central0.240.78
Tacoma FDTruTV0.220.41
Ghost AdventuresTravel0.210.57
The SinnerUSA0.160.65
Deadline: White HouseMSNBC0.152.27
Better Things
Morning Joe
Coop & Cami Ask the World
Sydney to the Max
The Bold TypeFreeform0.070.16

Sitcom Scorecard: March 22-26, 2020

Welcome back to TVRG's revival of the Sitcom Scorecard.  There are approximately 7 weeks left of original programming left, save for COVID-19 delays.  Unlike prior seasons, the renewal predictions seem all too easy for 2019-20.  FOX ratings now deflate without NFL spikes on Sunday, despite mild windfalls this season due to a record number of American Viewers confined this spring.


When the Sitcom Scorecard debuted 3 years ago, ABC had an embarrassment of riches to pick from on solid sitcoms.  Flash forward to 2020, those days are over.  Despite having plenty to embarrass themselves, all the sitcoms are fading or ending.  The Conners delivers strong, and The Goldbergs is modest.  Beyond that, sitcoms as of late trade 0.5, 0.6 and 0.7 ratings around like checkers.  Among their players, Schooled and Single Parents convey the weakest.  Schooled is outsourced from Sony and parked next to ultra-compatible company and still delivering soft.  Single Parents boasts a large ensemble and has done little to shine on its own.

Elsewhere, the "ish" sitcoms too a beating as Black-ish plugged the 9:30 cursed timeslot and prequel Mixed-ish does little to bolster.  Bless This Mess' strongest pitch is it defies ABC's tired family sitcom formula of the 2010's, and American Housewife is surviving strong despite some unsavory timeslots (read about that HERE).  AH took a beating housed on Friday nights and now appears to be poised to resume Modern Family's post.  Unless ABC plans on folding that hour, that's a guarantee for AH.  Sadly, with so few players delivering, there appears to be no sitcoms on deck for Fridays.  The greatest takeaway is Shark Tank is thriving on that evening as ABC is putting things back where they belong.


The Tiffany Network again remains mysterious without any clear sacrifices called out.  Mom and Young Sheldon are locked into the following seasons, The Neighborhood continues strong, and surprisingly has strong compatible company with Bob Hearts Abishola.  The Thursday freshman, The Unicorn and Carol's Second Act did little to distinguish themselves.  It doesn't help being without The Big Bang Theory's monstrous ratings power-up, but Young Sheldon still triumphs with solid ratings (for today).  The Unicorn's premise is savvy, and Carol's Second Act is equitable to a warm embrace on the back of the schedule.  The problem lies in that two more series need to showcase.

CBS' formula anticipates one show will bomb, leaving an opening for either Man With a Plan or a new pilot.  This season had none of that, as Abishola outperformed, and Carol and Unicorn performed modestly to get to 18 episodes.  That leaves newbie Broke and returning Man With a Plan to scrape out the remains of the Thursday schedule.  MWAP is at 56 episodes which a few short years ago many would argue CBS would commit to the series to get it to syndication.  Last season proved otherwise, as Life In Pieces walked into the season with 66 episodes and was burnt off to 79, cancelled after an afterthought April debut.  So unless MWAP or Broke halos in with a 0.9 this April, they will likely file into Unicorn and Carol bucket.  All of which the network could dump as they have four solid players.


America's 4th (founded) network is doing fine, and they have identified not only their time windows but the players likely coming aboard.  Hit show Simpsons is locked into the next season, Bless The Harts is renewed and who would cancel Family Guy (again) and Bob's Burgers?  Elsewhere, Last Man Standing is, ordinary, again.  A powerful player in the 2018-19 season, there's only so long the sparkle lasts after 8 seasons.  LMS is still a likely renewal, but no longer the sterling player it once was.  Sadly, Outmatched never stood a chance coming into its timeslot.  It will likely be dispensed in the same manner The Cool Kids was last season.  And Duncanville?  Ditto, as it was saved for scheduling nowhere near NFL inflations.


Many argue ABC lost viable players, but NBC's slate is more grave.  Its strongest two players are (wisely) renewed.  But it lost two tentpoles as The Good Place and Will & Grace declared final seasons.  In between, not a single freshman pilot shined.  Current player Indebted squandered a 0.7 lead in from Brooklyn Nine-Nine (sad to call that number a lead-in) and belted out 0.4 and 0.3, respectively.  There's little to no audience established and this series needs to go.  Next season, it may be likely NBC trims the sitcom window back to one hour, as there will need to likely be 4-5 new pilots to gamble on to fill a 2-hour window.

CW Renew/Cancel: Katy Keene Looks Good for Renewal, Thanks COVID-19

Welcome to a new installment of CW Renew/Cancel, and one thing is for sure, one prediction is sure to grind the teeth of many ratings watchers still holding out hope for a cancelation on the CW. 
Katy Keene
Likely Renewal
All American
Black Lightning
In the Dark
The Flash
Nancy Drew
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
Roswell, New Mexico
Final Season
Final Season
The 100
Final Season
Katy Keene: One thing we have to concur - Katy Keene is a linear flop. The second lowest rated show on the CW is a wild card to watch. But wait, pilot season has been disrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has seen shows shut down production. Katy Keene was already leaning towards renewal as of the last installment, but the disrupted pilot season makes its renewal more likely. Katy Keene has been upgraded to a likely renewal for the time being.

As far as Stargirl goes, it's a summer show. Therefore, it is not in the table. We'll have that for Summer Renew/Cancel.

What do you think about the prediction for this installment? Sound off in the comments below!