Beyond the TV Grave: The Real O’Neals (2016-17)

'Beyond The TV Grave' shells out our thoughts on shows that were canceled after airing no less than 5 episodes and no more than 50.

Planet Z Season 3 Episode 7: The Battle of the Dead

Season 3 Episode 7
"The Battle of the Dead"
Written by
William Fry & Michael Ledesma

The zombified Genesis soldiers run towards the surviving citizens of Miami.
Get to the shelters!
The Miami citizens run away from the horde of zombies. Dion is still holding RJ’s body. The zombie soldier with an ax in its chest stumbles towards Dion.
A look of fury appears on Dion’s face. He gets up and walks up towards the zombie. He pulls the ax out and decapitates the zombie. He picks up RJ’s knife and turns towards the zombies and charges at them.
Hendricks and Romero lead the citizens to the shelter. The zombies chase after them. Hendricks and Romero shoot at them but they run out of bullets. Violet and her Riders carry injured citizens.
The citizens reach the shelter but zombies block the entrance.
Get to the Marquis!
The citizens run towards the Marquis skyscraper. Many of the citizens are tackled and eaten by the zombies. Their screams echoing in the night.
Romero reaches the entrance and opens the door for the citizens, who rush in. Hendricks picks up a rifle off the ground and starts shooting.
Hendricks lets go!
A zombie tackles Hendricks. The zombie tries biting at Hendricks but he puts the gun in the zombie’s mouth and holds it back.
Romero runs towards Hendricks with a knife. He raises it and prepares to stab the zombie. The zombie lunges at Romero and bites his hand. Romero screams in pain.
Hendricks pulls out a knife and stabs the zombie in the head. The horde closes in on the two.
Shoot me.
It bit me, shoot me!
I don’t have any bullets.
Dion appears. He is covered in zombie blood.
Dion, do you have any bullets?
No. Why?
Romero got bit.
Dion wipes his ax and swings it. He chops Romero’s hand off. Romero falls to his knees, screaming in excruciating pain.
Let’s go!
Hendricks and Dion help Romero up and drag him to the entrance to the building. Hendricks, Violet, and the citizens barricade the door. The zombies reach the building and slam and bang against the windows.
Now what?
I don’t know. Somehow, they’re all infected now.
That’s not possible, there weren’t any zombies.
I know.
Ava appears. Hendricks sees and runs to her, the two hug.
Are you ok?
Yeah. We have a lot of wounded.
What about Romero?
I stopped the bleeding. As for the infection, I don’t know yet. Dion may have saved a life. Hey, where’s RJ?
Dion sits against a wall.
Dion, where’s RJ?
He died. He died.
Hendricks bows his head in sorrow.
Frank’s alive.
I know.
We have to go get him.
Ava we have our own problems right now.
He’s our friend. Those people may not keep him alive.
Ava I’m sorry. Frank is capable of helping himself. We need to focus on the problem at hand.
Hendricks turns toward the crowd of terrified citizens.
Everyone! Grab whatever you can and start blocking the doors and windows; we need to keep them out for as long as possible.
The citizens start barricading the windows and reloading their weapons.
Ava grabs a bag. She puts medical supplies in it and a revolver. She straps a knife to her side. Dion notices this.
Ava goes to an emergency exit. She is about to open the door.
What’re you doing?
I’m going to go get Frank.
What about the wounded?
There are plenty of other doctors.
Ok then. Let’s go.
I’m going with you. I wasn’t able to save Frank but I can now. There’s no point in arguing about it.
Dion holsters his sawed-off double-barrel shotgun along with his pistol. He sheaths his ax and slings a backpack on his back.
Ok then. Let’s go.
Ava and Dion exit through the emergency exit of the Marquis. They sneak past the zombies who are too busy trying to get into the building. They leave the city and go to the docks climbing onto the nearest boat.
We still don’t know where Frank is. Just that he’s on some island.
I think you know someone who knows all about the ocean. Someone who would know about an island with people on it.
Absolutely not.
Do you want to help Frank?
Fine. We’ll go ask Cyrus and his men for help.
Dion starts the boat and the two drive the boat out into the ocean in the direction of the pirates’ haven.

Friday Cable Ratings 5/22/20: AKA Jane Roe Low, Drag Race Down for Reunion, Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives Rises

Below are the top 25 programs on cable on Friday, 5/22/20. Items of note include the premiere of the film AKA Jane Roe on FX, RuPaul's Drag Race on VH1, and Real Time With Bill Maher on HBO.
(Note: Click the name of any show with its title in purple or blue to be taken to its page in the TV Ratings Guide Cable Ratings Database.)

Sitcom Scorecard -- May 18-21, 2020

Welcome to the first of the last three Sitcom Scorecards for the 2019-20 season.  This week's entry will focus on the renewals, the second the cancellations and the final will evaluate how things have changed since TVRG implemented the Sitcom Scorecard Series three years ago.  On the ratings front, only CBS Thursday entries Broke and Man With a Plan remain, pummeling the network's average lower and lower.  While not surprising considering CBS owned most of the season, it is noteworthy to mention as this season marked a hard collapse for the Tiffany network as they fell to 4th place below long-suffering ABC.  This is dramatic as losing megahit The Big Bang Theory was a contributing factor to losing over 30% of the crucial demographic, as well as the first time in 70 years CBS came in 4th place.

ABC and FOX delivered more fates for their shows and drew the lines with cancelled and renewed.  FOX finalized the sitcom lot granting Last Man Standing a 9th season and as expected dispensed Outmatched (more on that in the next entry.) ABC announced its returning roster with five salvages including American Housewife and Goldbergs while discarding sophomores Bless This Mess, Single Parents, and Schooled (for more about why Schooled was dismissed, read about that HERE). Already discussed and ending sitcoms include Fresh Off The Boat, Modern Family, Will & Grace and The Good Place, as well as FOX's The Simpsons and CBS's Mom and Young Sheldon as this trifecta was handed 2-year renewals the prior year.  Also please note despite The Moody's previously being classified as Certain Cancellation, this card has changed the label to "Limited Series" as this is how the series was marketed with limited intentions for additional seasons.  That leaves NBC's struggling players Indebted and Perfect Harmony the only outliers still yet determined.  NBC is often late to the party with announcing its sitcoms, so stay tuned.

So Why Were These Shows Renewed?

ABC: Everyone knew a renewal for The Conners was coming as it was TV's number 1 sitcom; it just needed to finalize a few details. The Goldbergs became questionable as the series is aging and outsourced, but ABC still needs it to support their lineup with sagging ratings.  Given a mild windfall with CBS collapsing and ABC narrowly finishing in 3rd Place (impressively without any NFL coverage), ABC needs all players on deck to continue in this direction.  Especially as CBS isn't due in rotation for the Super bowl till 2022; what a better time to gain some ground. American Housewife has been treated like an afterthought the last two seasons and passed everywhere there's a hole on the schedule and suffered, but endures. ABC would be foolish to hock this series as it is young enough to carry the network long after The Goldbergs comes and goes. The "ish "franchise took a beating in the 9:00 hour on Tuesdays, but pairs compatibly and continues to garner critical acclaim.  If ABC decides to move its puzzle pieces around, they file conveniently into an hour block, even on Fridays. And both Blackish and Mixedish part of the latest successful spinoff franchise as discussed HERE.

CBS: The fortunes are falling for CBS which hardly holds a buzzworthy show with the younger crowd.  However, the network managed to locate a strong 4th player in its 6 sitcom offerings.  Bobishola entered the arena this year to middling ratings behind The Neighborhood, though slightly stronger than stand-in Man With a Plan. Locating a 4th jewel behind their strong players Neighborhood, Mom and Young Sheldon is encouraging as the network continues to re-establish its comedy brand.  And a two-year pickup is encouraging as CBS is committed to keeping Monday comedy nights alive despite being a far cry from their glory years.  Bobishola is television's sweetest sitcom offered, and the sweetest news to hear it received a larger order. The Unicorn's pickup proved surprising as it hardly distinguished itself and relied on critical acclaim. It has a harder road being parked behind incompatible Mom next season, but is aided by said lead-in taking a more sophisticated approach in later seasons and relying less on the Chuck Lorre calling card of toilet humor. And who didn't see a Neighborhood renewal coming? CBS isn't stupid!

FOX: Did anyone really have to guess Family Guy and Bob's Burgers were returning?  FOX knows where its hits delivered. The surprise came as Duncanville and Bless The Harts received pickups after underwhelming results.  COVID-19 also unveiled an innovative twist as during the shutdowns, it was demonstrated animation requires less contact -- animators and actors looping in delivery.  Even The Blacklist incorporated animation to finish out its remaining episode to meet demands.  Last Man Standing endured a rough year as the blush wore off the revival rose last year, and being planted in infertile Thursday soil vs the bountiful Friday garden.  It is aging but still holds marketability as certain dynamics like the workplace deliver.

NBC: The peacock is standing tall in dramas delivering but stole a booby prize from ABC as it is shit outta luck in the comedy front.  Losing two major players and three freshman failing to make the grade like high school stoners, NBC had no choice but to renew Superstore and Brooklyn 99. Neither are an embarrassment for the network and hold critical acclaim, holding enough grit to hold down one hour of comedies on Thursdays.  Both are aging and ready to step into their 6th and 8th seasons, and have a plethora of character and plot development to carry these series further.

What to Look At When The Sitcom Scorecard Concludes

Just because the scorecard is ready to conclude until fall doesn't mean readers will be left with a four-month long void.  The TVRG team is brainstorming and committed to delivering editorials and other series articles to enjoy.  Keep in mind the site's RATINGS HISTORY LIBRARY was conceived during the summer of 2017 when the site opted to deliver historic Sitcom Scorecards, leading the massive undertaking of profiling the ratings for every season from 1950-present.  Keep an eye out this summer as TVRG is turning a page and offering plenty of discussion and articles even if in-season favorites are on hiatus.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Better Things and The Weekly Renewed by FX and FXX, American Horror Story Spinoff Ordered

FX and FXX have renewed three of their series for additional seasons.

Supporting Freelancers and The Gig Economy

As you are probably aware, the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States has left tens of millions jobless, many of whom have lost access to health care.

Monday TV Ratings 5/25/20: The Titan Games Starts with New Low, The Baker and the Beauty Steady After Repeats

Preliminary Analysis: As usual, Memorial Day was not a strong night for the big four when it came to Nielsens. NBC topped the night with a modest 0.6 average, boasting the second season premiere of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson-hosted 'The Titan Games' (0.7). The reality-competition program returned well below its 0.95 season low and couldn't hold a candle to its January 2019 debut (1.8). None of this is too surprising given the 15-month break and depressed viewing levels but it's also not a very encouraging return. At 10, 'Songland' (0.5) sunk two tenths with a weaker, less-compatible lead-in, even hitting 0.4 in the second half. Next week, it'll likely be stuck with an even lower lead-in (The Wall), so we'll see if it drops further from here.

ABC settled for second place with another round of 'Celebrity Family Feud' encores (0.5/0.5). The game show repeats were within striking distance of last week's 'Listen To Your Heart' (0.6). The alphabet network closed out the night with a steady 'The Baker and the Beauty' (0.4).

Fox began the summer with repeats of '9-1-1' (0.4) and spinoff '9-1-1: Lone Star' (0.3). The bar is so low for the Disney-owned network that the '9-1-1' encore managed to beat out Thursday's original episode of 'Celebrity Watch Party' (0.3) and the series premiere of 'Labor of Love' (0.2).

CBS went with repeats of their traditional Monday lineup. 'The Neighborhood' (0.4) pulled ahead of the rest while 'Bob Hearts Abishola', 'All Rise', and 'Bull' (0.3/0.3/0.3) all posted the same result.

Veering away from their usual super-hero drama brand, the CW had a repeat of a Howie Mandel stand-up special (0.1) and 'Whose Line is it Anyway?' (0.1). The network heads will be pleased to know that comedy programs perform just as poorly as drama ones.

Summer Renew/Cancel Week 1: ABC Thursday Game Shows Enter Strong

The 2019-20 season has already come to a close, so that means one thing: it's time for the Summer Renew/Cancel to return! This year may end up a bit lighter on content due to the delays of many shows due to COVID-19, but that doesn't mean there isn't plenty to predict. Keep reading for initial predicions on To Tell The Truth, Holey Moley, Labor of Love and more!

Revisiting The Last Man On Earth in Wake of COVID-19 (UPDATED 5/25)

This article has been updated on May 25, 2020 to reflect the progression of the outbreak. It was originally published on March 5, 2020. Lines in the original article that are no longer relevant will be crossed out and replaced by bold text. Additionally, all mentions of ‘coronavirus’ have been changed to ‘COVID-19’, which has become the term used by health officials.

In 2019 and 2020, a viral disease outbreak is causing deaths around the world with no known cure. It was originally brushed off by some as something that is a low threat, but it eventually became clear the situation was dire.

This is the basic premise of Season 3, Episode 10 of The Last Man On Earth, which aired on March 5, 2017. Having said that, nobody can be blamed by assuming this is describing the current COVID-19 outbreak. Digging into the episode some more provides discussion of what the societal reaction may be if COVID-19 continues to spread at a rapid speed as COVID-19 continues to spread. 

The episode begins outdoors at night with a woman named Pamela Brinton holding an auction for The Pamela Brinton Foundation. It is dedicated to, yes, canine hip dysplasia. Despite being attended by over a dozen people, she does not appear to be too popular by the crowd, as none of her corny jokes get a reaction. Eventually, a man in the audience suddenly collapses, and is found with blood on his face. While there is no mention of a virus going around before, it can be assumed through later scenes he has the virus.

What is notable here is while the gathering wasn’t huge, people were sitting close together. In a world with COVID-19, there a few scenarios why they could be there: the social distancing guidelines had yet to go down to being around just five people, or they ignored/didn’t have the social distancing guidelines. This brings into question if there were ever social distancing guidelines, and if not, how that could have affected the outcome of the virus in The Last Man On Earth.

In the next scene, we get to learn a little more about Pamela by seeing her in her house eating breakfast. For one, it is implied she is rich by her well-kept, large house as well as the utilization of a maid. Pamela begins to talk about the virus, calling the hype around it an overreaction and assuming (or at least telling herself) it’s a bad flu season. She also feels comfort in that President Pence has been put in charge of monitoring the virus. As a side note, President Trump is not part of the timeline in this episode of The Last Man On Earth. We can assume he is no longer in office, likely because he had already succumbed to the virus (or maybe he was removed from office, just like what almost became reality).

While at least most people don’t suddenly collapse due to COVID-19, there are still parallels that can be made here. Despite studies showing that COVID-19 is different than the flu, everyone is still being told to look at it like it’s the flu, and treat it as such some still believe this situation is similar to the flu, and that it is unnecessary to close down the economy. There is also plenty of talk of the media excessively covering COVID-19, and some people are politicizing it. And while President Pence has not been put in charge of monitoring the virus, Vice President Pence has, although the public figures at press briefings were often President Trump, Dr. Fauci, and Dr. Birx.

The next scene in this episode of The Last Man On Earth sees Pamela and her small dog in a limousine. She notices everyone is wearing a mask and realizes the virus is much worse than she thought. When she notices a dog is also wearing a mask, she puts her hands over her own dog’s eyes and pulls up the dividing window in the limo when her driver coughs.

In real life, it has been advised by the government and international health organizations for people who have COVID-19 to consider wearing masks, but stresses someone without symptoms should not buy any due to shortages in supply and most governors and federal officials strongly encourage everyone have a mask should they need to be in a public place, or even around family in friends who one hasn’t been in contact with for a whileShould COVID-19 become more widespread and fatal As COVID-19 continues to spread and be fatal, it is not difficult to imagine everyone most people wanting a mask. However, unlike in The Last Man On Earth, it does not appear as though everyone who wants a mask will get oneWhile it appears most people who want a mask will be able to make or purchase one, many others refuse to wear them for various reasons.

When Pamela arrives home, she talks to her husband about why her mad hadn’t been coming to the house. He explains to her that the maid died from the virus, causing Pamela to angrily raise her voice and think a vaccine has to have been made already, and the government must be hiding it. This is proven wrong when they turn on the television and find the funeral procession for President Pence, and quickly thereafter the next five Presidents who were in Pence’s line of succession. Pamela’s doubts are now completely disproven, and she finally realizes this is indeed a widespread deadly pandemic.

In real life, while the government does not have a vaccine hidden, President Trump is touting a drug used to treat other illnesses. While there is no proof it can act as a vaccine for COVID-19, he told the press he has been taking the drug as he prioritizes trying to find a quick solution so the economy can be fully opened with or without a vaccine. This is quite the opposite from what Pamela had in mind on The Last Man On Earth. 

This shows that, at least now and very likely in the future, COVID-19 is not as deadly as the virus in The Last Man On Earth While COVID-19 has not wiped out nearly the entire population, it is still extremely deadly (and also, the people in the real line of succession are not the same as a result of the 2018 midterm elections). But there is the similarity where there is no vaccine for neither COVID-19 nor the virus in The Last Man On Earth, and both can start with flu-like symptoms.

Pamela’s realization of how fatal the virus has become leads to her deciding to wear a mask. When she goes into a big store to get one, she finds nobody working, many supplies gone, and most other spread throughout the ground. She encounters Catherine, who was in the crowd of her auction that opened the episode, and gets into a short conversation. It is revealed that Catherine and her husband have bought a bunker.

Given it is presumed Catherine and her husband are wealthy, buying a bunker is not unheard of. In fact, some rich people in real life have already purchased bunkers well ahead of the COVID-19 outbreak. Due to the price tag, the ordinary person is unable to invest in a bunker, demonstrating how rich people are naturally inclined to be more prepared for a worldwide pandemic better than anyone else. This would lead one to believe that as an outcome of a virus which takes out the vast majority of the population, it is likely the majority of people who are left are rich. Granted, The Last Man On Earth follows a group of people who certainly are not rich, but it was never confirmed they were indeed the only ones still inhabiting the earth.

Things take a turn for the worst when Pamela finds out her husband has the virus and sees him voluntarily locked in a small room, telling her to leave so she doesn’t get the virus from him. She does so, enters Catherine’s house and finds her face down on the bed, having also succumbed to the virus. Luckily for Pamela, the key to Catherine’s bunker is in the bedroom, which she takes and finds the bunker. Of course, she can’t go along: she takes her dog, Jeremy, with her.

The bunker is luxurious and with modern technology, though Pamela does acknowledge she’s not a huge fan of the canned beans and tools on the shelves. She does, however, enjoy the huge screen that lets her see world-famous settings. Since she does not know what she is doing, she accidentally launches a drone in the air, and has no idea where it is going or how to control it. The next four years consist of her and Jeremy in the bunker, and Pamela waits for the “all-clear” from scientists. As time went on, she realizes this would not happen.

Back to COVID-19: people may not all be hanging out in bunkers with their dogs, but there are plenty of people in either voluntary or mandatory quarantine everyone in the United States has been under a stay-at-home order for a period of time, with some states lifting that order well before others. And while two weeks two to three months (and possibly more) is far less time than four years, Pamela’s behavior brings into question how a person’s behavior would change if they were left without any human interaction. As it turns out, some are much more patient than others with the stay-at-home orders. As much as a person may love their pet, they can’t be humanized and are not about to learn how to say ‘milk’.

‘Milk’ is not a random word used as an example. It’s what Pamela spent years trying to get Jeremy to say. It started seemingly out of boredom, but as time went on Pamela became increasingly angry at him for not repeating the word back to her. Any sane person would know he doesn’t have the capabilities of doing this, which hints at Pamela’s descent into insanity as she continues to live with only her dog in a bunker. And while Pamela had always been quirky, the pre-bunker scenes are enough to tell us she was sane before the virus broke out.

One of the most troublesome bunker scenes is when she is changing the setting on the huge screen with a blindfold and knows which one is coming next, and does not appear to be excited at any of them. What used to fascinate her, like unlimited dancing and one-person parties, has gotten stale, and her indulgence in wine has turned her into a full-on alcoholic. She has even grown tired of herself; when she looks in a mirror, she snarls.

It’s also important to make note of the limited resources one will have if they opt to live with their dog in a bunker for four years. Pamela eats and also feeds her dog cat food, as she has already gone through the rest of the food available and has no resources to buy or grow her own.

The lesson here is if you plan on hanging out in a bunker for a prolonged period of time to wait out the virus, bring some food and another virus-free person with you. The major dilemma, though, is an unknown number of people who contracted COVID-19 have been asymptomatic. This means they were contagious while feeling no symptoms of their own, but having no way of knowing they were contagious due to the lack of widespread testing. Also, don’t take your descent into insanity out onto your pet, unless you want it to run away from you the first chance it gets.

The episode ends with Pamela relocating the drone, and finding someone relaxing on a pool chair. When the person (Gail, a main character on The Last Man On Earth) notices the drone, she gathers some other people from the group together, at which point the drone runs out of battery. She recharges it, approaches the group with it again, only to have it shot down by one of them. Realizing there is a group of people alive and well, Pamela desperately leaves the bunker and sets out to find them, at which point the episode ends (she eventually finds them in a later episode).

Chances are a vaccine for COVID-19 comes in time to avoid similar events from taking place. However, with scientists predicting worldwide virus outbreaks may start happening more frequently, and the vaccine not predicted to be ready by top health officials until 2021, it has to be wondered who would survive and why. All that is known at this point is the elderly and those with underlying heart conditions are the vast majority of deaths in the first few months. Despite the odds, most of the people shown on The Last Man On Earth are ordinary people who inexplicably did not succumb to the virus. So far, COVID-19 and the pre-bunker scenes in this episode of The Last Man On Earth have some similarities. The key now is to take precautions and hope a vaccine is found so we don’t have to go through the possibility of the events found later in the episode from taking place in time so that hundreds of thousands of deaths don’t turn into millions or billions. 

Sunday TV Ratings 5/24/20: Titanic Sinks, Little Big Shots Ends on New Low, NASCAR Leads Silent Night

The Sunday before Memorial Day wasn't blessed with any strong ratings, with every show multiple tenths under the league average.

As always, Fox aired a NASCAR race. The Coca-Cola 600 was down about a tenth year-to-year, the only thing about this night that could be described as "impressive." The race beat out the competition and gave Fox a nightly win by about two tenths.

ABC's game show repeats failed to dazzle in the way they so often do, though they weren't a far cry off last year's pre-Memorial Day results. Celebrity Family Feud had a decent-by-this-night's-standards 0.5, while Press Your Luck and Match Game, both new to the Sunday lineup after airing on Wednesdays last year, both attracted 0.4s. An AFV repeat at 7 received 0.5.

CBS aired Titanic, the iconic Oscar-winning film, for all four hours of primetime, with a rare 60 Minutes preemption at 7. It's hard to imagine 60 Minutes performing worse than Titanic, which hit a ratings iceberg with only a 0.4. At the very least, it grew during the night and wasn't a far cry from Mission: Impossible last week.

NBC said goodbye (certainly forever) to Little Big Shots. It hit a series low for the two episodes it aired. The 7 PM showing drew a pitiful 0.2, hitting an even more pitiful 0.1 in the second half. The 8 PM showing did a bit "better" with 0.2s in both halves. That's something, I guess. The Wall aired its last episodes before moving to Monday. Scheduling for this show has been absolutely atrocious, with it now having aired in all four Sunday hours within its ten-episode run. That certainly didn't help it any in the ratings. It drew 0.3 in both hours, with a 0.2 for the first half of its first episode. We'll see how it transfers to Monday but things don't look terribly promising from here.

The CW had repeats, both at 0.1.

Final numbers to come.

The Book of Terri - Episode 2.02 - Intervention

The Book of Terri

2x02 - “Intervention”

Written By:

Jessica Boggs




Natasha suddenly rushes. 


What the f*** are you doing with the drugs I thought I hid?


Terri looks at Natasha as she attempts to walk towards her. 

Katie stops her. 


You don’t look so good. 


I actually feel great. 


You don’t realize you’re going to get in serious trouble with these?


I don’t care. 


Let’s call an intervention right now. I don’t care if I miss class. 


Natasha, still resistant, attempts to run away from the vicinity. 

Katie then attempts to follow her.


What are you doing, Natasha?

Terri, Abigail, and Cassidy gather around. 


Now, we got her running. 


How do we stop her?


I don’t think Katie needs to catch her alone. Wait a second, Natasha’s in the parking lot. 


The high school is situated in the north western side of West Hartford, Connecticut. 

We see Natasha walking around furiously. 

The girls exit the school and head into the parking lot.


What the f*** do you want with me?


Natasha, stop this. You’re getting yourself into trouble. 

Katie then grabs Natasha. 

Natasha huffs and puffs. 

Cassidy and Abigail run closer.

Abigail stops Katie and Natasha. 


Look, Natasha. This is unacceptable. These drugs are clouding your judgment. 


Not to mention, you’re losing a lot of friends. 

Natasha then collapses.



Katie immediately attempts CPR. 

Cassidy then runs to the building. 

Terri then calls 9-1-1. 


Come on, Natasha. Live!

Will Natasha come back? 



THE BOOK OF TERRI is one of The TV Ratings Guide's ORIGINAL SERIES, an exclusive feature of  The TV Ratings Guide.

THE BOOK OF TERRI is written and executive produced by Jessica Boggs and production is overseen by TVRGO as well as Boggs Productions. 


The TV Ratings Guide Cable Ratings Database - Winter & Spring 2020

Welcome to the TV Ratings Guide's Cable Ratings Database for Winter and Spring 2020! Here, you'll find the ratings for many cable shows, all of which are covered by us in our daily cable ratings posts. The shows are categorized by the days that they air, and they can all be found below. New shows will be added as they premiere, so don't forget to tune back in every once in a while. Just click on each show below and it will take you to that show's ratings page.

The TV Ratings Guide Cable Ratings Database

Welcome to the TV Ratings Guide's Cable Ratings Database! Here, you'll find the ratings for many cable shows, all of which are covered by us in our daily cable ratings posts. The shows are categorized by the days that they air, and they can all be found below. New shows will be added as they premiere, so don't forget to tune back in every once in a while. Just click on each show below and it will take you to that show's ratings page.

Spinoff Stories -- Blackish (Article XI)

Take a ride through the rich history of television, as TVRG begins exploring spinoffs of successful sitcoms and their triumphs and trounces in network efforts to expand successful sitcoms and create franchises.  Article XI explores the success story of Blackish, a mid 2010's success machine which has seamlessly launched a spinoff and prequel.

For more on how Blackish and Mixedish ranked in the nielsens through their combined 17 seasons, check out the RATINGS HISTORY LIBRARY

Saturday TV Ratings 5/23/20: SNL Vintage with Fred Willard Down but Still Ties The Secret Life of Pets and 48 Hours for the Win

One week after the Graduate Together special featuring an appearance by former President Obama drew a combined 1.4 on broadcast, the networks this week struggled to even scrape a 0.3 together.

NBC somehow won the night with just a 0.3 average. They kicked off their night with The Secret Life of Pets at 8, which drew 0.3s for both of its hours. The animated flick was a box office blockbuster, and though these ratings aren't exactly massive, it's still enough to give it the win. At 10, SNL paid tribute to the late, great Fred Willard with an SNL Vintage episode hosted by him from 1978. It drew a 0.3, allowing it to also tie for #1.

The Last Dance is the #1 new show of the season for ESPN, but that magic didn't rub off on ABC. They aired repeats of it from 8 to 10 last night, but it seems like everyone that's already wanted to see it has already seen it with just a 0.2 at 8. Nevertheless, the uptick at 9 was enough to also let it tie for #1 for the night. A repeat of The Rookie at 10 was down to 0.2.

CBS had a shockingly horrific repeat of MacGyver at 0.1 and grew from there, with Magnum PI at 0.2 and an original 48 Hours at 0.3.

Fox repeated two of the biggest bombs in history, the canceled (?) Flirty Dancing and the just-premiered Labor of Love, to expectedly disastrous results. At least they didn't hit the Blutarsky.

Final numbers to come.

Upcoming Kids Cartoons: 5 Shows Destined For Success, And 10 With An Uphill Battle

With an abundance of television networks and streaming services, many cartoons aimed at kids are scheduled to premiere later in 2020. Below is a look into those on Disney Channel, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix, and Nickelodeon, as well as speculation about their chances of success. Before we start, it is important to note that every single one of these shows has a purpose to be ordered to series. It is simply part of the television business that some will inevitably fail, regardless of how well development went.

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Friday TV Ratings 5/22/20: Disney Family Singalong and Celebrity Escape Room Repeats Do Decently, Smackdown Leads (UPDATED)

Preliminary Analysis: On an incredibly quiet night, Fox's 'WWE Smackdown' (0.6) registered as the night's highest-rated program. This was in stark contrast to yesterday's embarrassingly low debut of reality series 'Labor of Love' (0.2). ABC had repeats of the second edition of their Disney singalong (0.4) and '20/20' (0.4). CBS matched the alphabet network with encores of 'MacGyver' (0.4), 'Magnum' (0.4), and 'Blue Bloods' (0.4). NBC performed a tiny bit better with repeat showings of yesterday's 'Celebrity Escape Room' (0.4) and 'Dateline' (0.5). The CW had a healthy mix of magic show and improv comedy repeats (0.1/0.1/0.1/0.2).