iZombie S2E13 Review

This week, Liv eats the brains of a pathological liar.

S2E13 "The Whopper"

The episode starts with Ravi and Major searching for the utopium. Major thinks he has found it, but the person hasn't been dead long enough. Ravi and Clive have a hilarious conversation about geo-caching. A woman identifies the dead body, and her idiocy is hilarious. She says that the man was an FBI agent. However, Clive later discovers that he likely wasn't an FBI agent. Clive and Liv investigate, and discover that the man always lied. They also discover that he worked for Mr. Boss. Blaine discovers that his father's assets are to go to him, but only under certain circumstances, so now he doesn't receive the assets. Blaine's henchmen reveal that they have kidnapped Major, and they know that he is the Chaos Killer.

Blaine makes a deal with Major, and Major tells Blaine everything, except who told him to eliminate the zombies. It was a great Blaine scene. Liv tells a lie about almost winning the lottery, this brain is going to be really interesting. Major tells Blaine that his customers aren't dead. Blaine still tries to figure out who is giving Major his orders. Blaine hilariously tries to pretend to care about his dad. Clive talks to Ravi, revealing that he is actually catching on to Liv's personality traits, playing along because he thinks it will help her. The cleared this up quickly and efficiently. Clive shares with Liv that he thinks that "Big Fish" was a hit man for Mr. Boss. Major shows up at Liv's.

Major tells Liv a made up story of how he ran in to Blaine. Liv also makes up stories, because of the pathological liar brain, and that Drake is over. Mr. Boss gives Drake a new mission of someone to kill. Liv gives a voice-over monologue about lying, and it is really good writing. She has a vision when there are sirens, seeing that Big Fish could have put the other person they talked to in for murder. Drake goes to kill the guy, but the guy attacks him. Clive and Liv show up at his house, and discover that it is empty. They also discover that he was trying to get on a flight to Mexico. Major brings Blaine his frozen father. Major kills a zombie. Liv calls Drake when he doesn't show up. He shows up later that night, and Liv has a vision of the night Drake was shot.

Liv explains her dilemma to Ravi. The FBI lady shows Clive a photo of Blaine that has Major in it. Liv pretends to be a reporter as she meets with Big Fish's mother. A picture she sees gives her a vision. Liv calls Ravi and tells him she knows where the body is buried, and he tells her that the zombie rat died. Blaine unfreezes his father, and he pretends that a lot of time has gone by, which is hilarious. Then, we get some insight into how truly horrible Blaine's childhood was. It is a really good scene. Liv, Ravi, and Major dig, will this be another tragic moment, or a victory on the way to creating the zombie cure? It looks to be the latter.

This was a great episode. I loved how much of Blaine's backstory we got, the victory at the end, and the funny moments.

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