Fresh Off the Boat S2E14 Review

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This week, Emory plays tennis. Will Jessica being competitive be funny?

S2E14 "Michael Chang Fever"

At the start of the episode, Evan and Emory give Jessica the results of a career test they took at school. Evan gets surgeon general, while Emory gets flight attendant. This is funny. Louis is excited about a tennis match, and there is a hilarious scene from the past where Louis cheers on a referee. Evan and Eddie are uninterested, but Emory is interested, so Louis and Jessica decide to teach him tennis. Eddie discovers that Evan is getting picked on, and decides to help out. Emory turns out to be a natural, and there is a really funny joke about how Jessica wants all of the lessons until she discovers how expensive they are.

Jessica reads a book on child prodigies, and discovers that most were only children, so she and Louis decide to swap Eddie and Emory's sleeping arrangements. Emory keeps winning in the championship, and gets all the way to the finals. There are some really great moments in this montage. Michael Cheng loses the championship, so Jessica and Louis have some hilarious advice. Eddie and his friends go to help Evan, and they discover the person picking on him is a girl, and that he isn't getting picked on, but losing a game. Emory fires both Louis and Jessica as his coaches.

Eddie and Evan talk about Evan's addiction, and it's pretty funny. Jessica discovers that she has been banned from Emory's games, and that Emory has a success perm. Both things are really funny. Grandma Huang plays in a game for Evan, and she helps him win. It is funny, and gets funnier when Evan wants to go double or nothing. Emory wins his match, and gets an offer to go to a tennis school, but he would have to move, so he decides not to, which Jessica and Louis are happy about. However, he still wants to be a flight attendant.

This was a great episode. Jessica had some great moments.

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