TV Show Quiz #1: The Middle: UPDATED - Scores Posted

Hello all! A new fun feature on The TV Ratings Guide is similar to the Sporcle Quizzes that are posted every week by Ms. Bunch. But on these quizzes, they are going to be quizzes about various shows. So the first edition is going to be for The Middle! Have fun!

The winner was posted on July 30, 2016, so you will had one week to complete it.

The winner received 10 points, second place received 5 points, and third place received 3 points. Anybody not in the top 3 received 1 point. After four quizzes (one round) are completed, the person with the most points (points add up each week) will win that round.

So here is an example:

Week 1: 10 points
Week 2: 1 point
Week 3: 3 points
Week 4: 10 points = Total: 24 points


Week 1: 5 points
Week 2: 1 point
Week 3: 10 points
Week 4: 5 points = Total: 21 points

So,  Bob won the first round.

Quiz Closed

I hope you like the feature? Have any questions? Let me know in the comments below!


1st Place - Full Boyle - 10 points
2nd Place - Hunter Vogt - 5 points
2t - theratingsjunkie - 5 points
3rd Place - Andrew - 3 points
4th Place - Rebecca Bunch - 1 point
5th Place - Out of Curiosity - 1 point

Preacher S1E9 Review

Preacher S1E9 Review
Everyone has a dark side. Nice to see Emily has one too. But damn girl, you Psycho.

S1E9 'Finish the Song'


After getting arrested by the sheriff, Jesse escapes on the way to jail and goes into hiding under a bridge. Meanwhile, Tulip puts Emily in charge of feeding Cassidy while she goes to kill Carlos. Emily decides to kill 2 birds with one stone by calling Miles the mayor to Tulip's house and traps him in a room with a deranged and blood hungry Cassidy. Jesse comes to the house to get Tulip's help but finds Cassidy and gets threatened by him, but they both reconcile and together they get rid of all the bodies Cassidy had drained. Cassidy also decides to help Jesse find God while Tulip finds Carlos.

Meanwhile the Angels leave their motel to go to hell, leaving the decapitated Seraph to be found by the sheriff, who kills her out of mercy but unknowingly allows her to be resurrected to complete her mission. In hell, the Angels find the Cowboy, who has been stuck inside a cruel time loop. The Angels offer the Cowboy a chance to leave hell in exchange for killing Jesse, an offer the Cowboy seems happy to accept.

I loved the interactions of the Angels in the travel agency and on their way to hell. They were my favourite characters in this episode. After them is Emily who took us all by surprise when she led the mayor to his demise while remaining normal soon after. It felt good to see Cassidy again, despite remaining in a mutilated state thanks to his burn, but at least he has his sense of humour. Jesse's phone call to Tulip was really sweet but it's a shame she didn't respond to him seeing how she was busy with Carlos. Now that the Cowboy is coming to town, I'm having a good feeling about the finale, especially since this was a great setup episode

Quote of the week: "You pulled me out, that's what matters"

Cable Renew/Cancel Watch - Freeform, MTV, TNT, and Syfy: 'Scream' and 'Dead of Summer' Are Dying + Much More!

Cable Renew/Cancel: Freeform, MTV, TNT, and Syfy: Week 7

Young & Hungry
😊 😊 😊 😊 😊
The Fosters
😊 😊 😊 😊 😊
Baby Daddy
Renewed = hit
Dead of Summer
Likely to be Cancelled

Dead of Summer:  Dead of Summer never had any room to fall as it premiered to a 0.2, and it was able to keep that. In fact, I was going to move it up this week to a Likely Renewal due to Freefall, Freeform's state. But this past week, it fell to a 0.16, which still rounds to a 0.2, but that does not show a sign of life. I'll downgrade it to a Likely Cancellation for now.

Likely to be Cancelled 

Scream: Scream was able to hold on for dear life to a 0.2 for quite a few weeks, but this past week same as Dead of Summer, it fell to a 0.15. Ouch. Yes, that still rounds to a 0.2, but again, that is not a good sign of life for future seasons. I'll have to downgrade it to a Likely Cancellation. Let's see if it can go up in the next few weeks, as I've heard that this week's episode was well liked. Perhaps MTV will renew it due to it being so iconic, and the show collapsing because of a dumb scheduling choice.

Animal Kingdom
The Last Ship
😀 😀 😀 😀
Major Crimes
😀 😀 😀 😀
Murder In The First
 😀 😀 😀 😀
Rizzoli & Isles
Final Season
The Librarians
Murder In The First: Has seen a respectable increase in ratings in the past few weeks. Because of this, I'll move it to a Likely Renewal. But it is very close to a Toss Up.

Wyonna Earp
Renewed = hit
12 Monkeys
Renewed = miss 
Dark Matter
😀 😀 😀 😀
😀 😀 😀 😀
Cancelled = hit 

Dark Matter and Killjoys: Scored a 0.1 last week, which is shocking.. (not really). Basically every Syfy show gets a 0.1. But, they seem to be happy with those ratings, as they keep renewing those shows. So, until it utterly collapses (0.0 after 0.0), I'll keep them as a Likely Renewal.
What did you think of the predictions? Enjoying the new feature? Let us know in the comments!

Certain to be Renewed: 😊
Likely to be Renewed: 😀
Toss-Up: 😐
Likely to be Canceled: 😟
Certain to be Canceled: 😭

New Show Hit/Miss Fall 2016 - The Great Indoors

New Show Hit/Miss Fall 2016 - The Great Indoors
This feature examines what may cause this fall's new shows to do well or poorly. Today's article talks about what may cause The Great Indoors to succeed or fail.

What May Cause The Great Indoors to be a Hit?

Large lead-in
The Great Indoors will likely get a lot of people checking it out, as it airs after CBS's highest-rated show, The Big Bang Theory. The huge hit comedy will provide a nice lead-in for The Great Indoors.

On-brand for CBS
Not only is The Great Indoors a multi-camera comedy, which is what does best on CBS, but also its premise of an outdoors-y guy having to deal with a bunch of millennials is a premise that seems like it should be appealing to CBS's typical older audience.

What May Cause The Great Indoors to be a Miss for CBS?

Less trailer views than the Monday night comedies
The trailer-watching article tells us that the trailer views for The Great Indoors are below those of Man with a Plan and Kevin Can Wait. It seems that people may be interested in the show, or they may not know it exists.

Trailer not well liked
Additionally, those who saw the trailer weren't impressed. Its 61 like/dislike ratio has it tied with Lethal Weapon for the second least liked trailer, only behind MacGyver. Again, that information can be found here.

The Good Place could be a hit
The Great Indoors will be airing up against another new comedy, and that one gets a five-week head start. We don't know how well The Good Place will perform, but it could potentially draw viewers away from The Great Indoors.

What to Expect for The Great Indoors?

I think that the positive factors will have a great effect on the show, and that it will be successful, as I think that the large lead-in covers for the trailer views and being on-brand covers up for trailer reception, considering the age of CBS's audience.

Which factors do you think will be most in play in causing The Great Indoors to be a hit or a miss? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

New Show Hit/Miss Articles

Friday TV Ratings: "What Would You Do" Up On A Slow Night

Friday TV Ratings: "What Would You Do" Up On A Slow Night

Shark Tank (R) - 0.8
What Would You Do? - 0.8
20/20 (R) - 0.7
NCIS: Los Angeles (R) - 0.6
Hawaii Five-0 (R) - 0.6
Blue Bloods (R) - 0.6
America's Got Talent (R) - 0.8
Dateline NBC (R) - 0.8
Bones (R) - 0.5
MasterChef (R) - 0.4

Masters of Illusion - 0.2MadTV (R) - 0.2

On a repeat-filled Friday, ABC had another Shark Tank repeat (0.8) and one of the
two originals of the night, What Would You Do (0.8) which was up a tenth from last
week followed by a 20/20 repeat (0.7). CBS had all 0.6s with repeats of NCIS:
Los Angeles, Hawaii Five-0, and Blue Bloods. NBC had strong repeats with
America's Got Talent (0.8) and Dateline NBC (0.8). FOX had a strong
repeat of Bones (0.5) and a MasterChef repeat (0.4). And the CW had 
the other original of the night with Masters of Illusion (0.2) which stayed low
and a repeat of MadTV (0.2).  

Sporcle Quizzes of the Week- Animation Edition/ Sporcle Contest #5 UPDATED

Welcome to the fifth edition of the Sporcle Quizzes of the week! I've got three quizzes about Animated shows for you today.

1) Cartoons for Adults

I created this quiz last week, and I really enjoyed creating it. I love animated shows, especially ones like Archer and Bob's Burgers. I tried to include some very popular shows, as well as some shows that only lasted a season or so. It was interesting to see the results, because I was surprised by them.
# of Questions: 25
My Score: N/A

2) Pick the Different: TV Voice Artists

This is the quiz that made me choose Animation as the week's theme. I thought it was a really unique and interesting quiz that I would really love to see more of. It was a lot harder than I initially thought it would be. I never realized how many roles that some voice actors play.
# of Questions: 26
My Score: 15/26

3)Animation by Necktie (Picture Click)

This quiz was really neat. I found it when looking for quizzes for this post, and I'm glad I did. This quizmaker always makes really great, unique quizzes that I really find fun. This quiz is no different.
# of Questions: 24
My Score: 23/24
Once again, it is time for the contest. Here's what you need to do to enter:
1) Play all three quizzes.
2) Comment your score on each quiz in the comments.
On Friday, I will post the results of the Contest.
I hope that you have enjoyed this post (And the quizzes). I'll be back in one week with yet another installment.

If you missed it, here's the unpublished quizzes edition.
And here's the Inaugural Edition.
And the qlh27 Edition.
And the Editor Picked Edition.

1) JB- 69 Points
1) The Middle of Nashville- 69 Points
3) Andrew- 58 Points
4) Full Boyle- 54 Points
5) theratingsguide- 52 Points

This is the fifth week of the 1st TVRG-Sporcle Tournament. For each week, the winner of the week gets a varying amount of points, depending of how many people participated. If 5 people participate, the winner gets 4 point, if 6 participate, the winner gets 5 points, etc. For each place lower, the point increment drops by one point. At the end of 10 weeks, the person with the most points will win.

Tournament Standings:
1) The Middle of Nashville- 19 Points
2) JB- 16 Points
3) Andrew- 12 Points
4) Full Boyle- 4 Points
5) HV- 2 Points
6) theratingsjunkie- 0 Points

Contest #6 will be a bit late, but should be released tonight.