Jess's Take: Some Bizarre Moments

Hello there, fellow earthlings! It's Jessica (aka Super Smoo), and this is the long awaited new installment of Jess's Take for 2016. In TV history, there are plenty of bizarre moments, and I have compiled a list of some of my personal favorite bizarre moments.

1. #LuciferisComing, and It's Not What You Think It Is
I'm going to give the backstory to this bizarrely hilarious story. The hashtag #LuciferisComing originated in 2009 to coincide with Supernatural's fifth season premiere. However, the trend was blocked after rapper Diddy and several other Twitter followers tweeted #GodisHere. This led to the Supernatural fandom tweeting a new hashtag called #PDiddyisScaredofHisTV. That trend was soon also blocked.

Flash forward to 2016, the hashtag was back in full force, and people thought that either evil is lurking on this planet or something Supernatural related. However, it was neither of those. The hashtag was related to the premiere of FOX's new show Lucifer, about the devil himself moving to LA, opening a nightclub and solving crimes. Hence, Supernatural gave a hilarious jab at the show when Lucifer answers Sam's question about what will happen when Amara (aka The Darkness) is defeated by saying: "I move to LA. Solve crimes."

2. The Sexy Getting Ready Song Destroys Misogyny, and It's Glorious
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a show that probably should have gotten what Galavant was getting in its second season in terms of ratings. In its first episode alone, we have Rebecca Bunch moving to West Covina, California, which is apparently only two hours from the beach.

Now what I found bizarre about the show's first episode was "The Sexy Getting Ready Song", about how Rebecca Bunch gets ready to meet her teenage crush. The rap was the most hilarious part of the song, where the rapper says that he wanted to apologize to some b**ches. Sorry for the language, folks.

3. Kentucky Brings On Burning Couches
In 2012, following a Final Four win against Louisville, fans of the University of Kentucky's men's basketball team took onto State Street and decided to flip cars and you guessed it, burn couches. A Twitter account based on the burning couch originated during the championship.

Then in 2014, a win against Wisconsin and a loss against Connecticut brought on the fire when fans took it to the streets of Lexington, and alas, couches were lost to the fire yet again. Needless to say, Lexington police are prepared to take precautions in case these celebratory and heartbreaking riots happen again.

4. Deflategate, Anyone?
Here we go, another scandal ending in the suffix -gate. This time the New England Patriots were accused to deflating footballs. This scandal carried over to the next season when quarterback Tom Brady was suspended for a few games.

I'm wondering if this was the cause of New England's loss to Denver before Super Bowl 50.

5. Another Supernatural Moment, and We're Changing Channels
In a world where Grey's Anatomy is named Dr. Sexy, MD, Gabriel sends Sam and Dean to a universe where they are in TV shows. This includes Dr. Sexy, MD, a CSI-style procedural, a sitcom, and a genital herpes commercial. All in one, equals bizarrely funny.

What are your favorite bizarrely funny moments? Let me know in the comments below!

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