Thursday Cable Ratings 11/29/18: Impractical Jokers Falters, Floribama Shore Has Decent Return

Below are the Top 25 programs on cable on Thursday, 11/29/18. Items of note include Impractical Jokers on Tru, the return of Floribama Shore on MTV, and Tender Touches on Adult Swim.
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18-49 Viewers
Viewers (mil.)
Thursday Night FootballNFL1.13.20
Jersey Shore Family VacationMTV0.661.13
Thursday Pre-KickNFL0.561.76
Thursday Post-GameNFL0.561.49
NBA: Warriors v. RaptorsTNT0.441.14
Floribama ShoreMTV0.410.73
NBA: Clippers v. KingsTNT0.360.78
The Rachel Maddow ShowMSNBC0.353.41
Floribama ShoreMTV0.310.57
Tender TouchesAdult Swim0.310.58
Thursday PregameNFL0.30.85
NFL Total AccessNFL0.30.72
Live PD: PD CamA&E0.31.15
Liga MX: Tigres v. UNAMUniv. Deportes0.290.67
Shahs of SunsetBravo0.290.88
Live PD: PD CamA&E0.280.94
Pardon the InterruptionESPN0.280.83
The Last WordMSNBC0.282.75
Tender TouchesAdult Swim0.280.53
Liga MC: Toluca v. AmericaUniv. Deportes0.280.58
30 For 30ESPN0.260.79
Impractical JokersTru0.260.50
Beat Bobby FlayFood0.250.91
The Case That Haunts MeInvest. Discovery0.251.05

ABC Renew/Cancel - November 30: American Housewife is Certain to be Renewed

ABC Renew/Cancel - November 30: American Housewife is Certain to be Renewed
I've taken a couple of weeks off from ABC Renew/Cancel, as a lot of ABC's programs have taken weeks off, some because of Thanksgiving. But now it's back, and it's time to analyze the developments on the network in the last three weeks. This includes one upgrade in predictions and one downgrade, as two shows have begun looking differently than they were in the early weeks of the season.

Format for predictions:
Show title (average 18-49 rating, season low-season high)

Certain to be Canceled

Likely to be Canceled
The Kids are Alright (1.1, 0.9-1.4)
Splitting Up Together (0.8, 0.6-0.9)

Fresh Off the Boat (0.6, 0.5-0.7)
Single Parents (1.0, 0.9-1.3)

Likely to be Renewed
How to Get Away with Murder (0.8, 0.7-0.8)
A Million Little Things (0.8, 0.7-1.1)
Modern Family (1.4, 1.2-1.6)
The Rookie (0.8, 0.7-1.0)
Speechless (0.5, 0.4-0.6)

Certain to be Renewed
American Housewife (1.1, 0.9-1.2)
Black-ish (1.0, 0.8-1.1)
The Conners (1.7, 1.4-2.4)
The Goldbergs (1.2, 1.0-1.4)
The Good Doctor (1.1, 1.0-1.3)
Grey's Anatomy (1.7, 1.5-1.9)
Station 19 (1.0, 0.8-1.3)

American Housewife: It was always obvious that ABC was going to renew American Housewife, considering that they own the show and that it will finish this season with 70 episodes. Now, ABC has made it even more clear what faith they have in the show, by ordering another episode for this season and moving it mid-season to lead-off Tuesdays. There's no way ABC gets rid of this show this season, and this makes it seem unlikely that they do that anytime in the near future.

Fresh Off the Boat: On November 16th, for its sixth episode of the season, Fresh Off the Boat hit a new season high of 0.7. It wasn't even something that was almost a 0.6, it was actually fairly close to being a 0.8. This specific rating makes Fresh Off the Boat look renewable, especially considering that if ABC renews Speechless, they are likely going to want something to pair with it. If this turns out to not be a fluke, then Fresh Off the Boat will be likely to return for a sixth season.

The Kids are Alright: After looking strong in its third week, The Kids are Alright has gotten quite a bit weaker, getting 0.9-1.0 out of 1.4-1.5 from The Conners. This is not good, and it's now gone from looking likely to return to looking unlikely to. Although, it has a whole season ahead of it, and if it can hold up when American Housewife slides over to Tuesdays, then it can turn things around. For now though, that seems unlikely.

Single Parents: After two weeks off, Single Parents returned with its weakest rating yet, scoring a weak (at least preliminary) 0.9 out of a 1.3 from Modern Family. If it keeps rating like this, I don't see it returning. For now though, I'm keeping it as a toss-up.

What do you think of my predictions? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

CW Renew/Cancel: Charmed is Certain to be Renewed, No Matter How Low its Ratings Get

Welcome to the CW Renew/Cancel Watch. There have been no changes in predictions since the last one, so Charmed has to go into the headline.

Certain Renewal
Certain Renewal
Certain Renewal
Certain Renewal
Certain Renewal
The Flash
Certain Renewal
Likely Renewal
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
Likely Renewal
All American
Leans Renewal
Black Lightning
Leans Renewal
Leans Renewal
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Final Season
Final Season
Jane the Virgin
Final Season

Charmed: The ratings for Charmed dropped further to a 0.23 this past week. For a WB show, this would indicate its in danger for cancelation, but it's fully produced by CBS. My guess is, it's still good enough for renewal no matter how low its ratings get.

All American and Legacies were steady this week, leaving them at "leans renewal" until more data comes along. Maybe an upgrade is in order. Stay tuned.

What do you think about this week's predictions? Let me know in the comments below!

Thursday TV Ratings 11/29/18: Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Solid, LEGO Jurassic World Flops

Final numbers to come.
18-49 Ratings
Viewers (mil)
8 PMThursday Night Football4.5/1915.74Fox

The Big Bang Theory (R)1.2/58.10CBS

Olaf's Frozen Adventure0.9/44.01ABC

LEGO Jurassic World: The Secret Exhibit0.5/22.13NBC

Supernatural0.4/21.51The CW
8:30 PMYoung Sheldon (R)1.1/57.86CBS

Toy Story That Time Forgot0.8/33.29ABC

LEGO Jurassic World: The Secret Exhibit0.4/21.49NBC
9 PMMom1.1/47.42CBS

Disney Magical Holiday Celebration0.7/33.17ABC

Will & Grace0.6/32.78NBC

Legacies0.3/11.01The CW
9:30 PMMurphy Brown0.8/35.59CBS

I Feel Bad0.4/21.81NBC
10 PMLaw & Order: SVU0.7/33.80NBC


The Goldbergs Season 6 Episode 8 Review

This week's Goldbergs puts the spotlight on Murray's health and Beverly's living room. Both are topics that haven't yet been explored by The Goldbergs, though the episode will probably still end up featuring some familiar elements.

Beverly is concerned about the results of Murray's bloodwork, which makes her want to exercise with him. To her surprise, he agrees. But he's just trying to fool her, because he's planning on using flattery and a seafood dinner to get out of it without refusing outright. It works like a charm. Adam's freaking out about his toy truck rolling into the living room, which Beverly won't let anyone in because she wants to preserve it. He tries to go in, but Beverly hears him and stops him. Adam and Erica change their tune when they learn that some of the room's contents have actual value, and she lets the two of them claim the items for the future, but they won't be able to sell them. Barry gets an idea to convince Murray to start drinking Slim Fast to lost weight, but it backfires when he decides to eat his usual food in addition to the shakes, making things worse. When she has the Frentas over, Beverly notices that all of the items in the living room have Barry's name on them, and she gets upset that Adam and Erica want none of it. This gives her the idea to sell the items from the living room to buy what she wants.

Beverly takes her living room collection to the auction house, but she finds the prices far too low. She raises the prices, and Adam and Erica see these prices in a catalogue. And all of the sudden, they want all the useless crap. At Barry's request, Coach Mellor shows up to help Murray get fit. Murray's resistant at first, but he gets the idea to use the same trick on Mellor that he used on Beverly, and it works. At the auction, the items begin to sell for way less than asking price and Beverly throws a fit. At the house, Mellor is relaxing after his meal with Murray, and Barry goes to the last resort: telling Murray how he really feels. Murray doesn't react very well to this.

Adam and Erica get into a fight with Beverly about her living room collection, and she tells them the real reason she cares so much about it: she collected it to leave some part of the family with them. The kids are able to get the couch (the only thing that sold) back for her, and she tells them that they'll be using it for actual living from now on.

This was one of the funniest episode of The Goldbergs all season. I really enjoyed both plots, because they weren't like the usual stories the show tackles. While their endings were very Goldbergs-esque, the episode felt pretty fresh and different, which hasn't been something you could say very often about The Goldbergs lately. Beverly always cracks me up, but she was by far the best part of this episode and her insistence on absolutely insane prices for her "treasures" really had me in stitches. The stuffed owl fight was also a memorable moment. On the other hand, Barry worrying about Murray's health was really sweet to see, and Barry eventually telling Murray his real feelings to his face was really sweet, even if Murray completely blew his chance for a touching moment afterwards.

Score: 9/10
Grade: A-

Off Topic -- Week 11 (2018-19 Season)

Welcome to a new week of Off Topic, and I got some new tips for you. During finals week, many final assignments and exams are due. Here are some survival tips to ensure you have a successful week.

1. Do Not Panic!
Panicking ensures a stressful week of school where many stress hormones are formed. If you ever feel the need to panic, take a deep breath.

2. Get Some Sleep!
All nighters make a person statistically less likely to perform at optimal levels. Even with caffeine, a person is more likely to crash in the energy department. So, get some sleep folks!

3. Study wisely.
You should at least spend at least 30 minutes on one task and then move to another task. I get more done by timing myself.

These are some tips I have used to study for finals over the years. If you have any other tips, put them in the comments below! Otherwise, let's discuss away!

Will & Grace Season 10 Episode 7 Review

The last episode of Will & Grace left us on somewhat of a cliffhanger regarding Grace and Noah's relationship, due to the discovery of his daughter. We'll see the fallout of that, plus an appearance from Marilyn, in this week's episode.

Noah explains why he doesn't want Grace to meet his daughter, but Grace doesn't really listen and they end up getting in a big argument. She talks to Will and Karen about it, and he's able to convince her to agree to Noah's terms. She goes off to tell him, and Marilyn shows up to see Will. She tells him that his brother died. And by brother, she means her dog, Dr. Silly. He's angry for making him think his actual, human brother died, but she asks him to take part in his service anyway. Grace stops by Noah's to tell him about her change of heart, but she accidentally meets Katie instead and poses as a math tutor. Because this can't go badly.

Grace fails at posing as a amth tutor, and Katie catches on. Grace admits that she's dating Noah, and Katie agrees to keep this visit a secret. Noah gets home before Grace can leave, and Grace ends up hiding in the closet. Despite Katie's objections, Noah opens the closet door to put his coat away, and finds Grace. Meanwhile, will gets a new dog for Marilyn to make up for Dr. Silly's death, but she doesn't want it because Dr. Silly isn't replacable so quickly. She tells Will why Dr. Silly meant so much to her: after George's death, she didn't have anyone to turn to but Dr. Silly.

Noah tells Grace that he didn't want her to meet Katie because she didn't want Katie to get hurt when they inevitably break up. This hurts Grace, because this relationship isn't worth it to her if there's no chance of them sticking together, and she breaks it off. Will apologizes to Marilyn for not being there for her, and promises to be there for her from now on. Also, Karen has fallen madly in love with the dog will got for Marilyn, and she keeps it, with no opposition from Marilyn. Later on, Noah shows up at the apartment to tell Grace they have a (small) chance, and they reconcile.

This was Will & Grace's best episode of the season. While I've been disappointed with some of the episodes this season, this one was a true delight. Every storyline had some very funny moments, and both Will and Grace's had some touching aspects to them. Neither plot was overly dramatic or emotional though, which has been a problem for me this season. Jack's plot felt a little useless, but it did provide laughs, so I can forgive the fact that it was nothing but time filler. Will's plot had to have been my favorite, and not just because Karen was involved in it. Blythe Danner is always welcome on the show, and I was really happy to see her back. I wasn't expecting it, but I did appreciate it. Grace's plot, however, was also strong and I'm very glad that they didn't take the typical approach of just breaking up her and Noah. It would have just been a waste of our time.

Score: 9.5/10
Grade: A

Wednesday Cable Ratings 11/28/18: Vikings Returns Down, Conan In Japan Strong, South Park Steady

Below are the Top 25 programs on cable on Wednesday, 11/28/18. Items of note include the return of Vikings on History, Conan In Japan on TBS, and South Park on Comedy Central.
(Click the names of the shows written in teal or blue to be taken to their pages in the TV Ratings Guide Cable Database.)
18-49 Viewers
Viewers (mil.)
College Basketball: NC v. MichiganESPN0.551.56
Black Ink CrewVH10.511.00
South ParkComedy Central0.50.83
Real Housewives of New JerseyBravo0.431.14
Chrisley Knows BestUSA0.371.09
Tender TouchesAdult Swim0.350.71
Vikings: The Saga of BjornHistory0.331.57
ShatteredInvest. Discovery0.331.42
Pardon the InterruptionESPN0.30.84
Chrisley Knows BestUSA0.290.95
Conan In JapanTBS0.280.69
Tender TouchesAdult Swim0.280.61
The Rachel Maddow ShowMSNBC0.272.97
Guy's Grocery GamesFood0.260.76
College Basketball: VA v. MDESPN0.260.85
Real Housewives of DallasBravo0.260.67
Homicide Hunte: Lt. Joe KendaInvest. Discovery0.251.47
The Daily ShowComedy Central0.250.77
Tucker Carlson TonightFox News0.242.82
House Hunters InternationalHGTV0.241.29
House HuntersHGTV0.241.26

Preacher Renewed by AMC for Season 4

AMC has renewed Preacher, their Sundays-in-Summer supernatural drama, for a fourth season. While down heavily from the second season, Preacher was still a relatively solid player for AMC, and it showed impressive growth over the course of the season, posting 0.2s for the first half of the season before growing to 0.3s for the second half. Dominic Cooper stars as the titular preacher, Jesse Custer, in the series, with Ruth Negga, Betty Buckley, and Joe Gilgun in supporting roles. Below are the ratings for the full third season:

What do you think of this news? Will you be tuning in for the fourth season? Let us know in the comments below!

Daredevil Canceled by Netflix

In one of their most shocking moves of recent memory, Netflix has canceled Daredevil after its third season. The streaming giant continues to purge all of its. Marvel content from its service, with just The Punisher and Jessica Jones still standing. Iron Fist and Luke Cage were both canceled in October, but Daredevil, which just released its third season in October, appeared to have more viewer interest than the other two Marvel offerings. Charlie Cox starred as the titular superhero, with Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Henson and Vincent D'Onofrio also appearing. Daredevil aired 39 episodes over its three-season run.

What do you think of this news? Are you surprised to see Daredevil get the axe? Will you miss the superhero drama? Let us know in the comments below!

Raven’s Home Renewed for Third Season

One of Disney Channel's highest-profile series will be returning for another season. Raven's Home, one of Disney's stronger ratings performers, has been renewed for a third season. While the show has seen large declines this season, it's still been a solid performer for the network in comparison to the rest of their lineup. Raven-Symone and Anneliese van der Pol reprise their roles from That's So Raven in the series, with Isaac Ryan Brown, Navia Robinson, Jason Maybaum and Sky Katz joining as the children of Symone and van der Pol's characters and their neighbor, respectively. The TV Ratings Guide listed the series as a certain renewal in our latest Disney Channel Renew/Cancel, a correct prediction. Below are the ratings for the full second season:

What do you think of this news? Will you be tuning in for the third season? Let us know in the comments below!

Another Period Canceled by Comedy Central

After three seasons, it's the end of the line for Another Period. Comedy Central has canceled their 20th Century-set sitcom after a 32-episode run. Starring Natasha Leggero and Riki Lindhome, the series focused on two sisters who care about becoming famous in their hometown of Newport, Rhode Island. Jason Ritter, Paget Brewster, David Koechner, and Michael Ian Black were also featured in recurring roles. The series wrapped its third (and final) season back in March, and was in limbo since then. It was never a huge ratings performer, but it notably struggled this time around, marking just a 0.12 in the 18-49 demo, staring the season at 0.14 and ending at a 0.07, near its 0.06 low. The TV Ratings Guide listed the series as a likely cancellation in our latest Comedy Central Renew/Cancel. 

What do you think of this news? Will you miss Another Period? Let us know in the comments below!

Wednesday TV Ratings 11/28/18: Christmas In Rockefeller Down Noticeably from 2017, Legendary Christmas Struggles

Final numbers to come.
18-49 Ratings
Viewers (mil)
8 PMSurvivor1.6/77.56CBS


86th Christmas In Rockefeller Center1.3/58.38NBC

The Goldbergs1.2/64.96ABC

Riverdale0.5/21.28The CW
8:30 PMAmerican Housewife1.0/54.36ABC
9 PMModern Family1.3/64.82ABC


All American0.3/10.77The CW
9:30 PMSingle Parents0.9/43.40ABC
10 PMA Legendary Christmas with John & Chrissy0.8/44.35NBC

A Million Little Things0.8/43.47ABC

Magnum PI (R)0.5/23.10CBS

Weekly Broadcast Ratings Recap: 'The Simpsons' Has Best Week-to-Week Growth (Week 8)

Weekly Broadcast Ratings Recap: 'The Simpsons' Has Best Week-to-Week Growth (Week 8)

All four shows in FOX's Sunday comedy line-up saw week-to-week gains in the demo. At the top of the night was 'The Simpsons' (1.63, 4.35 million) which rose 0.68 from last week, the best gain among all broadcast programs. Lead-out 'Bob's Burgers' (1.19, 2.91 million) was up 0.18, 'Rel' (0.62, 1.62 million), and 'Family Guy' (1.13, 2.66 million) ticked up 0.07.

Tuesday Cable Ratings 11/27/18: Scientology and the Aftermath Returns Strong, Mississippi Senate Race Boosts Rachel Maddow, Real Country Rises

Below are the Top 25 programs on cable on Tuesday, 11/27/18. Items of note include the premiere of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath on A&E, the Guest Book on TBS, and Mississippi Senate coverage on MSNBC.
(Note: Click any show with its name in green or blue to be taken to its page in the TV Ratings Guide Cable Ratings Database.)
18-49 Viewers
Viewers (mil.)
WWE SmackdownUSA0.812.26
Curse of Oak IslandHistory0.763.41
Below DeckBravo0.661.67
College BasketballESPN0.61.59
The Challenge ReunionMTV0.450.69
College BasketballESPN0.431.49
Tender TouchesAdult Swim0.370.73
COAI: Behind the DigHistory0.361.80
CFP Rankings ShowESPN0.351.05
The Night That Didn't EndInvest Discovery0.351.14
The Guest BookTBS0.341.00
Leah Remini: Scientology & the AftermathA&E0.340.97
Body CamInvest Discovery0.331.34
The Rachel Maddow ShowMSNBC0.323.32
Tender TouchesAdult Swim0.320.62
Ink MasterParamount0.270.72
Brothers In ArmsHistory0.271.01
Welcome to MurdertownInvest Discovery0.271.13
House HuntersHGTV0.271.34
House HuntersHGTV0.261.19
Little CoupleTLC0.261.46
Pardon the InterruptionESPN0.260.80
House Hunters InternationalHGTV0.251.26
Off the chart, Real Country rose to 0.21.