Modern Family S7E13 Review

This episode includes a cutout of Gloria. How funny will that be?

S7E13 "Thunk in the Trunk"

Claire feels like a "powerful white male" now because of her job, which is really funny. She gets Phil a gift, and he hilariously loves it. At the grocery store, Gloria shows Jay a cutout of her, and this is pretty funny. Mitch and Cam have new upstairs neighbors, and this has put tension in their marriage. Reviews have called Cam nosy, and they are worried about their rating dropping further. Jay reveals to Manny that he has stolen the Gloria cutout. Phil bonds with the wives of Claire's co-workers, which is hilarious, and wonders if he is on his way to becoming an invisible housewife.

Jay has to give Gloria a ride because her car got a flat tire, and the arm on the cutout starts banging in the trunk. Phil talks to Gloria, and she advises him to give back the gift to show Claire that he cares more about having her. This scene has some funny moments. Cam has recruited Lily to help him investigate, and it is hilarious when he pretends she isn't working with him. Mitch gets Cam to leave the house, but then he becomes paranoid about what the upstairs neighbors are doing. He goes up there, but then they arrive home.

Cam invites the upstairs neighbors downstairs so Mitch can escape, but he ends up destroying their collection. This scene is really funny. Jay and Manny shred the cutout, but it gets stuck at the head, and Gloria shows up at home early. Jay eventually admits, after a very funny scene, that he took the cutout. Phil talks to Claire, and she tells him that she has become very stressed by her job, and she doesn't know what she is doing. It is a great ending.

This was a really good episode. There were some great funny moments throughout the episode.

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