iZombie S2E14 Review

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Liv has an optimistic view on things this week on iZombie.

S2E14 "Eternal Sunshine of the Caffeinated Mind"

Ravi tells Liv and Major that most of the tainted utopium was lost, but they still had some. He will have to test this before giving it to Major. At a coffee shop that Ravi goes to, an air conditioner falls on a woman who goes out onto the sidewalk. Liv eats the brains, and the personality she takes on is really funny, an extreme optimist. Clive reveals that this death was a murder, so Clive and Liv go to investigate. They find a woman who works for the optimist, and she is extremely hilarious. Like everything she said. Liv has a vision of her being aggressive after stealing money from the cash register. Ravi and Major check on the rat, and they discover that it is in a terrible state that I don't even know how to describe. Maybe it would have been better for Major to stay a zombie.

Blaine makes a payment to Mr. Boss, picked up by someone who works for him, and he is really funny in the scene. Liv and Clive go to the coffee shop, and discover that the optimist used to be partners with a man, who now hates her, and tried to sue her. The person who collected the money from Blaine talks to Mr. Boss, and they come up with a plan. Liv and Ravi go to the memorial service for the optimist. Ravi talks to the girl that likes him, and it is hilarious because they are from different worlds, she has never seen Star Wars. Liv talks to the daughter, and she has a vision, revealing that it was the daughter who was stealing the money from the cash register. Drake is about to get arrested, so he punches the cop in the face and runs off.

Ravi tries to convince Liv to ask for an alibi from the daughter. Ravi eventually asks her when she comes out of the service. Clive tells Liv that the former partner couldn't have been stuck in traffic at the time like he says, and that he checked out the apartment the air conditioner came from. He provides another alibi, and it checks out. It turns out that a lot about the daughter's boyfriend is a lie, and his alibi can't be confirmed. Drake has been arrested, and the cop punches him, saying it is to keep his cover. What is going on?

It turns out that the boyfriend was in downtown Seattle, not Bellevue, at the time of the murder. Liv tries to convince him to confess, and Clive tries to get the boyfriend to say that the daughter asked him to do it. Everything is going well, until the boyfriend ends up deciding not to turn in his girlfriend. They know that she is responsible, but they can't arrest her. The police officers tell Drake that he needs to stop seeing Liv. Blaine ends up getting a gun pointed at him by the man working for Mr. Boss. He gets knocked out, and kidnapped. The scene between Blaine and Mr. Boss is intense. He is brought to a hole, where he is supposed to die. His throat is slit, and he appears to be dying, but is he actually? Is he a zombie again, as he slept with Candy?

The daughter sells the coffee shop to the former partner. Liv gets a knock at the door, and it is Major. He says there are things he has done that he needs to tell someone. Before he has the chance, Rita enters, and Liv introduces her. It is really is interesting that Major and her never crossed paths with Liv around. When he exits, instead of saying Gilda, he says Rita, and Liv gets angry at her. Blaine climbs out from the ground, after a nice touch reminding us that Candy is a zombie.

I loved the coffee theme of the episode, very Seattle. There were some good moments, and the ending was great, but the case of the week was mostly uninteresting, focused almost entirely on alibis, and going sort of back and forth between people as their focus. Overall, it was a pretty good episode.

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