Saturday TV Ratings 1/19/19: SNL Vintage Rises, NBA Wins the Night

Final numbers to come,
18-49 Ratings
Viewers (mil)
8 PMNBA Countdown0.8/42.68ABC

AGT: The Champions (R)0.7/33.41NBC

The Masked Singer (R)0.5/22.07Fox

NCIS: Los Angeles (R)0.4/22.94CBS
8:30 PMNBA: Lakers v. Rockets0.92.64ABC
9 PMNCIS: New Orleans (R)0.4/23.32CBS

The Passage (R)0.3/21.44Fox
10 PMSNL Vintage0.7/32.85NBC

48 Hours0.4/24.12CBS

The Bullpen Season 1 Episode 10: If I Got Traded

Kurt: long-term reliever 
Lorenzo: middle relief pitcher
Jason: left-handed specialist
Robert: 8th inning pitcher/setup man
Bryan: closer
Eli: various relief positions
Garry: Bullpen coach

Jason: I wonder what it would be like if any of us got traded...obviously, losing me would be the biggest loss because
Robert: No way, I’d be the biggest loss.
Bryan: That’s not true at all, Lorenzo would be the biggest loss.
Lorenzo: You’re not going to fight for yourself?
Bryan: No why would I, we all know I’m not important.
Eli: You’re the closer.
Bryan: Am I though? They only put me in when we’re losing by a lot. They don’t even trust me with a 10-run lead anymore after the incident.
Garry: We shall never speak of the incident Bryan.
Lorenzo: Which one, the one where he gave up 9 runs and then walked off the field?
Jason: You all really know how to change the topic don’t you. I was saying I’d be the biggest loss because without me, who would play center bench?
Garry: I’m sure we could make a few adjustments.
Eli: Is my job in jeopardy coach?
Garry: No, you’ll remain right-center bench as long as you stay on the team.
Eli: I don’t know coach, I heard there are talks of them trading me.
Robert: Yeah Eli, I also heard they were looking for some more popcorn for the clubhouse.
Eli: That’s the rumor. I’d be honored to leave the team as part of that trade.
Lorenzo: How much popcorn are we talking?
Eli: I heard an unlimited supply.
Lorenzo: I’m in. Alright Eli how do we get you off the team?
Eli: You’d do that for me? Thanks Lorenzo!
Robert: Yeah, thanks Lorenzo for looking out for yourself.
Lorenzo: I take pride in it.
Robert: And as I was trying to say, I really do think I would be the biggest loss for this team. 
Jason: Because?
Robert: Why do I always need a reason for everything? Just because.
Garry: OK so that settles it, we could do without Robert, Bryan, and Lorenzo, and we have nothing to lose if they trade Eli.
Lorenzo: You really think you can make it an entire year without me? 
Garry: Is that a question? 
Lorenzo: Alright, let me take you through a scenario where I wasn’t there. This is how the 2019 bullpen would look like.
*Into Lorenzo’s scenario*
Eli: Wow, I really miss Lorenzo.
Kurt: Me too.
Garry: I do too.
Robert: Don’t we all?
Bryan: We do.
*End of Lorenzo’s scenario*
Garry: Wow Lorenzo, quite the story there.
Lorenzo: Thanks.
Jason: You realize I’m not that dramatic right?
Lorenzo: It’s just a story, who cares who says what?
Kurt: Can we all just agree that I’m the only person who would hurt the team if I left?
Garry: Nah.
Kurt: I get paid more money than everyone else.
Garry: OK, so you’re more expensive for doing the same thing everyone else does...and wait how do you make more?
Kurt: Negotiations and stuff.
Garry: OK doesn’t sound shady at all. 
Kurt: I may have threatened to come out with a memoir about how much we’re underfunded by the team.
Garry: We’re not underfunded by the team, we just don’t use what they gave us.
Kurt: And? We could get people to believe it.
Garry: So now we know if we want pay raises we just have to make up mini-scandals about our own team, got it.
Robert: Anyone have any ideas?
Jason: How about we say—
Garry: Do we not know how to stay on a topic for more than 10 seconds?
Bryan: Apparently not. I’m going to call up management right now, they’ll tell us what’s going on and we’ll settle who’s the most valuable person to the team.
*Pretends to dial number.*
Bryan: No one’s going to stop me?
Jason: You don’t know their number do you?
Bryan: You were supposed to all come to the conclusion that we’re all important in our own unique ways.
Garry: That’s a bunch of crap, you’re all benchwarmers and I have the easiest job in the world. One thing is for sure, you all are useless and won’t even pitch at all next season.
*Cut to Mike and Sally, the owners, in a conference room on a call*
Sally (on the phone): Pete! How’s our favorite General Manager doing?
Mike: So what are we thinking for offseason trades, Pete?
Pete: Well our starting pitchers are really good, but to keep some of them we would have to pay more money than we could afford. That’s why I’m going through with a plan of trading some of them for some prospects and using the guys in the bullpen a bit more.
Mike: Pete, with all due respect that sounds like a terrible idea to me.
Pete: I guess they’ll have their work cut out for them.

Cable Renew/Cancel: Freeform, TNT, Syfy - Deadly Class Will Likely Relock and Reload

Welcome to the latest installment for Cable Renew/Cancel. A lot of shows have debuted and returned since the last update, and now is just as a good time for an update as ever. Here are the predictions.

Certain Renewal
Good Trouble
Likely Renewal
Returning January 24
Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger
The Bold Type
Alone Together
Famous in Love
The Fosters
Young & Hungry

Grown-ish: Despite being down a little bit from last season, Grown-ish is still the top rated show on Freeform. Since Freeform ratings have declined, a 0.24 adults 18-49 average is still quite good. For Freeform, that means Grown-ish is a lock to return for a third season. The show is certain to be renewed.

Good Trouble: Currently averaging a 0.18 in the key adults 18-49 demographic, the spin-off of The Fosters is down considerably from the final season of its parent show. On declining Freeform, that is still quite good, but we are waiting to see if the show stabilizes. For now, Good Trouble is likely to be renewed.

Drop the Mic
Premiering January 23
Snoop Dogg Presents: The Joker’s Wild
Premiering January 23
I Am the Night
Debuting January 28
Animal Kingdom
The Alienist
Good Behavior
The Librarians
The Last Ship
Final Season

No updates, but recent TBS transplants Drop the Mic and Snoop Dogg Presents: The Joker's Wild will premiere this week with new episodes on TNT. We'll give you updates on their ratings and their predictions.

Deadly Class
Likely Renewal
Certain Cancelation
The Magicians
Premiering January 23
Wynonna Earp
Van Helsing
The Expanse
Renewed by Amazon
Renewed for Final Season
Channel Zero
Dark Matter
Blood Drive
Ghost Wars
Z Nation
12 Monkeys
Final Season

Deadly Class: The new show, Deadly Class, on Syfy, is enjoying the honor of being the top rated show this week, as it premiered to a 0.22 in the A18-49 demographic. This was a re-airing of the pilot episode which got a 0.11 last month, and this airing is double the ratings. Since we only have one datapoint and Syfy ratings are not necessarily stellar, we are waiting to see where it settles. For now, Deadly Class is likely to be renewed.

What do you think about this installment's predictions? Let me know in the comments below!

Cable Renew/Cancel - TBS, Tru, & Comedy Central: Angie Tribeca Is Dead, Drunk History Is Not

TBS, TruTV, and Comedy Central have all brought returning series back for additional seasons since our last update, and two of the networks even cleaned house a bit in recent months. So now feels like as good a time as any for an update.

Likely Renewal
The Guest Book
Likely Renewal
Angie Tribeca
Certain Cancellation
Search Party
Returning TBA
The Last OG
Returning TBA
Final Space
Returning In 2019
Close Enough
Premieres In 2019
Miracle Workers
Premieres In 2019
Full Frontal with Samantha Bee
American Dad!
Drop the Mic
Renewed, Moving to TNT
The Joker’s Wild
Renewed, Moving to TNT
People of Earth

Angie Tribeca: After waiting over a year for a premiere date, TBS finally gave fans of Angie Tribeca their wish in late December, announcing that the show would be released over two days on the weekend preceding New Year's. This announcement came just days before, and it immediately screamed burnoff. TBS previously aired the first season in a similar binge format, but that was announced well in advance. This late announcement and lack of any promotion or sense of care for the show indicates that TBS is done with it. Unexpectedly high ratings may have been enough to save the show, but with mostly rounded 0.1s (only two of ten episodes rated higher than a 0.10), there's no incentive to renew. It's not coming back.

Adam Ruins Everything
Certain Renewal
The Carbonaro Effect
Certain Renewal
I’m Sorry
Likely Renewal
Hack My Life
Leans Renewal
Bobcat Goldthwait’s Misfits & Monsters
Likely Cancellation
Rachel Dratch’s Late Night Snack
Likely Cancellation
Those Who Can’t
Likely Cancellation
At Home with Amy Sedaris
Returning In February
Impractical Jokers
Paid Off with Michael Torpey
The Chris Gethard Show
Talk Show the Game Show

Adam Ruins Everything: Even though it doesn't light the ratings world on fire, Adam Ruins Everything is still of Tru's top shows. Only The Carbonaro Effect and Impractical Jokers regularly top it. It's also relatively new, meaning that it's pretty unlikely that the creative team behind it would want to end it. All of this means that Adam Ruins Everything enters as a certain renewal.

I'm Sorry: It's undeniably down from last season, but with everything else on TruTV doing so terribly, I'm Sorry still doesn't look that bad. Now that it fell below an unrounded 0.1, I'm not nearly as confident on the renewal, but if it can grow or stay at the level it's at, it should manage a renewal. It enters as a likely renwal.

Comedy Central:
Drunk History
Certain Renewal
The Jim Jefferies Show
Leans Renewal
Leans Cancellation
Broad City
Ending In 2019
South Park
Nathan For You
Another Period
The President Show
Effectively Canceled

Drunk History: This is one of the longest-running shows on Comedy Central, and it's still doing very well for itself. It returned for season six this week and was completely steady with its fifth season average, a very impressive feat considering how heavily down most Comedy Central shows have been recently. It is getting older, so an end may be in sight, but considering how many shows have been axed by Comedy Central recently, it's not going to be this year. It's a certain renewal.

Corporate: This is a tough one, because Corporate was renewed with similarly weak ratings last year, but the fact that it returned down despite its solid lead-in is not good. There's probably some factors involved here that helped it get renewed last time despite cancel-worthy numbers, but it's not doing much better than canceled shows like Detroiters or Nathan For You. I doubt it'll stay steady since it's just a premiere, but it might get another season if it does. For now though, it starts in the leans cancellation category.

Detroiters & Another Period: Both series were canceled since our last update, and both were correct predictions.

What do you think of my predictions? Are there any you disagree with? Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to vote in the poll of the week!