Modern Family S7E14 Review

This week, the family all gets stuck at Jay and Gloria's due to a storm.

S7E14 "The Storm"

The family is embarrassed of Phil because he dressed up as a clown, and ended up scaring himself. Phil takes over when Alex mentions that she has a computer problem, and ends up destroying the computer, which is pretty funny. Gloria is mad because the men in her house don't talk about things. There are some hilarious moments when the lightening strikes. The power goes out, but Jay has a generator. The most popular girl in Lily's class comes to her birthday party, but then the party heads over to Jay and Gloria's due to the storm. There is a hilarious joke about how Mitch and Cam's friends are like eight year old girls.

Luke is trying to help Phil handle the gutters, and he is waving a shovel in the air, so he gets struck by lightening. Gloria asks Claire to tell Manny that he has a beautiful body after an incident with a robe, and it is a hilarious scene. Mitch tries to get the popular girl to be interested in the things they can do for the party, but it doesn't go well. Haley wants to have sex with Andy, but he doesn't want to. Cam dresses up as a clown, and runs into Phil, who is pumping the pool.

Phil hasn't been able to do anything right. Lily stands up against the popular girl, and the other girls end up deciding that what she wants to do sounds fun. Claire talks to Manny, and it is pretty funny. Jay continues to insist that he goes to talk to his friend. Andy chases Haley out into the rain after she discovers Beth's uniform, and they end up having a moment out in the rain. Jay tells Phil why he wants to get to the bar, and Phil creates the scene for him in the garage. It is a great moment.

The biggest problem of this episode is that it felt very cluttered. There were a lot of storylines, some bigger than others, and it was sometimes hard to follow. However, there were still some very funny moments, and it ended on a great moment with Phil and Jay. It was a pretty good episode.

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