Beyond the TV Grave Library

Written Waking the Dead Shows by Bridger Cunnigham

This graveyard TVRG has crafted has several plots open to shows the networks wield their cruel blade down on.  These shows, whether they deserved it or not, had their shelf life sliced short due to poor ratings, network politics or circumstances working against them.  Television death does not discriminate -- it takes the critically-acclaimed and even the highly rated.  Take a stroll through television's headstones and get to know shows of short past.

This, along with other diverse entries of ratings data can be found in the TVRG Ratings Library, located at the following link: here

2/19/2017 Son of Zorn (2016-17)
7/30/2017 The Muppets (2015-16)
12/28/2017 Just the Ten of Us (1988-90)
12/29/2017 Pasadena (2001)
1/1/2018 Philly (2001-02)
1/3/2018 Bridget Loves Bernie (1972-73)
1/3/2018 Police Squad (1982)
1/5/2018 Scoundrels (2010)
1/15/2018 Trophy Wife (2013-14)
1/22/2018 Cristela (2014-15)
2/11/2018The Mayor (2017-18)
8/6/2018 Limitless (2015-16)
5/26/2020 The Real O'Neals (2016-17)

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