Fresh Off the Boat S2E12 Review

This is the Valentine's Day episode of Fresh Off the Boat. Read on for my thoughts!

S2E12 "Love and Loopholes"

At the start of the episode, Emory is creating a "love wall", where he is putting the valentines he got on his wall, which is really funny. Later, the Huangs have dinner at Honey's house. Eddie tells his brothers that his girlfriend is really excited about tickets he gave her for a concert, but he still needs to win the tickets. Honey and Marvin decide to offer to watch the kids on Valentine's Day so that Louis and Jessica can have a romantic night out. Louis eventually convinces Jessica to agree to the offer. Meanwhile, Eddie and his friend Trent call the radio station, and Trent wins the tickets. However, he really wants to go to the concert as well, and there are only two tickets. All three go to the concert, and Eddie has a plan. Marvin dares Emory to rearrange some of Louis's socks, and Evan dares Marvin to tell him something that Honey doesn't know. He tells him that Honey is his third wife. Emory goes back home and walks in on Louis and Jessica doing their taxes, which is hilarious.

Eddie tries to trade their two good seats for three worse seats, but he ends up just getting the tickets stolen from them. Trent's running after the guy was hilarious. Evan reveals to Honey that she is the third wife, and Marvin wonders where Emory is. Jessica and Louis try to prove to Emory that they are romantic, which is really funny. Eddie and his friends end up getting VIP tickets for the next day.

Marvin offers to watch Evan and Emory again, so that he can be shielded from Honey. Emory learns about romance from Marvin. Eddie and his friends go to the concert, and they end up behind a pillar. Emory witnesses a romantic moment between his parents.

There were a few good funny moments in this episode, such as all the jokes about doing the taxes. Overall, it was a pretty good episode.

What did you think of "Love and Loopholes"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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