Teachers S1E5 Review

Cliques are just another form of segregation, except the groups are classified on personalities. This episode sheds light on how cliques..... I don't know exactly what the moral here is but it has something to do with cliques.

S1E5  "Jacob"

At a bar, the girls play truth or dare while Caroline finds out her ex-boyfriend Jacob has a new girlfriend after meeting with some of her old friends. This causes her to stalk him on Facebook in front of her class, but this gets awkward when Jacob's new girlfriend shows up at her class as a new substitute teacher. Even though Caroline despises her, they get along well until Caroline suggests Ginny should get a dog, which was what led to Caroline's breakup in the first place. Jacob breaks up with Ginny because of this leading to Caroline feeling like a monster. However, while Caroline tries to console Trudy, Jacob walks in with a dog, saying that Trudy had surprised him with her request but after getting over the shock, he realised he loved her and subsequently proposes to her. This leads to Caroline giving one of the funniest hate rants I have heard in a long time.

Meanwhile, after Truth or dare leads to Mary-Louise inserting a bottle up her butt, Cecilia is enraged at Chelsea for making Mary-Louise do something so dangerous. This causes Chelsea to treat Cecilia as an outcast. Eventually, after some weird conversation, Cecilia joins Chelsea and Mary-Louise and they act like a bad girl group. But Cecilia takes it too far when she takes a dump on Ginny's desk. This leads to Chelsea dissolving the clique.

Lastly, AJ finds out Deb steals from the school Lost and Found and joins in. However, the whole shindig gets blown when AJ takes too much and some of the kids find out.

Despite this episode mostly focusing on Caroline, I think it allowed us to get to know her a little more. She's not my favourite teacher, but she has now moved to the top 3 thanks to this episode.
I wasn't really interested in Cecilia's story and AJ's was too short to enjoy. The only thing i found really surprising in this episode is that Deb has a husband.

Quote of the week: " You took a dump, for change"

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