Mom S3E11 Review

This week, the girls of AA become very attracted to a male addict they meet. This could be really funny.

S3E11 "Cinderella and a Drunk MacGyver"

Jill is talking about a charity event she used to do for the homeless, and her perspective on it is hilarious. She is unsure about going this year, but Bonnie hilariously offers to go with her. Wendy insists that they stop the cross-talk, but she becomes less rigid on the rules when an attractive guy shows up, which is really funny.

Each of the main girls, except Marjorie, talk to the guy, it is really funny. Marjorie tells them all to stay away from him, because he needs to focus on staying sober. Jill and Bonnie leave for the charity event, and Bonnie hilariously calls Christy Cinderella. On the way to the event, Jill is nervous about what people will think of her. She also hilariously tells homeless people that she is going to a gala for them. Christy and the guy meet for coffee. He tells her that he called her out of all of the people because she was the only one that didn't go crazy on him. He especially mentions Bonnie, to which Christy responds that they are trying to get rid of her.

Christy and the guy talk about their pasts in drinking. Christy says that she used to be a drunk MacGyver. He tells her that he decided to get sober because his daughter didn't want to see him on her birthday, and he starts crying. It's pretty funny when Christy tells the others that she didn't do this. Bonnie discovers that everyone remembers Jill from before, and Bonnie tells her that people love a good comeback story. Christy calls Marjorie while the guy is in the bathroom at his hotel room, and she pretends to be waiting for the bus, which is pretty funny. Jill makes a toast at the gala, and accidentally causes a fire. Christy makes the responsible choice, and tells the guy to get a male sponsor, and that he can call her in a year if he is still sober.

This was a really good episode. There were some very funny moments, and there was a good serious moment at the coffee shop.

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