Mom S3E10 Review

Bonnie's past is important this week on Mom, when she runs into an ex-girlfriend.

S3E10 "Quaaludes and Crackerjack"

At the start of the episode, Bonnie talks about how awkward the AA meeting that day was because of her ex. She talks about his eating a cookie at her, which is pretty funny, as is Marjorie's refusal to say "I told you so", and the group's stories about what they would do if they could go back in time, most of them un-banging someone. Bonnie wants to go to a meeting where she hasn't slept with someone, and the only good option is Marjorie's suggestion of going to a gay meeting.

Christy and Bonnie show up at the gay meeting. They love it at first, and then they run into an ex-girlfriend of Bonnie's. Bonnie, as a result, decides to leave the meeting. Talking to the others later, Bonnie shares how she pretended to be gay for a year because this girl let her stay with her rent-free. Marjorie encourages Bonnie to make amends. The two catch up, and end up kissing. There are a couple of good jokes, but mostly it was not funny. Also, there was a scene where Christy, Jill, and Wendy go to the gay meeting, but the joke wasn't very funny in the moment because of the way that the scene started, on a more serious-seeming note.

Bonnie gets home, and Christy asks Bonnie how things went. Bonnie eventually admits that she had sex with her ex. Things get funnier here. It turns out that Bonnie and her ex are not on the same page. The ex ends up surprising Bonnie at home. Christy has some funny lines here. Bonnie eventually talks to her ex. Back at the regular meeting, Bonnie's ex-boyfriend talks to her, and they decide to be friends. The ex-girlfriend shows up, and a kissing battle occurs, which is really funny. In the tag scene, Christy and Bonnie go to a Spanish-language meeting, and it is hilarious. Bonnie "translates", and then she discovers that she slept with someone there.

Overall, this was a good episode. The first act was relatively weak, but the rest of the episode was great.

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