Marietta - Episode 1.05 - Senate Salutations - Press Release



"The Democratic Agenda" - (8:30-9:00 p.m. ET) - Marietta says her final farewell to the US Senate and prepares for a new life, and Tammy does the same. 

GOODBYES ARE A HARD THING - It's their last day as US Senators, and Marietta and Tammy have to make their final speeches and clear out their offices. Their families also attend and help them cope with the major changes in their lives, with Patty Lynn taking her first trip to DC in nearly six years. Betty Benoit also makes sure to appear and cause some trouble for her archrival. 

MARIETTA is one of The TV Ratings Guide's first ORIGINAL SERIES, airing right here on The TV Ratings Guide.


Marietta, Season 1 Episode 4 - The Democratic Agenda

MARIETTA is one of The TV Ratings Guide's first ORIGINAL SERIES, an original feature ONLY on The TV Ratings Guide.


Marietta is in her Senate office when she gets a call from Milton.

Marietta: What do you want Milton?

Milton: Well, aren’t you chipper today?

Marietta: I haven’t slept right in like a week. We’re trying to pass some bills before the end of the term and Tim Cortez was filibustering and we couldn’t stop him and now Kate Hagelin has the floor and she loves to yap and this is hell. Like, actual hell. Anyway, mom said I should get some sleep but….

Milton: Marietta, are you still there?

Marietta: Yup, still here. I just fell asleep for a few seconds there. But I’m here.

Milton: Just go to sleep.

Marietta: I think that’s a good idea.

Milton: Well bye. Get some rest, your health is more important than some bills.

Marietta: Bye mom!

Milton rolls his eyes at Marietta’s rudeness and hangs up the phone.

Marietta: Alright, now to go pass some laws before I call it quits. And then don’t call it quits because politics is my drug.

Tammy walks by Marietta’s office and hears her conversation with herself.

Tammy: Who are you talking to?

Marietta: Nobody. Just me, myself, and I.

Tammy: Oh. Totally normal thing to do. I’m sure you’re not overtired or anything.

Marietta: You sound like my mother. And Milton. I’m fine, I just need some coffee and maybe some cocaine.

Tammy: Marietta!

Marietta: I was just joking!

Tammy: Well, if you excuse me, I have actual work to do. I have to go shopping. You better take a damn nap.

Marietta: Rude.

The Senate Democrats are working to pass as many bills as possible before they lose their Senate majority. Marietta walks out to “help” during her friend’s heartfelt floor speech.

Kate Hagelin: I want to speak from my heart right now. I usually don’t speak about my family’s origins in the US, but I feel this is a relevant topic. Eighty years ago, my grandparents brought my mother, who was then just an infant, to this country from Cuba. They came here as illegal immigrants, and were afraid of being deported. It took years for them to work up the courage to become citizens a Some twenty years later, they became citizens of this great country, well after my mother became a citizen. I was born three years later. I stan-

Marietta: What’s going on here? Let’s just vote so I can go to sleep!!!

Kate: I’m glad the story of my family matters so much to you. I’m touched.

Marietta: Well this is the fifth bill we’ll be voting on today out of ten, and y’all are yapping so much that I just don’t see how we can pass them.

Kate: Well we want to give everyone a chance to be heard.

Marietta: It’s an immigration bill. Us Democrats are for it. The Republicans aren’t. There, I saved you time.

Kate: Y’know, you can really be irritating when you want to be.

Marietta: Oh, I see how it is. I speak the truth and I’m “irritating”.

Kate: Yes. You are. Mr. President, let’s just begin voting.

VP Freeman: The yeas and nays have been ordered. The clerk will now call the roll.

Seemingly Ten Hours Passes

Clerk: Mrs. Landfield

Marietta: No. Oh, shoot! I meant Yes! I vote yes.

Clerk: So that’s a no, then?

Marietta: No, it’s a yes! I vote yes!!!

Clerk: Just some clerk humor, Mrs. Landfield.

Marietta: Oh, that sure is funny.

Tammy rushes into the chamber in a frenzy.

Tammy: I hope I’m not too late! I was just in a Kohl’s in Virginia!

Marietta: I’m glad you’ve got your priorities straight, Tammy. I almost voted no on this bill because I forgot which bill we were voting on.

Tammy: That’s a very Marietta thing to do.

Marietta: Thank you…?

Tammy: Not really a compliment!

Clerk: Mrs. Yarborough

Tammy: I’m a yes on this. Also, here’s a gift basket filled with muffins for you to enjoy. Have a lovely day, Diane!

Diane: You too, Senator Yarborough!

Marietta: Wow, what came over you, Tammy? Are you nice all of the sudden?

Tammy: Only to those that deserve it. Now if you excuse me, I have to get to a Target in Bethesda.

Marietta: I’ll make sure to warn them!

Tammy: Very funny. Now I really have to go! Bye!

Marietta: Bye Tammy.

Tammy dashes out the door into her car.

Tammy: Alright, I’ve got three hours to get to Target, get gifts for twenty people, and get back here. Think we can do it, Pierre?

Pierre, Tammy’s chauffeur, nods his head.

Tammy: Alright, let’s go. I’ve already got some ideas. I’m gonna get Victo-

Pierre rolls up the window so he can no longer hear Tammy.

Tammy: Well that’s just lovely. Guess I’ll take a nap for the next half hour.

30 minutes later, the car pulls arrives at the store.

Tammy: Oh my, it’s time already? Well, I guess I’ll head in. Pierre, be back in two hours!

Meanwhile, back at the Senate, voting on the immigration bill has finally ended and the senators are ready to move on.

Marietta: So Kate, what’s next?

Kate: Well, Marjorie wanted 

Marietta: Ah, yes. Marjorie! Your new fearless leader.

Kate: She’s not as much fearless as she is “available.”

Marietta: She’ll be touched.

Kate: Shut up! I don’t want her to hear you. Anyway, Marjorie wanted to work on the healthcare bill.

WRITTEN BY: Rebecca Bunch
CREATED BY: Rebecca Bunch
PRODUCED BY: Rebecca Bunch,  TVRGO

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Network - Episode 1.04 - Fight Club

NETWORK is one of The TV Ratings Guide's first ORIGINAL SERIES, an original feature ONLY on The TV Ratings Guide.

Network - 1x04
“Fight Club”

By: Jessica Boggs

WARNING -  This episode is rated TV-MA-LV for crude and indecent language and graphic violence. Viewer discretion is advised.
WARNING #2 - Wait, this is a joke. The FCC requires us to use censors.

We last left the gang in a meeting. In this episode, the meeting has concluded. In this scene, we see Leah and Kasey as they walk towards their respective offices. They decide to debate about the decisions to cancel the four shows listed in Ash’s notice. In the previous episode, we learn that the four shows listed in the cancelation notice were Mean Girls, Georgia, Star Undercover, and Guilty Pleasure.

Leah: Well Kasey, I didn’t know Georgia was going to get canned just like that.
Kasey (shrugs): Beats me. Georgia was technically on its final season. The final episode was written as a series finale. With the ratings as low as they are, I don’t blame the production staff behind the show. To be honest, I kinda wish the show was given a final season beforehand.
Leah: You’re right about that. Also, in the case of Mean Girls, the show was not doing too poorly. However, the show was just too expensive to continue.
Kasey: I would say so. Elaborate.
Leah: I say with these costs, the show would either have to move to Canada or cut two actors in order to conquer the high production costs.
Kasey: You are right. Cancelation for this show makes more sense on a financial perspective.
Leah: Now we are thinking on the same page.


Suddenly, a pretty slim redheaded vixen named Holly, enters the scene, looking seductive, like a model on the cover of Playboy Magazine. A funky sounding rock song plays around the corner as she is walking. Kasey and Leah turn towards her, with their jaws dropping to the floor. Both of them are puzzled to see the unknown creature.

Leah: Who is she?
Kasey (shrugs): Beats me.

Holly then turns towards the girls.

Holly (giggles): Hi. My name is Holly. What’s yours?
Kasey: I’m Kasey, and that’s Leah.

Holly walks over to Leah, mesmerized.

Holly: So you must be Jesse’s ex, huh? Interesting.
Leah (mortified): How do you even know?
Holly: Well, I’m Jesse’s new girlfriend.

Leah turns to Kasey, mortified and angered over the development.

Leah: Hold up, wait a minute. Wasn’t he trying to crawl his way back into my personal life a month ago, Kasey?
Kasey: Beats me, girl. I started working here about a couple of weeks ago. So I have no earthly idea what goes on much.
Leah (angered): You are no help.

Leah then turns to Holly. At this point, she is seething in rage.

Leah: You know something, Holly? Jesse and I have history. No matter what happens, he will eventually come crawling back to me.
Holly (laughs): Well, if that’s the case, I bet he’s glad he’s not dealing with a mad black woman.

Leah then grabs Holly by the hair.

Leah: At least I’m not the one who looks like she’ll drop her pants for a network executive at the drop of a hat.

Leah then bodyslams Holly as the two go at it in a Dynasty-style catfight of the ages. Kasey, in sheer terror, then attempts to break up the fight.

Kasey (guarding): That is enough. Break it up! We are in an office building, not Monday Night Raw.
Leah: Get out of the way, you tramp! I don’t need to go wild ‘n out on this b****’s a**.

Leah then turns to Kasey.

Leah (mortified): I feel like I’m in the f****** circus.

Holly then gets back up.

Holly: Go ahead and bite me. Jesse is mine now. Go get your own man and sit in the fireplace.
Leah: I already have. I am sure Jesse will have fun with this pile of dumpster fire who looks like she lives in a street corner. Go ahead, fly on your f****** broomstick and see how far you’ll go.

Another catfight ensues. Kasey returns to back Leah up.

Kasey: That’s it, one more fight and I’m calling security.
Leah: Go ahead. Call me the boss.

Holly seethes in anger and proceeds to retaliate. Ash then enters the scene as he leaves the office.

Ash: Is everything...wait? What the f***? Security!

A security guard shows up to clear the scene.

Guard: Break it up, ladies, break it up!

Holly then gives up the fight. Kasey then turns to an all shook up Leah.

Kasey: We really need to get going here. Nice to meet you, Holly! Now Leah, we don’t need to have any more catfights in this office. Do you promise?
Leah: I promise.

Leah then turns to Holly.

Leah: Next time you need another round, just whistle!

Kasey and Leah exit. Ash then attempts to comfort Holly.

Ash: Never in my five years of working on this network have I seen a fight like this from a drama in real life.
Holly: Yeah. I didn’t realize there was so much excitement at the office. I got a few scrapes. I just need to figure out where the bathrooms are so I can get freshened up.
Ash: The bathroom is around the corner near your left.
Holly: Thank you.

Holly exits. Ash then turns to the guard.

Ash: I can’t thank you enough for getting things back into order after a chaotic day.
Guard: It’s my pleasure, Mr. Chambers.


WRITTEN BY: Jessica Boggs
CREATED BY: Jessica Boggs

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Tuesday Cable Ratings 1/30/18: Fox News Bests CNN, MSNBC, All Broadcast Networks for SOTU Coverage

Below are the Top 25 programs on cable on Tuesday, 1/30/18. Items of note include coverage of the State of the Union address on the major news networks, The Detour on TBS, and Married at Frist Sight on Lifetime.
(Note: Click any show with its name in green or blue to be taken to its page in the TV Ratings Guide Cable Ratings Database.)
18-49 Viewers
Viewers (mil.)
State of the Union 2018Fox News1.8511.71
State of the Union Analysis Fox News1.5710.53
State of the Union AnalysisFox News1.479.94
Democratic ResponseFox News0.996.70
State of the Union 2018CNN0.853.11
Curse of Oak IslandHistory0.793.25
State of the Union AnalysisCNN0.772.99
Democratic ResponseCNN0.77287
WWE SmackdownUSA0.762.51
State of the Union PreviewCNN0.692.77
Fixer UpperHGTV0.693.21
Tucker Carlson TonightFox News0.64.95
HannityFox News0.593.97
The ChallengeMTV0.560.92
NBA: Cavaliers v. PistonsTNT0.551.40
The Haves and the Have NotsOWM0.552.22
Real Housewives of Beverly HillsBravo0.531.60
Democratic ResponseMSNBC0.533.33
MSNBC Special CoverageMSNBC0.53.03
Anderson Cooper 360: SOTUCNN0.492.01
Restored by the FordsHGTV0.441.95
NBA: Trailblazers v. ClippersTNT0.431.00
State of the UnionMSNBC0.422.67
MSNBC Special CoverageMSNBC0.412.94
The DetourTBS0.41.08

Below the Chart Highlights:

Married at First SightLifetime0.370.92
America's Next Top ModelVH10.370.79
The Ingraham AngleFox News0.342.58
The Daily ShowComedy Central0.270.94
The FostersFreeform0.210.56
Drunk HistoryComedy Central0.190.43
Erin Burnett OutFrontCNN0.190.94
The Lead with Jake TapperCNN0.180.87
KC UndercoverDisney0.170.89
Morning JoeMSNBC0.141.10
Deadline: White HouseMSNBC0.131.20
Another PeriodComedy Central0.120.30
At This HourCNN0.110.63
Velshi & RuhleMSNBC0.11.00
Citizen RoseE!0.070.19