Teachers S1E6 Review

Everyone has dealt with their sexuality at least once in their life. Looks like that time has caught up to Mary-Louise.

S1E6 "Drunk Kiss"

While dealing with a drunk Chelsea at the local bar, Mary-Louise gets kissed by Chelsea and this makes her feel uncomfortable. She then spends the rest of the school day avoiding Chelsea while dealing with being kissed by another woman, to the point where she starts having odd daydreams about Chelsea and her making love. Meanwhile, Chelsea starts noticing Mary Louise's absence and starts missing her. She then realises that Mary-Louise is technically her best friend and tries to make her feel better even though she doesn't understand what is happening. Eventually she confronts Mary Louise and Mary Louise kisses her which shocks Chelsea. In the end, it is discovered that Chelsea actually kissed everyone that night which angers Mary-Louise to the point where she kisses Cecilia out of revenge.

In storyline B, AJ must undergo an evaluation after a psych report she filled disturbed everyone. She pretends to be a good teacher for her class in front of the evaluator but her kids get angry at her for acting weirder than usual. She then confronts the evaluator and tells him the truth about who she is. Instead of being moved by AJ's words, the evaluator just takes ecstacy as a bribe and passes her.

In storyline C, Cecilia and Caroline argue about "The System", a book Caroline has read which teaches that just by demanding something, the universe will grant it to you. Cecilia refuses to accept that the system works and tries to prove to Carolie that it doesn't.

It was interesting to see how the writers tried to break Mary-Louise's stereotype as the "Good Christian" girl. Sexuality is not usually dealt with in comedies, and it was refreshing to see how it was handled on the show. AJ was once again my favourite of the episode, though I think her story could have been better. Storyline C was rather uninteresting but still weird. Lastly, I felt like Deb has been underutilised since the first 2 episodes. She needs to be featured more.

Quote of the week: "I don't get paid enough to deal with these crazy bi****s"

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