How to Get Away with Murder S2E12 Review

This week, things pick up right where they left off last week, building on its intensity.

S2E12 "It's a Trap"

Ten years earlier, Annalise talks to Rose, Wes's mother, and another man, whose stories of a certain night match up. In the present, Connor shows the video to Annalise, so they call the others, except for Wes. Laurel is convinced that Frank didn't kill Lila, and he won't tell her why he did. Frank, Michaela, and Asher respond to Bonnie's call, but Laurel ignores it. Annalise tells the others that she will take care of things, but when Connor gets another email, he questions her being able to handle the situation.

In the past, Annalise and Frank prepare to head to Ohio for a month. In the present, Laurel and Wes prepare to head to Ohio. There, they look for information on the case, and Laurel discovers where Wes got his last name. Back in 2005, Rose wants to be assured that she won't be deported, so Annalise gets the judge to agree to an anonymous testimony.

Annalise takes Michaela to talk to Caleb, and convince him to try to find out more about Phillip from Catherine. Laurel and Wes read about the case, and this goes back and forth to flashbacks from the case. In the case, Rose doesn't show up to testify. The man who hired Annalise talks to her, and says some really terrible things to her, saying that he hired her because she was a woman of color, and she should quit now to keep her from giving her people a bad name.

Still in the past, Annalise calls Sam, asking him what she should do. In the present, Bonnie asks Annalise if the way that they are living is really better than jail, which is an interesting question. Annalise tells the others to leave, telling them to spend the night doing whatever makes them happy. Wes theorizes that his mother's death wasn't a suicide, but she was killed because she didn't testify. Michaela goes to talk to Caleb, and they end up kissing. Asher still wants to protect the others, but Bonnie tells him to go home and sleep.

Annalise has dinner with Nate. He asks her why she is making dinner and wearing a dress, and she gets angry. Connor tells Oliver that he wants to transfer to Stanford, and wants Oliver to move with him. Wes asks Laurel what is really going on with her and Frank, and she says that Frank is just like her father, who is a terrible person. She came to law school to escape him. He tells her that she isn't a bad person, and then they kiss, which they then feel really awkward about.

Back in 2005, Annalise goes to see Rose, and asks her if her testimony was true, but she just tells Annalise to leave. In the present, Wes and Laurel read the medical examiner's report on Rose's death, which says that it is a suicide. Annalise decides to call Phillip's bluff. They do so, and then things get intense. First, Connor is sent a picture of Annalise and Nate from the previous night. Then, Laurel returns and demands to talk to Annalise. She shows her a paper from the medical examiner's report saying that the death possibly could have been a homicide, committed by Wes. What an ending!

This was a great episode, one of the best this season.

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