The Middle S7E15 Review

This week, most of the episode takes place at the movie theater. Will this work out well?

S7E15 "Hecks at a Movie"

At the start of the episode, Brick says that he has never been to the movies. He asks questions about the movies, which is hilarious. They also talk about how the movie they are going to see, which had an exterior shot that was shot in Orson. The family all goes to the movie, along with the Donahues and another couple. Brick discovers a preview for a Planet Nowhere movie, and he is very upset about the casting, which is hilarious. Sue runs into Logan, and it is hilarious when she slips because she got butter on her hand and she leaned on something.

Mike and Frankie talk about their earlier conversation, and their versions of what happened are very funny and different. Axl and Sean discover that their first kiss in the dark was actually with each other, and their discovery of this is hilarious. Sue talks to Logan, and the conversation is really funny because of how awkward Sue is. Mike talks to Mr. Donahue about the earlier conversation, and he sides with him, but advises him to end the argument at the movie theater.

Brick decides to take a stand advertising for Planet Nowhere, which is really funny. Sue and Logan talk, and Logan tells her that he is thinking about becoming a priest. At home, Sue talks to God, and it is a great scene that is both funny and deep. Sue returns Logan's jacket to him. Frankie and Mike get home, and their argument starts back up again. When Frankie goes to the computer, she discovers their lost pictures came back, realizing this is more important. Mike discovers the stand that Brick stole, and there is a hilarious joke about protesting for higher pay for lifeguards.

This was a great episode. The only problem was how Frankie and Mike's plot suddenly ends.

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