The Book of Terri - Episode 2.03 - Realization

The Book of Terri

2x03 - “Realization”

Written By:

Jessica Boggs


We see Natasha walking around furiously. 

The girls exit the school and head into the parking lot.


What the f*** do you want with me?


Natasha, stop this. You’re getting yourself into trouble. 

Katie then grabs Natasha. 

Natasha huffs and puffs. 

Cassidy and Abigail run closer.

Abigail stops Katie and Natasha. 


Look, Natasha. This is unacceptable. These drugs are clouding your judgment. 


Not to mention, you’re losing a lot of friends. 

Natasha then collapses.



Katie immediately attempts CPR. 

Cassidy then runs to the building. 

Terri then calls 9-1-1. 


Come on, Natasha. Live!



At the hospital, Terri, Abigail, and Katie gather in the hallway. 

Sighs give out, frustration is on a high note.

Abigail paces back and forth.

Terri is on her phone. 

She then looks up at Abigail.


First of all, how did this happen? Why did this happen? 


You tell me. 


Natasha wakes up from her slumber. 



What just happened? 

She suddenly notices Katie at the door. 


Natasha, you’re awake. 


I don’t remember what happened anymore.

She attempts to get up. 

Katie then rushes to Natasha’s side.


Hey now, that’s a little too fast.


Ugh. My head hurts.


I know that. 


I never realized what one ecstasy pill can do. 


If you’re willing to talk about this, I’m here to listen. 



THE BOOK OF TERRI is one of The TV Ratings Guide's ORIGINAL SERIES, an exclusive feature of  The TV Ratings Guide.

THE BOOK OF TERRI is written and executive produced by Jessica Boggs and production is overseen by TVRGO as well as Boggs Productions. 


How’d They Do? Evaluating The Ratings of Criminal Minds and Madam Secretary’s Final Seasons

The Ratings Junkie Sunday, May 31, 2020

Welcome to this edition of ‘How’d They Do?’. The final season ratings of two CBS shows which ended in the 2019-20 season are evaluated here. Note that this does not include cancelations, but rather shows that were announce to be ending ahead of time.

Credit for the ratings go to Programming Insider. Any missing numbers is a result of them not being reported. Some shows will have a column reflected their viewership in Canada, but numbers are only available for weeks where the show made the top 30. Averages in the Canada column are only visible when the vast majority of episodes have ratings reported.

Criminal Minds (2005-2020)
Criminal Minds proved itself to be a key player on CBS’s schedule over time. It was never a huge hit to the level of NCIS and CSI, but its stability at the turn of the 2010s decade was remarkable. This is not to mention how often it’s in syndication rotation, making backend money for CBS and Disney. It also had international appeal, with South Korea even creating their own version. CBS tried twice to replicate its success through spinoffs: Suspect Behavior in 2011 and Beyond Borders in 2016. Neither spinoffs were successes, and got canceled after no more than two short seasons.

For the most part, Criminal Minds’ short final season, which aired in the winter, had impressive year-to-year trends. Airing at 9pm for all but one of the first six episodes certainly couldn’t have hurt, but it’s not like the Undercover Boss lead-in was especially coveted.

It is fully possible, though, that Undercover Boss was stronger in Live ratings than the typical show, which may see a sizable Same Day viewing jump. This theory can be validated by looking at the year-to-year trends in the first chart: the Live + Same Day ratings for Criminal Minds had a better trend than the delayed viewing numbers. Also, while the median age of viewers grew, it was by less than a year, implying it gained a few younger viewers this season. Perhaps these people for the most part were in their 50s, given the stellar trends in not just A25-54, but also the gender breakdown of that age bracket.

The final two episodes, which aired alongside each other on one night, rose from the previous episode in all 16 demographics shown above, including hitting a high amongst seven-day viewership in Canada. The Live+7 bump in the A18-49 demo was rather modest, yet still a higher rating than most other episodes in this final season.

Criminal Minds’ final season added episodes for syndication and international viewing, had solid trends in every demographic, and likely did better than what any other shows that could’ve realistically aired in place of it. It also appeared to not be overly depending on lead-ins, looking much better in retention out of Undercover Boss than Survivor.

Grade: A

Madam Secretary (2014-2019)
Madam Secretary began its six-season run in the coveted Sunday at 8pm time slot, taking over for The Amazing Race. The A18-49 Live + Same Day results weren’t great, and simply got worse over time. Ratings were always well below average, and yet it kept making the cut for another season. Over time, it was given time slot downgrades, first moving to 9pm for Season 3, and then 10pm for Seasons 4 through 6.

Madam Secretary was down 25% in the A18-49 demographic for its final season, and the delayed viewing ratings trends were no better. All subdemos also had rough year-to-year trends as well. This is not out of the ordinary for most seasons of Madam Secretary.

The series finale’s ratings rose in every demographic, although modestly. Still, with no subdemos significantly below average, the finale shouldn’t be judged too harshly. It was well past the point where it would be able to post ratings much better than it. 

The ratings had a few scares throughout the season, mostly with the M18-34 demo. Hitting a 0.1 for its third episode could give the feeling that it would at some point hit the dreaded 0.0. Luckily, it didn’t go lower than that 0.1, although it did match it in two subsequent episodes and had a 36% year-to-year drop. Also, the ratings for episodes 3 through 6 signaled the results in the final four episodes could’ve been much worse. 

Grade: D

What do you think of these grades? Be sure to vote in the polls and leave a comment!

Saturday TV Ratings 5/30/20: Despicable Me 2, The Last Dance and 48 Hours Lead on Preempted Night (UPDATED)

On a night with heavy preemptions due to protest coverage, a 0.3 was all it took to lead the night.

Despicable Me 2 was one of the few programs of the day that was not a repeat of a weekly series. The film drew a 0.3 and tied for first for the night. Behind it, a heavily preempted SNL Vintage hosted by Charles Barkley was down to 0.2.

ABC had a repeat of The Last Dance at 8 with a 0.3, followed by a 0.3 for their nationwide special report on the protests in response to George Floyd's murder. It also drew 0.3, enough to give ABC the nightly win.

CBS had a weaker night with 0.2 repeats of Game On! and 48 Hours, followed by an original (?) episode of 48 Hours at 10. The 10 PM hour was the only one to hit 0.3.

Fox had repeats of Flirty Dancing and LEGO Masters. Nobody cared.

Finals Update: Despicable Me 2 (-0.2), SNL Vintage (-0.2) and repeats of The Last Dance (-0.3), Game On! (-0.2), 48 Hours (-0.2), Flirty Dancing (-0.1) and LEGO Masters (-0.1) adjusted down.

SNL Throwback: The 10 Greatest Political Impressions

With the 2020 election approaching, and with SNL recently wrapping for the season,  I thought it would be appropriate to revisit my top 10 favorite political impressions from SNL. Each politician will only be included once in the Top 10, even if said politician has been impersonated multiple times and has multiple impressions worthy of a mention (such as Amy Poehler's Hillary Clinton).

How’d They Do? Evaluating The Ratings of ABC’s 2019-20 Final Seasons

The Ratings Junkie Saturday, May 30, 2020
Welcome to this edition of ‘How’d They Do?’. The final season ratings of ABC shows which ended in the 2019-20 season are evaluated here. Note that this does not include cancelations, but rather shows that were announce to be ending ahead of time.

Credit for the ratings go to Programming Insider. Any missing numbers is a result of them not being reported. Some shows will have a column reflected their viewership in Canada, but numbers are only available for weeks where the show made the top 30. Averages in the Canada column are only visible when the vast majority of episodes have ratings reported.

Modern Family (2009-2020)
Modern Family brought new life into ABC’s failing comedy department. The multi-award-winning show anchored a night that included The Middle and Cougar Town when it first premiered, and went on consistently be ABC’s highest-rated comedy. Here are its ratings for the 11th and final season:

While Modern Family remained ABC’s highest-rated comedy this season, it is undeniable that it has seen significant declines in most demos. While this is to be expected as shows’ same-day ratings continue to decline as a whole, it must be disappointing to see a final season slip as much as it did. This is not to mention it did not have to face The Masked Singer this season.

It seems as though younger viewers ditched the show more so than older viewers, as seen by its modest 7% year-to-year drop in total viewers, compared to its roughly 17% drop in Adults 18-49 and Adults 18-34. This makes sense when looking at the show’s median age, which rose by over a year. With the median age getting farther away from 49, viewers steadily are aging out of the key demo. It is notable, though, that the Men 18-34 demographic looks so much better than the others in terms of year-to-year declines, and that the decline was largely because of the Women 18-34 demographic.

Modern Family deserves major credit for its significant series finale bump. This is something not to be taken for granted anymore. Also, even though the 35-day multi platform (MP35) rating was only released for the season premiere, the major growth in demo and viewership proves Modern Family had a significant audience outside of its traditional time slot.

Final Grade: B

How To Get Away With Murder (2014-2020)
How To Get Away With Murder was executive produced by Shonda Rhimes, creator of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. Together, those three shows combined to form ABC’s TGIT (Thank God It’s Thursday) block. For the first time in a long time, ABC had created a cohesive Thursday night lineup with three powerhouse dramas in the ratings. Being a serialized show, How To Get Away With Murder has since dropped off significantly, falling to ratings lower than most long-running shows. However, its impressive delayed viewing numbers, presumably tied with its Shonda Rhimes connection, allowed the show to end on its own terms after a six-season run.

How To Get Away With Murder’s declines this season actually weren’t as rough as some other seasons. This in part has to due with getting Grey’s Anatomy as a lead-in for the final batch of episodes. Still, being down 12% in viewers is certainly nothing to dismiss, as not every show gets a boost when put behind a high-rated show (see: Quantico). 

There are definitely some rough spots in its declines, though. The final season was down 29% in the Men 18-34 demographic, and the delayed viewing ratings took a bigger hit than the same day ratings in the Adults 18-49 demographic. 

Most, but not all, demographics were interested in re-joining for the series finale. All women demos spiked multiple tenths, yet the male demos didn’t rise at all, at least when you round the ratings to the nearest tenth. The episode, which was the 15th in the season, failed to match the Live + 7 Adults 18-49 rating from the 13th episode. 

Overall, there are ups and downs to How To Get Away With Murder’s ratings. It certainly could have gone worse, but it is still ABC’s lowest-rated veteran drama in A18-49 same day ratings. 

Final Grade: C

Fresh Off The Boat (2015-2020)
Fresh Off The Boat had more behind-the-scenes controversies than you would think, especially for a broadcast family comedy. First, there was the controversy over the title, with some having concerns that it came off as racist. Then, there was chef and author Eddie Huang, who licensed his memoir to make the show based on his childhood, openly speaking out against the show. He narrated the first season and left after it, saying it had been so far removed from his actual life past the pilot. And finally, there were the Constance Wu tweets. Let’s just say Wu, whose movie career was launched through her well-received performance on the show, wasn’t too happy to learn about the show’s renewal for a sixth season. 

ABC probably wasn’t either, given its abysmally low ratings in its new Friday at 8:30pm time slot led to them making an announcing that Season 6 would be its final season. 

The 22% drop in total viewers doesn’t look completely awful, given it was no longer airing directly after the older-viewing 7pm local programming. But those sub demos have inexcusable declines. Remember, this is a show in its sixth season that had already taken a significant drop in its move to Fridays in the prior season. 

Every sub demo average declined more than 40% from Season 5, with the Adults 18-34 demo approaching a 50% drop. The median age rose by three years, somehow making the show much older-skewing this season than it was when it aired at 8. DVR interest was, at the very least, less weak looking than same day viewing, so it deserves credit for that. Still, being down 24% is not something that should make anyone impressed, in a positive way at least.

It truly is sad to see the ratings down across the board for its series finale, which came three weeks after the penultimate episode aired. While there were some instances of the show rising week to week, there was nothing to suggest in this final season that it was still the strong show it used to be.

Final Grade: D

What do you think of these grades? Be sure to vote in the polls and leave a comment!

How to Twist a Ratings Report

With the right language, any show's performance can be perceived as extremely strong or incredibly poor.

Photo Credit: Variety 

Prime Time Cable News Ratings 5/18 - 5/21: FOX News Beats All Hours of CNN and MSNBC, Maddow Leads MSNBC

The Ratings Junkie Saturday, May 30, 2020
Below are the prime time cable news ratings from Monday, May 18 through Thursday, May 21. The ratings are color-coded by network, and sorted by the key Adults 25-54 demo. Ties are broken by total viewers.

Put Me In Season 1 Episode 8: Lorenzo’s Workshop (SEASON 1 FINALE)

I just threw a perfect game!

Congratulations! We need to have a big celebration for this.

A reporter approaches CARTER.

How does this feel, Carter, to become a baseball sensation?

It feels unreal.

Well it is real. Is there anything else you’d like to tell your fans?

LEWIS runs over to the reporter and talks into the microphone.

I have something to say. I’ve always called this guy ‘kid’. Because that’s what he was to me, a new pitcher who had potential but was unproven. 


Carter, you’re no kid anymore.

OPEN: The dugout of the Charleston Capitols’. It is an away game.

Carter, you ready for today’s game?

I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.

You better be. It’s a big game today. We’re missing some of our relief pitchers.

Do I want to ask why?

Probably not.

Coach, this is the first time I’m hearing about this. Did you tell anyone else?

Between the three of us, some of them are having a training day. It’s like a workshop, but for baseball players.

They have those in the middle of the season?

I had never heard of them either, but if a former baseball player wants to give my guys some tips, they’re all his.

BEN, approaching
What about a former baseball player?

He is one.


His name is Lorenzo. Apparently he’s a baseball legend.

CUT to LORENZO, coaching MIKE, the team’s utility relief pitcher, as well as JAMES, the team’s closer.

So what you do is...look, you take your arm, and then you put the ball in it, and then throw it at the guy with the glove who’s squatting next to the batter. He’s in a position like he’s about to take a dump.


I can see what they mean about you not being a pitching legend.

That I am not. But I am a good guy.

Can’t argue with that.

CUT back to RAY, LEWIS, BEN, and CARTER in the dugout.

Are you kidding me?

No...go out there now, time to have fun. But most importantly, win the game.

I think we need to clear something up first: have you really never heard of Lorenzo? That guy is not famous for his baseball skills.

Don’t even tell me he’s a criminal.

No! He’s just...unique. Although, he almost got charged for the consumption of an illegal substance.

Oh wow.

It was cotton candy. Long story. I think you’re the only one in the baseball Universe who has never heard of him.

OK now if you don’t mind, Carter’s out on the pitching mound and everyone’s ready to start.

Fine. But don’t blame us when Carter’s pitch count gets up to 350.

RAY walks behind the plate and gets into position. CARTER throws the opening pitch. It’s a strike. RAY tosses the ball back to CARTER, but he doesn’t through the next pitch. RAY walks up to the mound.

You gonna throw a pitch or not?

I hurt my wrist.

It’s probably just a little sore.

No, I think I did something to it.

RAY signals to the dugout. The trainer, DANIELLE, walks to the mound.

What’s going on here?

Carter hurt his wrist.

He can’t do that! Some of the relievers are at a workshop! Mike is gone, and he’d come into the game in this situation.

I don’t think Lorenzo understands the concept of relievers actually pitching on a regular basis. He means well. Lewis needs a little chat with the general manager, though.

They’re with Lorenzo?!?!

CARTER (visibly in pain)
Can we focus on my wrist, please?

Can you move it?

A little bit, but it hurts a lot.

Do you need someone to come in for you?


LEWIS (walking up to the mound)
Carter, you hurt?


Should we turn to what’s left of our bullpen?

Yeah. Put them in.

XAVIER, the 7th inning reliever, comes running out.

Just to be clear, my job is to do good in the 7th inning. Give me a pass on the others, please.

Just try to keep the game close. You’re a solid reliever. And hopefully we get Mike back soon. With Carter looking like this, he’s probably out for around a month.

Thursday 5/28/20 Cable News Ratings: Tucker Carlson Leads in Demo and Viewers, Don Lemon Tops CNN

The Ratings Junkie Saturday, May 30, 2020

Here are the ratings for all cable news shows from Thursday, May 28, that have viewership data publicly available for the key adults 25-54 demographic. Anything not on this chart did below a 0.22 with viewers aged 25-54.

CNN’s prime time was led by Don Lemon’s CNN Tonight, which did significantly better amongst viewers aged 25-54 than the network’s other prime time offerings.

FOX News led cable news’ prime time with its Carlson/Hannity/Ingraham trio, while MSNBC’s night revolved around Rachel Maddow’s 9pm show.

Friday TV Ratings 5/29/20: Haircut Night in America Does OK, Shark Tank Repeat Leads (UPDATED)

It was another Friday night with few originals, but this week, the ratings were a significant degree higher, pending preemptions.

ABC topped the night with a strong showing at 8 by a repeat of Shark Tank. With a 0.6 rounded average and a 0.7 in one half, the repeat of the reality staple won the night and even beat out numerous ratings for original episodes from its Sunday and Wednesday runs. At 9, a 20/20 repeat attracted either a 0.5 or 0.6, with 0.5s in two halves and 0.6s in two. It led both hours.

Fox likely took second with WWE Smackdown, with, like 20/20, had two 0.5 half-hours and two 0.6 half-hours. If it ends up as a 0.6, it'll be up from last week, while a 0.5 would be steady.

CBS had on OK special at 8 with Haircut Night In America. Its rating isn't a spectacular bombing considering that it's now summer and numerous actual shows have premiered worse, but its 0.4 isn't terribly exciting, either. A repeat of Magnum PI was down to 0.3 with a less-compatible (but equally-rated) lead-in, while the 10 PM Blue Bloods encore drew a steady 0.4.

NBC had repeats of reality series World of Dance at 8 with a 0.4. At 9, an encore of The Wall topped multiple original airings of the show, doubling one of last Sunday's airings. Considering that this repeat got a 0.4, that's quite sad. At 10, a Dateline repeat joined the others with 0.4.

The CW had Masters of Illusion at 0.1, followed by more repeats at 0.1.

Finals Update: All shows held their preliminary ratings.

The Bullpen Special: New Season

Everyone is at the baseball stadium, in the bullpen of the team’s first spring training game.
Robert: Alright everyone, gather around!
Harry: You heard him!
Robert: Harry I’m not sure that’s helping.
Harry: Were the hot dogs good?
Robert: Yeah.
Harry: Nice.
Robert: Is there a point to saying that?
Harry: Sure.
Robert: So I think we all know why we’re here today. We have a mostly new bullpen this year. I’m the only surviving member of the one from the previous two years.
Harry: Lorenzo’s still around, I work at his place!
Robert: Harry, we went over this, they’re all still around, just not in the bullpen. Manny, do you have any words as the new bullpen coach?
Manny: Nope. Giving pep talks was my thing when I was the manager of the team.
Robert: OK, then I guess I’ll be introducing our new players. Welcome to the team, Ace and Devin.
Devin: You too.
Robert: I’ve been here for several years!
Devin: Oh. Why didn’t you say that?
Robert: I did...
Devin: I wasn’t paying attention.
Robert: Clearly.
Ace: And to be clear, make no mistake, my name is a terrible coincidence. I am nowhere NEAR being an ace pitcher. Guess that’s why I ended up here.
Devin: Yeah, I’ve also seen better days.
Manny: You’re a rookie.
Devin: I made many plays as a shortstop in the minors.
Manny: Don’t even tell me you’ve never pitched before.
Devin: I have! Just, not in the past decade or so.
Robert: Also, I’d like to introduce you all to—
Manny: We know who he is.
Ace: I don’t.
Robert: Felix. As you may know, he was a starter for the team for many years and now he’s joining us in the bullpen!
Felix: Hi everyone. Don’t mean to intimidate you all, but I think they’ll turn to me most often to pitch.
Manny: No one told you?
Felix: Told me what?
Manny: You’re in the wrong bullpen if you expect to pitch all that much. You got sent here after blowing the championship for us last year. I got sent here because I didn’t take you out of the game.
Felix: Are you kidding me? My salary says otherwise.
Robert: about that, we are all very overpaid. For our talents, that is. We’re on average the lowest-paid bullpen in the entire league, how else could they afford all these star pitchers?
Ace: Let me just say something about this place: it’s awesome. We get paid to be bad pitchers.
Felix: I really want to go in the game though!
Devin: Should we be paying attention to it?
Robert: Nah, it rarely matters. Sometimes we even hurt the team by paying attention.
Devin: That makes no sense.
Robert: You would think, but it does.
Manny: I will be coaching though. My first decision is Robert will be bullpen captain.
Ace: Those exist?
Manny: They do now.
Harry: I’m not sure you can make up positions like that.
Manny: Fine, then he’s unofficial bullpen captain.
Robert: What do I do?
Manny: It’s just a title, how should I know?
Robert: I just gave my pep talk.
Felix: That was a pep talk?
Robert: Kind of. We don’t do much of anything related to the actual game here.
Harry: You have to have at least a few more words.
Robert: Fine. Just be yourselves. The crowd might start booing you, let them be. It hasn’t been as bad after the dodgeball ban though.
Ace: Wait, this is the dodgeball bullpen? Cool!
Robert: No dodgeball anymore.
Ace: You were famous where I was before for that.
Devin: Yeah, to me this bullpen is second to the cotton candy one.
Robert: That would be us too.
Ace: OK this day just got so much better.
Felix (laughing): Hold on a sec. You know how Garry used to be your bullpen coach?
Robert: Yeah.
Felix: Now you have Harry as a snack bar vendor.
Robert: And?
Harry: You went from a guy with purpose, to a guy with a name that rhymes with Garry but has no purpose. The first letter in Harry is only one letter in the alphabet away from the first letter in Garry!
Robert (chuckling): That is kind of funny, but I wouldn’t say you have no purpose!
Harry: Look around, do you see Lorenzo anywhere?
Robert: No. but that just means you’ll have even more purpose to more people, and throughout the game. We might be able to get food in the second inning now!
Manny: By the way everyone, big game tomorrow. We should probably go home and get our rest.
Robert: It’s a big game, but it’s probably not gonna concern us.
Felix: Also, this one isn’t over yet.
Robert: Show of hands, who says we bail?
Ace: Is this a trick?
Devin: Yeah, I can’t tell if this is a mind game or not. As one of the new guys, I don’t feel completely comfortable raising my—Ace, looks like they already left.
Ace: You wanna leave too?
Devin: yeah, but we shouldn’t.
Ace: Why not?
Devin: Eh, you’re right. Let’s go.
*The crowd stars cheering.*
Ace: Think they’re cheering for us?
Devin: Probably. I think they like not having the prospect of the bullpen coming in.
Ace: I can get used to this.

’Diary of a Future President’ Renewed For Second Season By Disney+

Disney+ has confirmed that the series will be back for more episodes.

Photo Credit: Disney/Medium

Off Topic -- May 2020 Thread (2019-20 Season)

It's a new month, and it's the month of upfronts! But things look a little different. 

Thursday Cable Ratings 5/28/20: Jersey Shore Family Vacation Returns Down from Week Off but Tops Night, Top Chef Rises, Siren Finale and Misery Index Slip

Below are the top 25 programs on cable on Thursday, 5/28/20. Items of note include Jersey Shore Family Vacation on MTV, Top Chef on Bravo, and the finale of Siren on Freeform.
(Note: Click the names of the shows written in purple or blue to be taken to their pages in the TV Ratings Guide Cable Database.)

Thursday TV Ratings 5/28/20: To Tell The Truth and Holey Moley Steady, Millionaire and Labor of Love Rose (UPDATED)

ABC topped the night once more as 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' (0.9) gained a tenth from last week, matching its Thursday high. Afterwards, 'Holey Moley' (0.8) and 'To Tell The Truth' (0.7) were both even with their week-ago premieres. For 'To Tell The Truth', the Anthony Anderson-hosted series remains a stronger performer than Anderson's other ABC series 'Blackish'.

CBS continued burning off 'Man With a Plan' (0.6) and 'Broke' (0.6) amidst repeats of 'Young Sheldon' (0.6) and 'Mom' (0.6). Both programs were even and remain remarkably solid considering the poor circumstances they've been handed. The Tiffany network capped the night with a 'S.W.A.T' repeat (0.4).

FOX got some minor relief as 'Labor of Love' (0.3) rose a tenth from last week's ghastly start. Lead-in 'Celebrity Watch Party' (0.3) held steady.

'Council of Dads' (0.4) and 'Blindspot' (0.3) were even with their prior episodes on NBC but got humiliated by a repeat of 'SVU' (0.3) at 10. The CW had 0.1s with 'Burden of Truth' and more 'In the Dark'.

Finals Update: Celebrity Watch Party (+-0.1) adjusted up. Repeats of Law & Order: SVU (-0.1) and SWAT (-0.1) adjusted down.
18-49 Rating/Share
Viewers (mil)
8 PMWho Wants To Be A Millionaire0.9/66.07ABC

Young Sheldon (R)0.6/45.18CBS

Council of Dads0.4/32.74NBC

Celebrity Watch Party0.4/31.60Fox

Burden of Truth0.1/10.51The CW
8:30 PMMan With a Plan0.6/45.06CBS
9 PMHoley Moley0.8/53.99ABC

Mom (R)0.6/44.64CBS


Labor of Love0.3/21.10Fox

In the Dark0.1/10.46The CW
9:30 PMBroke0.6/44.45CBS
10 PMTo Tell The Truth0.7/43.68ABC

SWAT (R)0.3/22.80CBS

Law & Order: SVU (R)0.2/21.78NBC