Life in Pieces S1E16 Review

It's Valentine's Day in a couple of the stories this week on Life in Pieces. How funny will the holiday be? Read on for my thoughts.

S1E16 "Tattoo Valentine Pregnant Guitar"

In the first story, Tim gets a tattoo, but it is misspelled. This is pretty funny. His solution is to make "Heater" Heather's nickname, which is hilarious. He eventually shows her the tattoo, and she loves that he got a tattoo to prove that he loves her.

In the second story, Heather asks Jen about Valentine's Day. Matt says that Colleen doesn't like Valentine's Day, but Jen gives him a hilarious multiple choice test where all of the answers are "You're an idiot." Matt needs another two people for their Valentine's dinner, and he ends up having to resort to getting his parents to come along.

In the third story, Tyler takes Clementine to a guitar store, and the salesman starts hitting on her. Tim encourages him to go back to the store, and he does. He ends up buying a very expensive guitar, so Heather insists on returning the guitar. Tim and Heather return the guitar, and the guy starts hitting on Heather, which is pretty funny. Tim ends up buying something really expensive as well, which is really funny.

In the forth story, it is time for Greg and Jen to start trying to have another baby, if they want to stick to their plan of having their kids be two years apart. Heather encourages Greg to have a baby, and this is pretty funny. Joan tells them to wait for a sign to have a baby. They see a stork in the yard, but end up concluding that it is a crane. They are told by a bird watcher that it is a stork, but they are in denial, which is pretty funny. Eventually a news crew shows up, and it is pretty funny. They decide that they should still wait to have a second kid.

The first story was great, the second was great as well, the third was good, and the forth was pretty good. Overall, this was a really good episode. This was actually the best episode of Life in Pieces yet.

What did you think of "Tattoo Valentine Pregnant Guitar"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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