Jane the Virgin S3E3 Review

Jane the Virgin's Jane has been a virgin for along time, despite having a child. But this week, Jane the Virgin may no longer be a virgin...

S3E3 "Chapter Forty-Seven"

The episode starts with Jane and Michael ready to have sex, but things keep getting in the way. Finally, they are able to, and Jane is no longer Jane the Virgin. However, things go wrong (in the exact way I expected them to) when Jane accidentally records the act and sends it to her adviser.

Another issue with Jane's first time is that she didn't have an orgasm. This leads to multiple failed attempts. At the end, Jane and Michael watch the video to discover what went wrong.

Alba tells Jane about her sister, who was the one who told her family that she wasn't a virgin. I really enjoy the version of Alba's sister in Jane's mind, as she talks to Jane while she writes.

Rogelio is excited about the possibility of the CW adapting The Passions of Santos, and the lines about the CW are really funny. However, they want Rob Lowe as the lead. Rogelio calls on an important favor to help Xo.

Under the sea, Luisa still hasn't completely forgiven Rose for killing her father, so she wants to see the list of people that Rose has killed. The episode ends with a big telenovela twist as Rafael's mother dies.

The episode had some entertaining parts, but at times it felt lacking in humor. Also, Petra (and Anezka pretending to be Petra) was absent this week, and Rafael, who feels quite disconnected from the show now, hardly appeared.

Score: 8/10

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NBC (Finally) Decides on the fate of 'Cruel Intentions'

NBC has finally decided on the fate of their pilot Cruel Intentions. Unfortunately for me and many others that wanted to see it picked up, NBC has decided against ordering Cruel Intentions to series.

What do you think of this news? Let me know in the comments!

Final TV Ratings 10/28/16: The Vampire Diaries and MacGyver Adjust Down

MacGyver's downward trend continued, with it adjusting down to a series-low 0.9 against the World Series. The CW's Vampire Diaries adjusted down as well, to a 0.3. The night's only other adjustment was The World Series, which adjusted up to a 5.2.

18-49 Rating/Share
Viewers (mil)
8 PM
World Series Game 3

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown


Caught on Camera with Nick Cannon

The Vampire Diaries
The CW
9 PM
Shark Tank

Hawaii Five-0

Dateline NBC

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
The CW
10 PM
Blue Bloods

The TV Ratings Guide's Week in Review: Week of October 24th

Happy Halloween! Lucifer Gets a Back 9

The Ratings Junkie Monday, October 31, 2016
Happy Halloween! Lucifer Gets a Back 9
FOX devil-drama Lucifer has received a back 9 order, fittingly on Halloween. This gives the show an even greater chance at renewal, and is currently averaging at 84% of FOX's scripted seasonal average.

What do you think of this news? Will it affect the ratings tonight? Let us know in the comments below!

FOX Renew/Cancel Watch: A New Methodology on This Halloween

The Ratings Junkie Saturday, October 29, 2016

What Are Those Numbers Doing in the Table?

The numbers in the table are my way of integrating the ad rates into my Renew/Cancel predictions. As you've seen in a previous post, this season my ad rates and ratings correlation research will be presented in terms of relative ratings percentages to make the math simpler and the position of the show easier to track. I found this correlation to be pertinent to the fates of the low-to-mediocre-rated veteran shows last season (meaning shows that were in at least their 3rd season; sorry Mysteries of Laura), so while the data is also presented for younger shows, it won't be as pertinent. Also, extraneous factors such as syndication potential may outweigh first-run ratings for the better.

So when you look at The Last Man On Earth, which right now leans a renewal, you see a (73/71) in brackets. This means that The Last Man On Earth is currently at 73% of FOX's scripted average this season, and its "target" in a direct correlation between ad rates and ratings says it would need at least a 71% of the scripted average in order to be renewed. We'll see if the outcome is as pleasant as last season, but last season the formula correctly predicted Bones' and Sleepy Hollow's renewals, two predictions that I did not make.

Thanks to the new setup of Renew/Cancel Watch, each and every show will get a prediction explanation this time. Let's begin!

Why Are Empire, Lethal Weapon, The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Gotham Certain to be Treated to Another Season?

Let's start with The Simpsons and Family Guy. Not only are they clearing their targets, but both are ratings hits for FOX. Plus, Family Guy probably already has leftover episodes and The Simpsons just doesn't get canceled. Lethal Weapon is by far FOX's top-rated freshmen show, and has even shown that it can stand on its own without the Empire halo, better than Rosewood did at least. Speaking of which, even though Empire currently isn't meeting its target, it's the #1 show on all of broadcast TV. It didn't have a sophomore crash, and even in its third season it is yet to flame out, so unless the writing gets really bad or some major actors randomly quit, this one should be in for the long haul. Finally, there's Gotham, which although is a 3rd season show that is not hitting its target, and most likely won't hit its target by the end of the season either, it will have 3 full seasons under its belt, and since it's still up there as a top-tier drama for FOX, Warner Brothers should have no problem making syndication $$ off of this show.

Why Are Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Lucifer Likely to be Treated to Another Season?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is oh-so-close to hitting its target, and since FOX doesn't even own the marginally-rated show, most signs would point to a cancellation. However, it does have strong syndication potential, with TBS buying the first five seasons for syndication, contingent on a fifth-season renewal. It wouldn't surprise me if FOX doesn't have it on its schedule next season, but I'm very willing to bet that it will see a fifth season somewhere. If not FOX, then maybe TBS, Hulu, or even SeeSo (a comedy streaming service owned by NBC Universal).

Lucifer holds almost all of Gotham's audience, if it doesn't hold on to all of it or even grow from it, and as we see is at a solid 82% of FOX's scripted average. This is another example of "doesn't hit the target, but ratings are good anyways". Looking at the numbers, FOX has bigger problems than canceling a show at more than 80% of their average.

Why Do Son of Zorn, The Last Man On Earth, Pitch, and The Exorcist Lean Treated to Another Season?

OK, so Son of Zorn's average right now may be frontloaded and football-inflated, and it may not have the best of retention, but at 114% of FOX's scripted average and a product of Lord Miller Productions, plus being on brand for them, I don't think it's dead just yet. If its average takes a plummet, or if its later-episode average ends up being super-low, then I'll change my mind, but for now its chances are looking decent. Not good, but decent.

The Last Man On Earth, at a 71% target, is just barely getting by right now. I imagine it still gets that streaming boost it got in its first season that helped it tremendously, and if there's one thing I learned from Bones, Sleepy Hollow, Nashville, and Castle, it's not to distrust the correlation. That could change after this season, but right now I'll let the numbers do the talking.

Though I did say that the correlation between ad rates and ratings doesn't really apply to freshmen series because they are no more than educated guesses, but what Pitch and The Exorcist have going for them is that advertisers are getting what they paid for: not that much, but they bought ad time on the cheap. The Exorcist may end up being axed thanks to an incredibly low ad rate that will almost certainly have to be raised next season to keep it financially viable (assuming it is already), but I think the ratings rises, the limited episode orders, and the fact that it airs on a Friday on FOX are all in its favor. I'll keep a very close eye on Pitch, especially considering airing amidst the World Series didn't help it at all, but for now I'm being optimistic. It may come down to how the midseason dramas perform, and there are a lot of them.

Why Do Rosewood and...New Girl? Lean Tricked to a Cancelation?

Looking at the numbers, Rosewood is *barely* doing better than The Exorcist...and it airs on a Thursday, after having been nurtured the entirety of last season. FOX isn't too known for canceling shows after two full seasons, but I think this could be another Touch situation: a show that did pretty decently had pretty poor retention out of its massive lead-in in its first season but didn't drop too much when its lead-in wasn't new, but dropped 67% y2y once moved away and to a tougher time slot (Fridays). Granted, Rosewood isn't down as much as Touch, but it is down 57%, and I think it'll be lucky if it ends up down less than 50% y2y. It doesn't do particularly better in the younger demographics and isn't heavily DVR'd, and unlike Pitch, which I think has a niche enough audience that it could end up being a Friday staple if it gets another go-around, Rosewood is simply too weak a show and didn't benefit from being nurtured in its first season.

New Girl is probably one of the more surprising predictions in this edition's table, but I'll explain: it's an older show now, and the ad rate and rating correlation probably applies to it now more than ever, being deep into its veteran years and a very middling performer, if that. It didn't take long at all for it to go fractional, and I would argue that it's underperforming a bit this season. Its ad rate may be boosted a bit by a relatively young skew, and it's still doing a solid 84% league average rating in A18-34, so it's not totally out and could move up to leans a renewal, but once again, the numbers will do the talking for me, and I simply think it may be too far below its target to be renewed. Plus, it no longer has much lead-in power and based on the shows they have now and the ones in development, they appear to be headed more after the male demographic in their comedy department.

Why Is Scream Queens Likely to be Tricked to a Cancelation?

Last season, I get it. It had great C3 boosts, people streamed it, it got a ton of social media buzz...but at least last season its L+SD ratings were mediocre enough. It still gets that young skew, which could work out in its favor, but even then, that A18-34 demo rating being at 72%, albeit a huge jump from the 50% of the league average in A18-49, is still very paltry, with it still being nearly a flop in 18-34. And total viewers don't really matter, but I do think we should just stop and recognize the fact that it's currently averaging 25% of the league average in total viewers. 25%. Which isn't totally bad, that's 6th place on The CW. (sarcasm detector on high)

What do you think of these predictions and the methodology? Let me know in the comments below, and be sure to share this article with your fellow ratings friends!

Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 4 Review

The last episode of Scream Queens killed off a major character that was one of the best on the show, and was one of my least favorite episodes of Scream Queens to date. Let's see if this episode can redeem Scream Queens. I'm sure it can. It is Chanel-O-Ween, after all.

        Almost immediately after Chad's death, Chanel changes into her Jackie Kennedy costume, because, like Jackie O, she is a grieving widow (well, kind of). This is pretty funny. Denise and Munsch go to visit Hester, and they ask her for information on who the killer is. Of course, Hester wants something for herself. She wants to go the the Halloween party, but her request is denied.

        Thankfully, Chanel-o-Ween is still going on. We see videos of many of Chanels fans (Why does she have fans? Does she actually do anything that would give her such a large following?) opening their awful presents from Chanel, including hearts and bile. This is a great part of the episode, and it thankfully makes Chanel happy to tell these people how much she hates them (Let's admit it. She hates anything with a pulse).

       At the reading of Chad's will, it is found out that all of Chad's family members are dead, and that their fortune went to Chad. This makes Chanel happy, because she thinks she's going to be super rich. Unfortunately for her, Chad leaves his money to the CURE Institute. It is also found out that Chad changed his will the day of his murder. Chanel tries to kill Chad's lawyer, which is hysterical.

     Chanel is starting to look a bit rough, and Brock gives her some medicine to help her. The next morning, when Chanel wakes up, she is more than a little blue. She is turned Blue from head to toe.

      While alone at the hospital, Denise is attacked by the Green Meanie. She pulls out her gun, starts shooting, and the Green Meanie goes away. Chanel is at a different part of the hospital, and she gets attacked by someone in a terrifying Ivanka Trump costume. Chanel is stabbed by "Ivanka"  but she is fine. It is revealed that Hester was under the mask, but #5 is actually blamed, as she was planning to dress up as Ivanka.

      At the Halloween party, everyone comes out in costume, Munsch is dressed as Hamilton, Brock is dressed as Batman V. Superman's script (and he disses the movie, which is great). Chanel is Smurfette, Zayday is Isis, Cassidy is Ryan Lochte, and Chamberlain is Mario. A bunch of people rush into the hospital with strange symptoms, and Brock diagnoses it as poisoning from the apples. In actuality, the Green Meanie poisoned them as a distraction.

     Denise and Chanel have a seance, so that they can see who Chad loved more. Unfortunately for Chanel, Chad loved Denise more. Chad attempts to reveal the killer to Chanel, but he gets interrupted.

   We see #5, who is dressed as Ivana Trump, not Ivanka. The confusion is pretty understandable, though. #5 goes off to do something helpful, but gets stabbed by the Green Meanie. Denise comes across #5, but she gets electrocuted by the Green Meanie, multiple times. We are left to wonder whether of not #5 will survive, but Denise is a goner for sure.

This episode killed Denise, the funniest character left, a week after killing Chad. Good job, Scream Queens. You really want to earn that cancellation. Also, where the hell is Ingrid? Did you guys forget that Kirstie Alley is supposed to be on this sinking ship? You ruined an otherwise perfect episode with killing Denise. Losing #5 would have been a loss. But an acceptable one.  Losing Denise is awful and was so stupid. What's next? Killing Chanel? Ugh. And I was wrong. This episode did nothing to redeem Scream Queens. It just added fuel to the fire by killing another fan favorite.

Score: 9/10
Grade: A-

Other than killing the best character on Scream Queens, this episode was the best of the season and would have received the first 10/10 of the season. But I had to take a point off for killing Denise.

And now, another tribute.

Farewell, Denise. You were an excellent character, and you will be sorely missed by the 25 people that still watch Scream Queens.
Denise Hemphill, 2015-2016

I'm not sure when Scream Queens will air next, but whenever that it, I'll be back to review it.

CW Renew/Cancel: A 0.2 Likely Won't Cut it For Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Welcome to another installment of CW Renew/Cancel! Here are this week's latest predictions. 

Final Season
Certain to be Canceled
Likely to be Canceled

Likely to be Renewed
Certain to be Renewed
The Vampire Diaries
No Tomorrow
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow


Jane the Virgin
The Flash


Why is Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Now "Likely to be Canceled"? 
Moving to Fridays for the already low rated show definitely must have signaled that the CW doesn't expect much more than a 0.3. When it got a 0.2 for the premiere, and scored its second straight 0.2, and less than 500,000 viewers, the time has come for me to make a call. 

Not to mention, it's capped at 13 episodes. That alone means that it's more expensive to produce than No Tomorrow, when you factor in the additional time it takes to film musical numbers (In "Love Kernals", Rebecca basically sang that the video ate up the show's production budget.) in a way that may cost millions. It's also filming in California. According to the California Film Commission, the approved expenditures total $29,518,000, and the credit reservation was for $5,873,000. It's probable that the show could get by to a third season, but right now, I don't think it's likely. If it gets renewed, it may need to cut its budget. 

In addition, Crazy Ex was notoriously predicted as certain to be canceled last season, and I was wrong on its prediction. I could be wrong again but perhaps putting it at likely to be canceled would do the trick.