Telenovela S1E10 Review

This week, Ana meets Xavier's new girlfriend. How will that play out?

S1E10 "Caught in the Act"

The episode begins with everyone trying to distract Ana when Xavier is in a relationship, which is pretty funny. However, she sees them kissing. On set, Rodrigo's character is apparently pregnant, but this turns out to be a typo, although Isaac tries to convince them otherwise, which is really funny. Roxie's character is supposed to be pregnant. Ana decides to have dinner with Xavier and his girlfriend, and bring Mimi along. Rodrigo starts thinking about having a kid, and wonders if he might already. It is pretty funny when he covers up his cat's ears when he mentions certain things. The dinner is really funny, when Ana says that she is things that she is on TV, and when she claims she speaks Spanish, and tries to figure out what the girlfriend said.

Xavier asks Ana about annoying things that he does to help him keep his girlfriend. Rodrigo, Roxie, and Gael go to Rodrigo's ex's house. They discover that she has a son of around 10 years old. They decide to meet the next day, which really feels like the plot is being stretched out. Ana trains Xavier, but his girlfriend then thinks that he slept with Ana.

Ana and Xavier talk, and there is a funny joke about "sad harmonica Xavi", who came out last when he discovered that Jurassic Park wasn't real. Rodrigo discovers that the ex-girlfriend's son is not his. Ana asks for Mimi's car when getting Xavier and his girlfriend back together. Mimi's GPS speaks Spanish, which Ana is convinced she knows enough of. She ends up freaking out when she can't remember what "derecha" means (it means "right"), and she ends up driving into the girlfriend's yard. Ana talks to the girlfriend, and discovers that Xavier is there. She then freaks out, saying that Ana and Xavier are not over each other. Rodrigo discovers that "babies are gross". Ana and Xavier talk, and it ends awkwardly.

This was a good episode. The show has improved from it's earlier episodes, I believe.

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