The 100 S3E6 Review

Blood must not have blood, Clarke convinced Lexa last week. However, being The 100, this must be tested.

S3E6 "Bitter Harvest"

The episode begins with Clarke and Lexa in Polis. Lexa awakes from a dream, and she is worried that she is betraying her people. We get a great glimpse of Clarke's love for Lexa. Clarke receives a gift from Roan, which turns out to be Emerson, the one surviving Mountain Man. Octavia is spying on the leaders of Arkadia, and they see a grounder kid. Octavia immediately worries for his safety. The kid runs off, and Octavia hides him, which is really intense. Raven tells Abby that she feels no pain, and she is a believer in the City of Light. No, Raven, no! Jasper and Abby watch Jaha and his followers. I think it would have made more sense to drag Jasper into the City of Light storyline than Raven, considering where he is at this season. Bellamy and Monty work with Pike and his team, as Kane and Octavia listen due to a listening device. They decide to take out a grounder village to farm, and Octavia is angry about this.

Lexa asks for Clarke's opinion on what they should do with Emerson, and she thinks that he should die. Lexa asks if this means that "blood must not have blood" only applies when it is her people that bleed. This tension being created between Clarke and Lexa is really interesting. Jaha and ALIE approach Raven, and she asks Raven to get her access to the ark system, because it may contain a version two. Jaha decides to keep the truth about ALIE's purpose from Raven out of fear of losing her.

Kane approaches Bellamy as the group is heading out. The tone of the scene seems to be pointing to a large number of deaths or an important death. Octavia warns the people of the village, but they don't believe her until the boy steps up and says that she saved him. It was a great short little fight scene. Kane talks to Abby, and she tries to convince him that he has done everything that he could, but he believes he is responsible for Pike becoming chancellor. There are some great quotes from Abby in this scene, such as where she says that the kids aren't kids anymore, and that everyone always believes they are doing the right thing. Octavia gets knocked out by the grounders. Raven lets ALIE into the system, this storyline is getting interesting. She then invites Jasper to come to the City of Light. Clarke meets with Emerson. He shouts at her that she will never escape what she did, which is really a repeat of what Lexa told her after she killed Finn in season two.

Clarke talks to Lexa's advisor, who compares the proposed attack on the Sky People to Clarke's massacre of Mount Weather, which is a really interesting comparison. Jasper talks to Jaha, and he prepares to go to the City of Light when Abby interrupts. She asks to hear the science behind the key to the City of Light. Abby asks to run tests on the key, and she mentions Wells. This reveals that Jaha doesn't remember who Wells is anymore, which makes this storyline way more interesting. Finally it is interesting! It is revealed that Jackson has gone to the City of Light. A trap is set with Octavia, and the Sky People coming to the village show up. The village is set on fire, and Monty goes in to rescue someone. Now, Octavia isn't on anyone's side. She needs to get to Clarke, that may be the only place she is safe.

The ceremony where Clarke is to kill Emerson begins. She decides not to take the knife, saying that she would not be killing Emerson for what he has done, but for what she has done. Lexa then gives a powerful speech supporting Clarke. This becomes even greater when Clarke says to him "may you live forever". Pike talks to Bellamy about Octavia. Pike says that he needs to find out who gave Octavia information, although they can assume it was Kane. Pike tells Bellamy to find him proof. ALIE did not discover the version two on the ark, causing Jaha to realize it must have been on station 13. As this happens, Murphy is beaten, and it turns out that somehow these people are survivors of, or at least somehow related to, the thirteenth station. This was a great ending.

This was a great episode. The City of Light storyline finally became interesting, and there was some amazing dialogue.

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