How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Winter Premiere Review

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This season's winter finale was a lot stronger than season 1's. This makes me wonder if the second half of season 2 will be significantly stronger than the second half of season 1 was.

S2E10 "What Happened to You, Annalise?"

The episode begins where the last one left off. Wes has shot Annalise. When Michaela enters, Laurel takes credit for shooting Annalise. Two weeks later, Annalise is returning to her home. Wes is upset, because he tried to kill Annalise. He won't get out of bed, but Laurel tries to make him. Annalise gets Bonnie out of her house, and has flashbacks from being shot. Wes is finally out of bed, and the others greet him. A woman comes to Annalise's house and gives her baby to her, saying that she should take care of the baby because she is strong. This woman is very strange.

It is revealed that, two weeks earlier, Asher told the police that his father's suicide must have been a murder. He concerned that they have not called him back. Annalise calls Bonnie, and she hands her the baby. But, it turns out, that Annalise is hallucinating, there is no baby. She can't testify, so the students get to work. Bonnie eventually tells Annalise there is no baby, and that it is in her head, like last time. What happened last time? When was last time? Annalise is still hearing the baby cry, and she freaks out because she doesn't know what the baby wants. It turns out this is a dream, or something. Annalise wakes up, and Laurel is at the door. Annalise has called her over.

A week earlier, Laurel visited Annalise in the hospital. It is a really good scene. In the present, Laurel says that she was worried about Annalise when Bonnie said that she wasn't going to testify. Annalise talks to Bonnie, then. She asks Bonnie to get rid of her pills. Asher is at Connor's, and Oliver is getting really annoyed with Asher, which is fairly entertaining. Bonnie gets Nate to talk to Annalise, and he asks what happened to her. She asks him to leave. Michaela is mad that no one made sure that she was okay the previous night, and then Caleb shows up. He thinks that Annalise's story is completely made up. The written statement submitted was thrown out, so Annalise shows up.

Annalise testifies in court, but once she makes eye contact with Wes, she starts to feel unwell. After a recess, during which Wes tries to talk to Annalise, Annalise starts to answer "I don't know" to questions. Then, Annalise says that Catherine didn't shoot her parents, which causes the defense to ask that Annalise's testimony be removed from the record. Annalise meets with Caleb, and she says that she just saved Catherine, making her look like the victim. She says that Catherine was drugged but Phillip. In court, Catherine says that she was shot by Annalise, and that she was drugged by Phillip. Bonnie talks to Annalise, and she says that Annalise wanted to die that night. Annalise then leaves.

Laurel believes that if one of them would have talked to Asher, none of this would have happened, which she tells Frank. At home, Annalise goes up the stairs, even though she is not supposed to. She finds Wes lying on her bed. He says that he understands why his mom killed herself now, and he asks Annalise if she knew his mother, because of what she said at the end of the last episode. Ten years earlier, Annalise is pregnant, and meets Wes's mother, who is the woman that she imagined. Annalise is having a boy. In the present, Annalise tells Wes that she thinks he ruined her, and to leave. Then, she finds the baby again, and holds him.

Annalise hallucinating was really interesting, though much of the rest of the episode was not very interesting. Overall, it was a good episode.

What did you think of "What Happened to You, Annalise?" Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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