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The wedding day sale is going on at Cloud 9 this week. Read on for my thoughts on the episode.

S1E8 "Wedding Day Sale"

The episode starts with the workers setting up a display, but when the customers enter it gets destroyed. This is pretty funny. Amy discovers that Cheyenne and her boyfriend are shopping at Cloud 9 that day, and is amazed by their poor choices. It is pretty funny. Dina is helping a woman put on a wedding dress and it doesn't quite fit, and she would have to dislocate her shoulder to put it on, and she says to do it, which is hilarious. Glenn is awkward with a gay couple and it is hilarious. Amy tries to help Cheyenne and her boyfriend think about their future baby, and helps them realize how expensive that will be. He ends up running off when he gets scared.

Dina and Amy go after the boyfriend, and Dina's reason for going along is really funny. Jonah and Garrett are left to comfort Cheyenne. Dina and Amy's car ride is hilarious. Glenn talks to Mateo, trying to make the store more gay-friendly, and it is hilarious. Dina and Amy find Cheyenne's boyfriend, but then Dina sees a man with a Cloud 9 cart, and she turns around and goes after him, which is really hilarious.

Dina and Amy are driving again, and Dina says that she is unsure of if the cart was even their cart. Dina admits that she doesn't want to go back to the store very soon because of the wedding day sale. They discuss the terrible guys they had dated, and it is pretty funny. Glenn and Mateo set up a gay wedding display, and Glenn becomes awkward when Mateo says that Jesus might be gay, and it is really funny. Dina and Amy go to a gun range, and Amy sees Cheyenne's boyfriend there.

Dina and Amy talk to Cheyenne's boyfriend, and they discover that he has been handing out resumes all day. Also, Dina has a funny line about how the resume is all lies. Glenn goes overboard with the gay wedding display, and it is really funny.

This was a really good episode. Dina and Glenn were both especially funny.

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