You, Me and the Apocalypse S1E3 Review

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I haven't been so crazy about You, Me and the Apocalypse so far (and realizing that there is no comma after "Me" in the title has also been frustrating). I'm still sticking around for now. If this episode happens to be significantly worse than the first two, then I may give it up. If this episode and the following one are just as good/just as bad as the first two, then I will give it up after next week. But maybe it can improve soon enough, we'll just have to wait and see.

S1E3 "Still Stuff Worth Fighting for"

We again start the episode seeing the end of the world, and it seems that these people may be the people who get to survive the apocalypse. Thirty-two days earlier, the characters' stories are all picking up where they left off. Rhonda and Leanne are stealing clothes. Rhonda gets caught by the man who owns the house. Jamie meets the woman who thinks that he's Ariel. She makes him apologize, and it is really funny.

Celine and the priest are on an airplane, and she has never flown before. He tells her that she can't put much work into each of the cases, because they only have thirty-two days and no one is thinking rationally. Jamie tries to help the woman when she needs to go to the hospital. The priest and Celine arrive in Warsaw, where everyone is acting crazy. It turns out that there was a resurrection, and that is why people reacted in the way that they did.

It turns out that Jamie, his friend, and the woman have no way of getting to the hospital, so they will have to deliver the baby themselves. Rhonda talks with the man, who did not call the police. She asks him who the clothes belong to, and he says that he likes to dress like a lady, which he has never told anyone before. Meanwhile, Rhonda's son is living with his father, which is miserable. She calls her brother, and he says that the father gave a false address. She then ends up at gun point again.

The priest and Celine meet with the kid. She won't talk to the priest, because her mother says they are perverts, but she will talk to Celine. The woman Jamie is with gives birth, but the baby doesn't breath at first. He tells the baby that there is still stuff worth fighting for, and the baby breathes. The woman realizes that Jamie isn't actually Ariel. The priest talks to the mother while Celine talks to the girl, who says that she is hearing a voice ever since she woke up. The priest offers for the mother and daughter to come with them on the plane. Ariel finds Spike, Rhonda's son, and he goes with him. The police arrive to take Rhonda, but it turns out that it is actually Leanne, which is pretty funny.

The priest tells the crowd that the girl is not Jesus, and he gets attacked. Rhonda's brother talks to the man he works with, who turns out to be his lover as well. Leanne and Rhonda talk, and she reveals how much she is looking out for her. Rhonda wants to be the cop for a little while, which is a little bit funny. The woman shows Jamie a 3D model that his mother made, and she reveals that she is now at a psychiatric hospital. The episode ends strangely, with two people being given pictures of people including Rhonda, her brother, and the priest.

The story is starting to get interesting, and there were a few funny moments. This episode was about on par with the previous episodes, it was an alright episode.

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