Teachers S1E4 Review

Carpooling can be a hassle sometimes but in the end, it's just another way to hang out with your friends.

S1E4 "Hall of Shame"

In Storyline A, Chelsea has a one night stand with Sam, the janitor who apparently ravishes her. Chelsea is conflicted with being with Sam since she usually prefers men of a higher social standing and tries to stay away from him But she can't resist him and ends up getting caught in the act by AJ. AJ tells the gang and Chelsea decides to finally end things with Sam but she can't resist him and they get caught again by another teacher(Seriously?). The teacher threatens to report them to the principal but Sam agrees to stop seeing Chelsea, his reason being that she cares more about her status than she cares about him. Chelsea feels weird about being dumped and tries to win him back. She eventually wins him over by confessing her feelings to the whole staff room.

In Storyline B, Mary-Louise takes over Cecilia's science class while she goes for a LGBT+ protest.Instead of following Cecilia's lesson plan, She tells Cecilia's students that science is a bunch of Baloney and that God is always the answer. This enrages Cecilia and results in a clash of opinions regarding belief where Cecilia ends up undermining Christianity and makes Mary Louise run out looking like she was about to cry. Ultimately set aside their differences after Cecilia offers to pray with Mary Louise and then Mary shows Cecilia a shirt she made about the LGBT+ cause.

In Storyline C, While Deb's car was being repaired, Caroline started taking her to work. This would have been fine if Caroline didn't sing such ridiculous songs while driving. Eventually Deb finally snaps, resulting in Caroline's feelings getting hurt. In order to make it up to her, Deb invites Caroline to come in her car the next day.

This episode felt rather unbalanced with Chelsea's story being the best while Deb's being the worst. Chelsea's story was rather emotional even though she is the group bi***, while Deb's felt very cliched. Cecilia's was pretty interesting considering it was about religion and belief but I feel like they should have expanded on that.  Overall, it was a decent episode.

Quote of the week: " Very Downton Abbey. Except without the elegance and the manners"

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