iZombie S2E12 Review

Eating the brains of homicide victims really helps Liv solve their murders, but what would she do if she was unable to eat their brains? That's what this week's episode of iZombie explores.

S2E12 "Physician, Heal Thy Selfie"

At the start of the episode, Liv comes back to bed to the zombie she slept with. Peyton comes home and she talks to Ravi, and this scene proves how amazing Ravi is. Ravi is truly an amazing person that we should all want as a friend. Liv is hungry because she didn't want to eat any more horny librarian brains. She is happy that the newest case is a triple homicide, until she discovers the lack of heads. Ravi gives Liv a brain of a woman who wasn't murdered, but she ends up becoming social media obsessed, and it is really funny. Blaine meets with Peyton, and then Liv enters the room. Liv gets really sassy with Blaine and I swear this is the most wonderful interaction between the two of them ever. I especially loved when she said that no one calls it Team Z. Liv also updates Peyton on some things on her board that aren't up to date, the three people whose bodies were found.

Liv and Clive meet with Mr. Boss, and he has a very sad reaction to the deaths. Ravi watches a video that Liv posted, and his reaction is hilarious. Liv discovers that her zombie crush has a prison record. Vaughn meets with Major, shows him the newspaper headline, and asks him what is going on.

The team is convinced that the guy was actually a zombie, and Major says that he wasn't. Liv is still at the morgue's computer after her shift is over. Drake, the zombie crush of Liv's, enters and they talk. Drake explains the story of his arrest to Liv, and they plan to go on a date, but he has to fix his mom's kitchen sink. Liv comes along, and his mom is hilarious. Blaine runs in to Mr. Boss. Blaine is wonderful in his conversation with Mr. Boss. He ends up having to pay Mr. Boss five thousand dollars each week. Clive brings Liv to a boat covered in blood, likely that of the headless victims. Liv ends up discovering the heads in a refrigerator of a house.

Liv discovers that the district attorney that disappeared is actually a zombie. If this news gets back to Vaughn, that would be really bad news for Major. Liv brings brains to him, as he talks to her about how his life is ruined. It is a great scene. Liv later talks on the phone to Ravi, and she mentions something zombie-related, then discovers her roommate. This could be really bad for Major, depending on what she heard! Major meets with Vaughn, who concludes that the district attorney is a zombie. Vaughn shows Major that he is hurting his haters, and he will continue to until Major does what he is told.

Major does what he has to do. The emotions of these killings is very well-done, it is very sad. Peyton is moving out, and Ravi really wants her to stay. It is a great scene, and, again, how great is Ravi! Liv and Drake are making food when someone shows up at the door. Liv has a vision, and she concludes that "Blaine is the new player".

This was a great episode. It didn't follow a usual format, and there were some great emotional moments.

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