Superstore S1E10 Review

Last week on Superstore, Dina decided to step down from her position as assistant manager in order to date Jonah. That continues this week.

S1E10 "Demotion"

At the start of the episode, Jonah tells Garrett about the incident between him and Dina, and she announces that she is stepping down from her position. Later, the others discuss why Dina may have stepped down, and who may replace her. It's pretty funny when Mateo says that he thinks that he should be assistant manager. Glenn meets with Amy, and it is a really funny scene because he really wants her to look out the window with him. She says that she doesn't want to be assistant manager. Dina and Jonah talk, and they essentially plan a date, which is a little bit funny.

Amy decides to help Glenn hire an assistant manager, after he says that he thinks that he should promote the old lady worker. Garrett tries to get Jonah to learn to say "no", and this is slightly funny. Mateo is preparing a slideshow, and in it, his face is on multiple animals, which is pretty funny. Amy and Glenn conduct interviews, and they are hilarious.

Mateo performs his presentation for Garrett, and it is really funny. Jonah checks out items for Dina, and this is funny. Amy tells Glenn that all of the candidates are terrible, and he tries to get her to look out the window with him again, which is really funny. Dina puts makeup on women, and it is pretty funny. Dina and Jonah meet in the changing rooms, and he tries to play a recorded message for her, telling her that he doesn't want to be in a relationship. He is unable to play it, however, until after she starts kissing him.

Glenn has difficulties tackling all of the responsibilities of manager and assistant manager. Amy reluctantly agrees to take the job. Jonah apologizes to Dina, and discovers that she already has another date that night. Amy discovers that one of the benefits of the assistant manager position is covering some of the costs of continuing education. The episode ends with Mateo beginning to give his presentation, which is really funny.

I really enjoyed the serialized nature of the episode. It was a funny episode, it was really good.

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