The January Newsletter

And now, the answer to the question everyone wants to know (or not): how did The TV Ratings Guide do in January?

After a dip in page views from November to December, we saw our best month yet to open up the new year. We were up 56% from December, and 29% from our previous high in December. Our lowest month on record was last June. That month, we had only 6% of the page views that we had in January.

We've been helped tremendously by the power of showing up on Google Search closer to the front page--after so many hits the web page keeps climbing up those SEO ranks, and that's a lot of what's needed to really build up a site. Among our top posts for the month were Professor Smoo's Network Report Card, the ABC TCA coverage, and a Friday ratings post that was helped by Dr. Ken himself by retweeting and captioning us on Twitter.

Thanks to all for visiting The TV Ratings Guide in January. We hope you continue to visit in February, and most importantly spread the word about our little site!

Lastly, if you are thinking about joining The TV Ratings Guide as a volunteer contributor, do not hesitate to reply to one of my comments on Disqus or shoot an email over to

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