Floribama Shore - Season 1 Ratings

A 0.4 is nothing to shake a stick at on cable, especially considering that the show aired on both Christmas and New Year's. However, the show did have a healthy lead in that always out-rated it. Either way, it was a solid retainer of its Teen Mom lead-in and it missed out on the Top 25 just once. MTV will probably miss this one, and fans should expect a renewal.
Grade: B

Search Party - Season 2 Ratings

While Search Party didn't have a particularly strong first season, its second season was actually down in the ratings, albeit by just under 2%. Either way, its situation was much more positive this year, not having to air Thanksgiving or Black Friday like last season and getting to air weekly. It should have done better than 0.19, and it seemed like it had a chance to, but it didn't.
Grade: C-

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The Girlfriend Experience - Season 2 Ratings

The Girlfriend Experience was given one of the best lead-ins on all of Stars: Outlander. And with that lead-in, it... did nothing. It flopped and hit a rounded 0.0 on three occasions. Considering last season's ratings, it probably shouldn't have even been renewed, but it did just as poorly this season despite a strong lead-in. Stars would probably like to forget this season even existed at all.
Grade: D-

SMILF - Season 1 Ratings

Showtime hasn't had much luck with comedies recently, with low ratings for just about all of the network's half-hours recently. SMILF was the show that broke that, and though it had some rough datapoints and pretty poor retention, it deserves some credit.
Grade: B-

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