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This week Amy meets Jake's mother. That could be really interesting.

S3E14 "Karen Peralta"

At the start of the episode, Jake brings in a hover board, and Amy doesn't understand why this is so cool, which is pretty funny. Jake ends up crashing into everything when he tries to use it, and eventually he impresses everyone as Terry holds him, which is really funny. Amy is going to meet Jake's mother for the first time, so she is studying, of course. Amy is a great character, she can be really hilarious. Jake then quizzes her, and there is a line about how this will make her horny, which is hilarious. Gina forgot to send the invitations to an event for the team, and only Hitchcock and Scully are available. Jake and Amy go to Jake's mom's house, and Jake's mom reveals that she and his dad are back together again.

Jake and Amy are in Jake's childhood bedroom, and she finds a funny picture of him. Jake is angry about his mom and dad. Charles, Rosa, and Terry are on a stakeout, but when Charles ruins his body cam, and he goes into the bathroom, Rosa ends up seeing him naked, while she has the body cam on. Only Hitchcock and Scully show up with Gina and Holt, and they end up in a situation that is a simulation of a nuclear apocalypse, which is really funny. Jake decides that he will tell his mom about the time he saw his dad cheating on her if he doesn't leave, and Amy hilariously sings the itsy-bitsy spider.

Charles and Rosa are awkward at work, and then Terry reveals that they need the body cam footage. Holt finds two of the four keys on his own, and the others are really funny. Jake gets his dad to leave, after he doesn't get the hints from Jake's funny charades. His mom then reveals that she knew about the cheating. Jake and his mom talk, and she reveals that he didn't know everything. The body cam image is reviewed, and this is really funny. The team with Holt finds the four keys, and while Scully thinks they should do this again, Holt says never again, which is really funny. Jake's mom says that she really likes Amy as Amy sits in the car and reads their lips, which is really funny.

This was a good episode. The main storyline was strong, while the other two were entertaining, but weaker.

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